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SEC football coaches talk anonymously about Kentucky

You know football season’s almost here when we get Athlon Sports’ annual anonymous survey of SEC coaches. What do the other teams in the league really think of Kentucky Football and Mark Stoops? As you would expect, there’s both praise for last season’s success and skepticism the Cats can keep it up.

“They lose a ton on defense. You don’t replace a Josh Allen at Alabama, and you sure as hell don’t at Kentucky. He was the best edge rusher in the game.”

“They’re going to fall back some this year because of how good the league is, but I think Mark Stoops has done a great job. Even if they end up .500 this season, they’re still going in the right direction. They’re just not a reload team. They’re going to need more than one year to build. But Stoops has them in a really nice spot.”

.500?! That’s the coach speak equivalent of taking a dump on Kroger Field. No sir.

Shoutout to this coach who recognizes the cupboard isn’t bare with Benny gone:

“I’d worry more about the offense — the needs are obvious. Losing Benny Snell is a huge blow, he’s their all-time yards guy, but they’ve got a stable behind Snell of faster, more dynamic guys, not grinders.”

Odds that was Will Muschamp, who knows firsthand how dangerous AJ Rose can be?

This coach nails my concerns headed into the season:

“Eddie Gran will have to go back to that Cincinnati stuff, spreading the ball around, going faster, but they have to get more efficient quarterback play. Terry Wilson can run, but he’s got to improve throwing the ball on third down. They need better execution passing and receiving. They won’t have the defense to bail out short drives.”

You got this, Terry. Read the rest at the link below.

[Athlon Sports]


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10 Comments for SEC football coaches talk anonymously about Kentucky

  1. KyZoneBlitz
    4:36 pm August 5, 2019 Permalink

    I think we will have the defense, cornerback is the main concern, but doesn’t have to be a weakness….

  2. Le Docteur
    5:39 pm August 5, 2019 Permalink

    None of those comments are irrational. We UK fans are underestimating the disruption potential of losing so many guys on defense and many UK fans have always overestimated Wilson’s effectiveness in the passing game. I do think these coaches, however, are underestimating Boogie Watson on the edge.

    • MontyCats
      6:13 pm August 5, 2019 Permalink

      I agree, I think the fan base is sitting themselves up for let down. Let’s have reasonable expectations and realize where we are in the process. It’s a good place!

      Also I don’t know how people are convincing themselves Terry isn’t a bottom 3 QB in the league. The issues he has are things that can’t be coached out of a player. And not having DBs is a HUGE problem. Our DBs were are biggest weakness on defense last year and that unit was light years past these guys.

      Let’s get 7 wins this year and win a second bowl. Then next year one of these young QBs will be ready to take the reigns and we will really see something.

  3. gasman01
    6:36 pm August 5, 2019 Permalink

    We have to get pressure on the qb or we could be in real trouble on defense

  4. zoupman
    7:14 pm August 5, 2019 Permalink

    Lost too many really good players. 7 wins would be amazing.

  5. Big Sexy
    12:57 am August 6, 2019 Permalink

    I’ll be ecstatic if they get to 8 wins this year. I think they’ve got what should be 6 easy wins though. MIZZ, @ MSU, & @ SC are going to be tough. No way they beat UGA. I think FL will be better than us and UT whipped our ass last year so I’m not confident that’s a win.

  6. TBW3011
    7:35 am August 6, 2019 Permalink

    What people are overlooking about the loss of Allen isn’t the impact of trying to replace him as much as it is the impact he had on the rest of the defense. The secondary had a much easier job because of his pass rushing ability. The rest of the line could take advantage of him being doubled. I’m hoping those guys are as good as we think and weren’t just a product of the focus being on Josh

  7. VMI1957
    7:36 am August 6, 2019 Permalink

    UK won’t even reach a 4-8 record, more like 3-9. Defense will be awful as usual with a secondary that will leak like a sieve. D line will let the opposing RB’s gash them like a hot knife on butter. The LB’s better stick to fishing or hunting because they’ll be trounced as much as the D line.

    • Big Sexy
      11:22 am August 6, 2019 Permalink

      I wish you were accepting bets. You really don’t think they will win 4 games between Toledo, Eastern Michigan, UT Martin, Louisville, Vandy, and Arkansas? Either you’re not very knowledgeable or you’re a troll. I think 7 is a good win number. It’s not the toughest of schedules.

    • dbcline1
      11:29 pm August 6, 2019 Permalink

      Must be a filthy Cards fan! Man ur delusional!!!!