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Stoops happy with Terry Wilson’s improvement, explosiveness

We’ve heard stories of Terry Wilson’s drastic improvement throughout the past few months, but Friday night’s Spring Game was the first time Wilson’s more-confident skill set was fully on display. Kentucky’s starting quarterback completed 10-of-12 passes for 191 yards and two touchdowns, leading the Blue Squad to a 64-10 victory.

One of Wilson’s biggest drawbacks during his first season with the Wildcats was his sometimes-indecisive nature that lead to QB sacks, turnovers or three-and-outs. Plus, with a player like Benny Snell on the ground, he was naturally inclined to emphasize the run game. Although Wilson gave running backs A.J. Rose, Kavosiey Smoke and Chris Rodriguez plenty of touches, he was clearly just as comfortable in the air.

Isaiah Epps finished with four catches for 97 yards, Lynn Bowden had four passes for 66 yards and a score, TE Justin Rigg had three catches for 40 yards and newcomer Bryce Oliver had eight passes for 105 yards and a touchdown. One of Epps’ receptions was a 60-yard bomb, and Bowden grabbed a 42-yard pass for a TD on the Blue Team’s first possession.

The defensive efforts from the White Team were occasionally lacking, and the scrimmage can obviously not be compared to the defense Wilson and his offense can expect to see in real-game scenarios. Regardless, Wilson’s improvements were promising. What has he focused on during the off season?

“Just fundamentally continuing to work on a few things that we watched and really studied in the offseason,” Coach Stoops said. “He and Coach Hinshaw have worked hard to fundamentally be in better position to deliver the football.”

Stoops was also pleased with Wilson’s ability to create “explosive” plays during the spring game.

“I saw some good explosive offensive plays; I was pleased to see that,” Stoops said. “We’ve been working hard all offseason at trying to improve and converting opportunities and shot plays. You saw us convert some of those today. That’s good to see no matter who is out there and what you’re playing against.”

Wilson still has plenty of time to prepare for SEC defenses, and seeing his ability to air out some long passes (and to see the receivers catch them) was one incredibly-promising observation from the last outing of the spring season.


Article written by Maggie Davis

I love sports, podcasts, long walks on the beach and Twitter (@MaggieDavisKSR)

12 Comments for Stoops happy with Terry Wilson’s improvement, explosiveness

  1. shelby
    9:44 pm April 12, 2019 Permalink

    Spring game was awesome; shame on fans who no-showed. We just won 10 games and mustered less than 17000 fans. Shoulda been 30,000 or more on a beautiful night!

  2. bwise
    10:52 pm April 12, 2019 Permalink

    No matter how many KSR writers that try to hype turnover terry….we will wait until the season. The defense is going to garbage so this isn’t impressive at all. The td to Lynn was a 50 yard throw to a WR with 30 yards between him and the closest defender lol. Gonna be a long season I’m afraid .

    • mashburnfan1
      11:42 pm April 12, 2019 Permalink

      Try watching the game before being stupid. Our D will be pretty good, not as good as last year for sure but still good. The blue was 1st team guys while the white defense had lots of guys in first game or close to it especially in LB and DB. 1st team played well, granted vs our 2nd team offense. There is a reason most quarterbacks don’t start their 1st year in D1 football and those that do seldom win 10 games on SEC teams. You get the few great ones but 90% or more RS and see little play time until a JR.

    • bwise
      12:06 am April 13, 2019 Permalink

      Bahahaha. Moving on. Just watch the games buddy. I’ll remember your name just to rip your ass when terry doesn’t do shit in the season.

    • CatfaninCinci
      9:16 am April 13, 2019 Permalink

      Oh…. That explains a lot. Ole Mashburnfan is a football fan. That’s why he hates basketball.

  3. sprtphan
    10:57 pm April 12, 2019 Permalink

    6pm on a Friday night and it was on TV. Went to 10 games last year but no thanks for this one.

  4. bwise
    10:58 pm April 12, 2019 Permalink

    Haha just saw the highlights..the second td terry three was a terrible pass to a wide open Riggs…beautiful catch. Good shit riggs

    • mashburnfan1
      11:37 pm April 12, 2019 Permalink

      Was his only bad pass but obviously still catchable. The 2 long td’s he hit the wr right in stride, does not matter if covered or not he still threw it right where it needed to be. Say what you want, name the last QB to lead UK to 10 wins in one season. Yes he has flaws, we all do.Last season was also his first in D1 football and very few have great success their 1st year at a new level yet we won 10 games. He lead us to victory AT UF, name last qb to do that. I suppose you want Hoak in there right? What other choice is there and obviously you did not see the game to see how either guy played so STFU. It would bwise for you to know something before typing, I deal in facts.

    • bwise
      12:07 am April 13, 2019 Permalink

      Lead uk to 10 victories? You’re a moron dude….no reason arguing with you if you couldn’t tell our defense saved us for being 3-10

    • CoachCat
      3:02 am April 13, 2019 Permalink

      I get tired of this “ he lead us to 10 wins “ crap. They won 10 in spite of Terry. Defense had two score in two of those wins. Special teams in one. I’m not saying Terry Wilson won’t progress. I hope like hell he does. If not it’s going to be a very long and low scoring season. But if anyone thinks Terry Wilson was the reason Kentucky won 10 games last year then you are outside your mind

    • chardun20
      1:17 am April 13, 2019 Permalink

      bwise, 3-10 is impossible, besides since UK will so bad and you know this, why watch?

    • makeitstop
      10:00 am April 13, 2019 Permalink

      I agree w CoachCat, Terry had a couple notably good games, in the Swamp and against UL, but otherwise it was hard to watch sometimes. I’m out west and couldn’t get SEC TV but relying on the reports from non KSR reporters and it seems like Wilson has made good progress, which Lord knows we need, bc the Gators for example won’t bring the White team D. But bad mouthing Hoak makes no sense to me – his average receptions weren’t as long but he’s a control the game w passes style and sounds like he did, and Terry is a big play, explosive play style which seems to be a good complement when one of them inevitably goes down w a bell rung or shoulder hit on a sack or whatever.