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Stoops accepts blame for two touchdowns by uncovered Florida receivers

Several mistakes led to Kentucky’s collapse vs. Florida tonight, but none more so than the Cats leaving two Gators wide receivers wide open on fourth down coming out of timeout. Both plays resulted in touchdowns for Florida, and ultimately, led to Kentucky’s loss. In his postgame press conference, Mark Stoops took full responsibility for the errors.

“There is probably one of 12 plays in there that changed the game. It’s very disappointing that we didn’t come up with those plays. The breakdown in communication defensively on the two [touchdown] plays are really a sore spot because they stick out and it takes away from the great passion and energy that our team played with.  We played winning football and we have to get those things fixed. I accept responsibility for those.”

What happened on the first uncovered receiver situation?

“By the time we realized there was nobody on him, I tried to call a timeout. I was too late. I was fractions off of getting the timeout.”

Football is game of inches, but tonight, it was a game of paper cuts. Those two mistakes will haunt us for a while.

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46 Comments for Stoops accepts blame for two touchdowns by uncovered Florida receivers

  1. JusSayin
    11:42 pm September 23, 2017 Permalink

    Why is he so bad at calling timeouts?

    • syrin23
      12:02 am September 24, 2017 Permalink

      Why is he so bad at *coaching*?

      -fixed your post for you.

    • Angelo
      3:05 am September 24, 2017 Permalink

      I wish I was as rich as Stoops. I wish I was as smart as Stoops…

    • BluKudzu
      9:10 am September 24, 2017 Permalink

      He is getting on the job training it seems. He seems to be getting schooled a lot, by much better coaches. Another 5 more years, and we might learn how many players we NH end on the field.
      That kind of coaching would be humiliating anywhere else, but not here.
      4 plays in one game, not a season, 1 game.

  2. BlueGrassBrass
    11:45 pm September 23, 2017 Permalink

    Kentucky Football fans are the best losers in the game. They will always accept mediocrity.

    • syrin23
      11:54 pm September 23, 2017 Permalink

      Seems to be true. It’s obvious the talent is better, but the coaching is awful. Bring back Hal Mumme and make him our offensive coordinator. I’d rather be hyper aggressive than doing this playing not to lose crap. It’s also my biggest complaint against Cal who tries to milk the clock with five minutes to go effectively shutting down our offense, when we have a lead in a game that matters.

  3. Kentucky Gentleman
    11:47 pm September 23, 2017 Permalink

    Doesn’t matter if he couldn’t get the time out called in time. How is the defense so poorly coached that they can’t put someone over a wide receiver on 4th down? That never happened on my junior league teams much less a college team. What a pathetic way to lose and such a typical way to lose and extend the streak.

    • binarysolo
      11:56 pm September 23, 2017 Permalink

      Agreed. It’s not about “I was fractions off of getting the timeout” there should be a freakin’ man on the guy who’s wide-freakin-open. Don’t blame it on the ref not hearing the timeout.

  4. huck
    11:49 pm September 23, 2017 Permalink

    calling timeout was not the problem, having players positioned for the next play was. for sure the coaches chocked, and could have been players too. Everyone that watches football knows that the 4th quarter is where it is won or lost…… and we lost, they did some to win

    • syrin23
      11:55 pm September 23, 2017 Permalink

      Look the coaching was ****, no denying that, but WTF is wrong with the secondary not even looking to see who is stacked up along the ENTIRE offensive line?

  5. mawoods15
    11:51 pm September 23, 2017 Permalink

    Played winning football? Winning football doesn’t leave receivers unaccounted for on 4th downs, not once, but twice! That isn’t winning football. That is poor coaching and organization by the coaching staff.

    • Kentucky Gentleman
      11:52 pm September 23, 2017 Permalink

      Agreed. You shouldn’t have to call a timeout to tell your guys to guard a wide receiver…. twice.

    • syrin23
      11:57 pm September 23, 2017 Permalink

      You shouldn’t have to tell your players that EVER?!?! Anyone play f’ing PICK UP football? Not leaving a player WIDE open is so damn basic it shouldn’t have to be coached. Not only that, once you got burned by it once, how in the HELL do you let it happen AGAIN in the same season not to mention the SAME DAMN GAME ?!?!?!

  6. Lip Man 1
    11:51 pm September 23, 2017 Permalink

    Nice that he took the blame…doesn’t change the final score though.

    Always excuses from Kentucky football.

    The players change, the coaches change, the results stay the same.

    UK will win seven games because of a soft schedule and will go to a minor bowl but they’ll never be able to get to the highest level of play in the SEC. Never…too many factors working against it…history, weather, geography (in regards to recruiting).

    Like the song says, that’s just the way it is. I’ve been following UK football since 1973 when I was a student…it just doesn’t change.

  7. Cats Other Paw
    11:54 pm September 23, 2017 Permalink

    Thanks for taking the blame, coach. At first, I thought it was just offensive wizardry. Then it happened again. This whole time I was blaming Florida for lining up receivers alone all night. I thought it was their fault. I owe Jim McElwain an apology. Oh, yeah, and it’s the third time in Stoops tenure coming out of a timeout his defenses have left receivers alone and uncovered for touchdowns.

    • syrin23
      11:58 pm September 23, 2017 Permalink

      He’s a defensive genius. The really sad thing is the defense is better.

    • mawoods15
      12:36 am September 24, 2017 Permalink

      The defense is better because they are recruiting better talent, nothing to do with being coached.

    • syrin23
      12:52 am September 24, 2017 Permalink

      You are absolutely correct. My comment was 100% sarcastic which doesn’t come through on the internet.

  8. letsroll76
    11:55 pm September 23, 2017 Permalink

    Taking the blame is stepping down , next coach up , same old football cats

  9. timewilltell
    11:55 pm September 23, 2017 Permalink

    Have to get things fixed. Have we heard that before?

  10. syrin23
    11:59 pm September 23, 2017 Permalink

    Looking forward to another KSR article about how we can win the SEC by leaving receivers wide open and shutting down the offense with 20 minutes left to play. Anyone see Alabama shut it down against Vandy? How many wide open receivers did Alabama give Vandy?

  11. pappy2036
    12:05 am September 24, 2017 Permalink

    I am sick! Unbelievable offensive and defensive lapses. The D and O lines were dominated from the mid-3rd to end of game.
    Most critically, I felt the O-Coordinator played to ” not lose” after we went up 27-14.
    I could see 28-27 9n the headlights as I watched the “coaching” progress.
    GIVE THE KIDS A CHANCE… ACT LIKE A WINNER…. BE AGGRESSIVE,and NOT PREDICTABLE, with a lead. Do NOT blame Benny Snell or Steven Johnson when YOU put them in the position to FAIL.
    The coaches get paid millions of dollars…do your damn job, and stop putting our kids in losing situations!

  12. Bluebros
    12:05 am September 24, 2017 Permalink

    I just don’t see how a corner doesn’t look to his left to see if there is anyone beyond him before every snap. It’s like a shortstop in baseball forgetting to throw the ball to 1st base. Mind numbing dumbness.

    • Bluebros
      12:08 am September 24, 2017 Permalink

      Coach Stoops: “Bluebros, you’re playing corner! Cover the tall guy closest to the sideline and tackle anyone who has the ball.”

      Me: “I got it. Simple!”

  13. cantwaitforbball
    12:09 am September 24, 2017 Permalink

    49 days folks

  14. letsroll76
    12:11 am September 24, 2017 Permalink


  15. ScoggDog
    12:13 am September 24, 2017 Permalink

    I accept blame for wasting my time on this shit. My fault.

  16. It was me Stoops the whole time
    12:13 am September 24, 2017 Permalink

    Just wait until Tuesday when Freddie tells us how lucky we were to lose by only one point. Stoops is quickly becoming Marvin Lewis south.

    • EdC
      12:26 am September 24, 2017 Permalink

      LOL perfect

    • AGSlater
      12:45 am September 24, 2017 Permalink

      Hahaha no doubt. Mr spinzone on everything. He will say it was a good loss moral victory

  17. BluKudzu
    12:15 am September 24, 2017 Permalink

    Kentucky does not yet know how to finish a game.

  18. Miller45
    12:22 am September 24, 2017 Permalink

    Mark stoops took a crap all over this and sabotaged this game. I’ve always been a supporter but that was the worst thing I’ve ever seen in my 27 years of Kentucky fandom.

  19. Miller45
    12:27 am September 24, 2017 Permalink

    We were leading by 13 and once e get a stop on 4th down, then a great play on an interception and had 0 points to show for both I knew it was only a matter of time and it was like clockwork. Unbelievable, I’m still at a loss for words and am broken hearted for the players

  20. letsroll76
    12:29 am September 24, 2017 Permalink

    Yep ,lets see linebacker coach ,line coach ,secondary coach .oh the House coach 6in press box and how much do they make to put us thru this shit .

  21. catsby90.1
    12:30 am September 24, 2017 Permalink

    Positive: Bowden made an impact
    Negative: He only got the ball 2 times
    Yea it’s coaching

    • runningunnin.454
      12:44 am September 24, 2017 Permalink

      True Bowden has to get the ball more, and did Conrad touch the ball in the 4thQ…maybe I just missed it; but, we were beating them wide all game…that and the RPO stopped in the last quarter.
      I’m not blaming the coaches for the open receivers; the DB’s have to count the opponents; but the conservative play calling has to stop….move the chains and kill the clock.

    • catsby90.1
      1:04 am September 24, 2017 Permalink

      You would have thought that we would have learned our lesson from the conservative play calling after last year’s southern miss game but obviously not

  22. chris43
    1:35 am September 24, 2017 Permalink

    14 points……you should take the blame Stoops and WE SHOULD FIRE YOUR ASS!

  23. WCats
    2:13 am September 24, 2017 Permalink

    I say Both Stoops & Gran shouldn’t be paid this week in their lousy coaching and conservative play calling . However I thought I saw Florida guys holding our guys on many runs and in pass protection but the zebras always get the guys in Wildcat Blue every time! Remember BBN those Kids played their tails off in this game but it was their coaches who let them down in the end. I still believe we can go 8-4 or 9-3! We get our next shot at Florida as the 2nd game in 18.

  24. Miller45
    2:49 am September 24, 2017 Permalink

    Just got home from have and stomach through the highlights and analysis on sec now. Words can’t even.

    2:50 am September 24, 2017 Permalink

    Hey, see that guy right in front of you?

    2:52 am September 24, 2017 Permalink

    We play a prevent offense. I’m coining that phrase.

    6:30 am September 24, 2017 Permalink

    The best camera shot of the night was the slow-mo replay of Stoops waiving his arms like a drunk albatross trying to take flight while calling a timeout as the player is running off the field, Stoops watching the touchdown pass then promptly turning to his sidelines yelling “what are you doing?!?!” with everyone staring at Stoops like a sideline full of Forest Gumps thinking “what you told us to do…” It usually takes 6 games before Stoops craps the bed – this fecal fiasco couldn’t have come at a worse time.

  28. NeverFlinch
    8:10 am September 24, 2017 Permalink

    Half you people act like you are insane. Do you remember 5 years ago we were a dumpster fire and they wasn’t a ton of high quality coaches beating our doors down. Stoops has taken the program somewhere most thought he couldn’t. We compete. We can beat anybody in the East. Get a lil perspective and get a life. He is my coach

  29. bluecrowe
    12:35 pm September 24, 2017 Permalink

    Football coaches are by in large not intelligent people. No matter what the level, they do this because they cannot do anything else. Giving this group of simpletons millions of dollars is adorable and I am happy for them, but it does not change the fact they are in over their heads. The only upside is they are going against other football coaches. But in the end we are UK, so we have the more inept coaching in a profession filled with ineptitude. I am tired of the same “oh gosh” phrases being uttered by a befuddled Stoops after painful losses. Gran called a pathetic second half and I find his post game remarks to be stunning, as it shows he will not be doing anything any differently. We gave the game away on both sides of the field. We do not have the offensive line we had last year. We should be 0-2 in the SEC and we barely won against the directional schools before that. I now realize just how much Jones has to do to make up for poor defensive coaching. Pathetic.

  30. kybigblue
    4:39 pm September 24, 2017 Permalink

    I can’t even remember a high school team not covering a wide receiver twice in one game. Then after getting a 13 pt. lead we began to play not to lose by reverting back to a running game. To beat talented teams UK needs better game management.