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Stoops says his Cats aren’t great, but they’re good


The first three games of the season didn’t go exactly as planned, but Mark Stoops still sees good things in his football team and he is confident they will improve.

“I know we’ll get better,” he said as he wrapped up his postgame press conference. “I really do. We’ve got a good football team. We don’t have a great football team; we have a good football team and they’ll get better.”

He also said there’s no joy in winning when a win becomes a relief, but “a victory is a victory.”

Article written by Drew Franklin

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12 Comments for Stoops says his Cats aren’t great, but they’re good

  1. dgtuk1
    8:41 pm September 17, 2016 Permalink

    Glad for a win but “good” seems like a stretch…..

  2. Han
    9:24 pm September 17, 2016 Permalink

    Maybe they’ll get there, but no “good” team gives up an average of 43 points to Southern Miss, Florida (that scored half as many vs UMass) and NMSU.

    A Defense coach should know that.

  3. Joe Dan Gorman
    9:28 pm September 17, 2016 Permalink


    This guy needs to go.

  4. Sublem
    12:22 am September 18, 2016 Permalink

    Yeah, good at sucking.

  5. A_Blue_Wildcat
    12:38 am September 18, 2016 Permalink

    The fact that stoops comes out of this game, a game where we gave up 40+ points to one of the worst teams in college football, thinking this uk team is good really shows just how clueless he is as a coach.

  6. Catuary
    12:38 am September 18, 2016 Permalink

    Things went downhill the moment they changed the UK logo to the one with the stupid crooked K. Well, maybe it was before that, but the stupid crooked K isn’t helping.

    • j4stone
      8:57 am September 18, 2016 Permalink

      That made me laugh. Thanks Catuary

  7. Bro Ken Leggage
    6:09 am September 18, 2016 Permalink

    St Oops is not great…..not even good. Now, there’s film on our secret weapons.

  8. kentuckyrld
    8:13 am September 18, 2016 Permalink

    UK has what is probably the worst defense in the SEC. How can that make this team anywhere close to “good”? OK, I admit I am not using the Stoop’s Dictionary definition of “good” so maybe I have it all wrong.

  9. Patches
    8:49 am September 18, 2016 Permalink

    Cats won this game simply because they ran the ball so well. Drew Barker is a total fraud and should ride the pine forever. I see Johnson just getting better from now on if he plays but Stooped will likely play Barker just because. No hope for the defense just none maybe worse than the worst defense that Mumme had.

  10. BluKudzu
    10:33 am September 18, 2016 Permalink

    Mike Majors? wasn’t this bad, on his worst day. This is the true definition of incompetence. DJ Eliot has got to go. I will take the win, but, wow, you just can’t be this bad and win a game in the SEC.

  11. AGSlater
    12:40 pm September 18, 2016 Permalink

    Another ridiculous Stoops comment. We have the worst and worst coached defense in college. Not only can you say we have no talent there is 0 excuses why they had guys wiiiiiiide open on numerous plays. Stoops is clueless. Defensive coach? Hilarious