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Stoops and Brown insist the QB race is “wide open”


The big question on everyone’s mind today is the race for starting quarterback. Unfortunately, neither Mark Stoops nor Neal Brown have an update. “It’s wide open,” Stoops said of the quarterback race. “Somebody needs to take the reins and be the clear cut winner of this job.” While that may seem like the usual smokescreen coaches put up in fall camp, Stoops seemed sincere when he said the race is still too close to call, and the staff is anxious for someone to step up and take control. “In the next three, five, seven days, we absolutely would love to have somebody take the reins and say, ‘That’s my position.'”


Neal Brown echoed Stoops thoughts on the dead heat at QB, joking with reporters that he knew he’d be asked about it, but sadly had no update to share. “I’m about to the point I’m tired of answering the question, I’m sure you’re at the point you’re tired of asking.” However, Brown did mention that each quarterback had improved on various things since the spring: Reese Phillips has better arm strength; Patrick Towles has a quicker release; and Drew Barker is making fewer mental errors. 

The biggest “news” about the quarterback race? Brown says he believes they’ll know a lot more within the next week. “I hope over the next five to seven days, one of those guys is going to stand out.” In fact, Brown is doing his best to move the competition along. “I’ve challenged them every day in certain areas. I’m asking them to make quicker decisions.”

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26 Comments for Stoops and Brown insist the QB race is “wide open”

  1. Planocat
    11:43 am August 8, 2014 Permalink

    Pretty sad these boys don’t know who going to be leading the team at Quarterback by now

  2. SEC fans
    11:45 am August 8, 2014 Permalink

    This is all a farce. Barker is their boy. Look to the right on this website, The Drew Barker Diary. Its the harsh reality of football. Coaches can give a lot of fluff, kept the other guys from transferring, by making sure Barker could play.

    Its to close to call. Barker gets it. Sad!

  3. Blue Virus
    11:47 am August 8, 2014 Permalink

    Translation= Towles too preoccupied with Harry Potter and Barker is now the leader

    • Reality check
      11:56 am August 8, 2014 Permalink

      Translation = Towles needs to go where he is wanted, period, exclamation point!
      These coaches are jack****.

    • Blue Virus
      12:12 pm August 8, 2014 Permalink

      Translation= towles relative

  4. RealUKFan
    12:30 pm August 8, 2014 Permalink

    A “wide open” race for the QB position at this point is pretty stupid. You are getting ready to play a game and you don’t have much time to get ready, especially considering all the young players who are going to be on the active roster. Pick a quarterback now and get him ready to play.

  5. Glenn Fohr
    12:46 pm August 8, 2014 Permalink

    Pretty rediculous that they won’t name a guy right now. I hope the same damn qb circus doesn happen like last year!!

    • Tampa Satchel
      12:25 pm August 9, 2014 Permalink

      Is that the real Glen Fohr? If so, one of my most enduring UK football memories is when you began your first season’s first home game (I believe) with a 20 yard out and your pass wound up in about the 5th row behind the UK bench.

      We had been hearing a lot about your arm strength, but that exceeded expectations.

  6. Are you serious?!
    12:49 pm August 8, 2014 Permalink

    Give me a break…. We’re less than 4 wks til the season starts and they still need ” …three, five, seven days…” OR MORE to pick a starter?!?! Don’t get me wrong, I’m a believer in Stoops & Co. but come on….these young players need to know who’s leading them on the field.

  7. Choose me
    1:09 pm August 8, 2014 Permalink

    Coaches are up against a wall. Figuring out how to get their raises again next year.

    If they choose anyone besides Barker and go 2-10, they are criticized for not winning and not getting their recruit into shape to play. If they choose Barker and go 2-10, they will be criticized that they can’t recruit a QB, that they are poor recruiters. If they choose anyone besides Barker and that QB is extremely successful, Barker transfers, and Barker’s twitter buddies go with him elsewhere.

    Face it, their starter last year left the program, he was their best, but they told him 3 months ago he can’t play QB, so he said see you Cats later. How can your best QB, suddenly not be your best QB, and your competition is amongst redshirts.

    • SMH
      1:47 pm August 8, 2014 Permalink

      Stoops and Co. would be criticized if we went 2-10 with Barker at QB? Ppl would say staff can’t recruit QB’s? Really? Well I shouldn’t question your statements because UKs coaching staff would be critized by idiot fans like yourself. Critizing a staff because a true freshman QB in the SEC went 2-10 is idiotic.

    • Andy
      3:44 pm August 8, 2014 Permalink

      Choose me- > Jalen the best QB? Put down the purple juice. He is a run first QB that was not cut out to throw the ball around. He would fit in Gus Malzhans system, which features a run heavy offense. He transferred to a school that made it easier for him to play QB and he didnt have a lot of schools asking him to be a QB.

  8. UK "Fans"
    1:14 pm August 8, 2014 Permalink

    Still as stupid as ever, I see. Don’t you have a basketball player to fawn over or a spot on Cal’s ass to kiss?

    Leave the football talk to those of us without brain damage. There are a ton of programs around the country that haven’t named a starting QB yet, including Alabama, TAMU and LSU.

    If you could stop being stupid for 30 seconds at a time, it would be encouraging to the actual fan alumni of this school.

    • LOL
      1:52 pm August 8, 2014 Permalink

      You mad, bro?

    • UKfan
      3:13 pm August 8, 2014 Permalink

      Don’t see any “You mad, bro”” in the poster’s statement. I understand thats a fond remark to make amongst the juveniles, but at least attempt to keep the cliche in context.

  9. Lloyd and Harry
    1:44 pm August 8, 2014 Permalink

    These two boobs can’t get out of their own way. Pick a QB idiots. They must have been playing with their peckers all summer.

  10. UKfan
    2:15 pm August 8, 2014 Permalink

    Patrick starts, Reese is your backup ( I think he will be pushing for starting job if Patrick messes up) and Drew redshirts. The coaches have chosen their starting QB, they just have not released it to the players or fans yet. They can evaulate talent as good as anyone (hence the recruiting classes), they just want to continue pushing the QB’s to be the best. Apparently the mindset is working. I guarantee you that we will see 100% improvement in the QB position this year.

    • Tampa Satchel
      12:27 pm August 9, 2014 Permalink


  11. Bordine
    2:21 pm August 8, 2014 Permalink

    That’s ridiculous. They have limited practice time. To divide your starting QB reps up three ways and give your so called known starter only 1/3rd of the reps isn’t the way coaches do things. They really haven’t picked a QB.

    • UKfan
      3:21 pm August 8, 2014 Permalink

      It is still early. The development of the QB’s is already there. They are not going to greatly improve them in the few weeks before the season anymore than you cramming last minute for an exam is going to make you smarter on the subject matter. Patrick and Reece already know that offense and once a QB is named (I’m guessing the starter will be named next week) that give them plenty of time to get reps in. Neal wanted Patrick to work on improving his release, he did. Neal wanted Reece to work on his arm strength, he did. The QB race is between Patrick and Reece. I think Patrick wins out and Reece comes in and helps out . We shall see.

  12. CatsBalls
    3:35 pm August 8, 2014 Permalink

    How insane will the BBN be when they announce that Max Smith is gonna be the starter?

  13. Be Like Mike
    3:37 pm August 8, 2014 Permalink

    It’s obvious that UKfan has a Towles agenda. Probably family. Sad to troll on here. His time has passed. Already had his opportunity.

    • UKfan
      5:58 pm August 8, 2014 Permalink

      Wrong on both accounts. I think Patrick is the best option for QB right now…there is no “agenda”. Tell us about Patrick’s “opportunity”. Here let me help you. He was suppose to redshirt his freshman year, but our offense was so desperate that Joker felt like he needed him. Last year, Coach Stoops was smart enough to let him develop rather than waste another year on a good potential QB on a bad team (sorry Jalen). That is the reality of it…as far as opportunities goes, Patrick worked his tail off at an opportunity to start at QB. By next week, we should know who the starter will be, I am telling you now that it won’t be DB.

  14. Andy
    3:40 pm August 8, 2014 Permalink

    There are some real idiots who post on here like they know and have attended practices. Did any of you internet quarterbacks actually think maybe the coaches have a decent idea and they are just letting it play out a little more?

    We are in a unique situation where 2 of the 3 QBs have not played a down and Towles played very little. The coaches do need to let it play out in the next coming practices to make a decision. My gut feeling is it goes to Reese due to his decision making.

  15. gordonm
    3:54 pm August 8, 2014 Permalink

    Hoping the QB quandary for the coaches is like a dad asking a kid in a candy store: “What do you want?

  16. John Gaylor
    3:03 am August 9, 2014 Permalink

    Towels worked his ass off while the others did their regular thing. He worked out with the guy who I can’t remember his name and he worked on his footwork and the short pass, he already has a gun for a arm. I say he won it hands down, they already know who the starter is, come on guys you’re getting tore up over nothing.