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Article written by Drew Franklin

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13 responses to “Rigg better than Conrad? His coach says it’s possible.”

  1. bigblueroscoe

    Give some respect to Schlegel

  2. bbn606

    If that’s the case, I hope he is utilized better that CJ.

    1. Boman2112

      This year were going to see a shift in our offense. We have a different personnel group that will be utilized more through the air. We had no choice but to ground and pound with the personnel we ha5had up till this point. BBN! We are going to see what Stoops and colleagues want more and that’s offensive balance. That keeps defensive coaches from teeing off on you in one area. And they won 10 games with people teeing off on our run game. Think what the future holds for us when the talent meets the game plan! GO BIG BLUE!

    2. kjd

      Why did we have no choice but to ground and pound? Our QB? He’s the same one this year. We’ll be run first, and run second, and maybe pass third again. TE will once again be under utilized in our “passing” game.

    3. ibescootch

      Umm, maybe because we had the best running back in school history? When that’s your primary offensive weapon, and your QB is serviceable (which Terry was), that’s what you do. I don’t know why people act like Terry was so absolutely horrible, we just defaulted to handing the ball off to our multiple record-holding, Top 3 in the SEC caliber, current NFL running back. I’m not saying Terry was Tom Brady, but he won us some games, and opposing coaches had to plan for him.

    4. StuckinLville

      Other than Bowden, what receivers were reliable? And that is why we ran so much.

    5. RC

      CJ averaged 2 catches per game for 25 yards and scored a total of 7 TD’s in his career. His highs last year were 4 catches in a game.

      That’s criminal. Yes, we had the best RB in school history carrying the bulk of the offense but we also went through long spells where Terry Wilson couldn’t make throws and our receivers couldn’t get open. Does the TX A&M game ring a bell?

      I grew up thinking an inexperienced QB’s best friend is a great TE. A true safety valve. A weapon he could utilize when the defense is stacking the box to stop the run and the seems are open. But this coaching staff (cough- Eddie Gran- cough) REFUSED to get our “best in the conference” TE involved more than a couple of catches per game. Pathetic.

      I hope Conrad has a long career in the NFL and I also hope Rigg gets a legit chance to be featured in our offense.


    If he gets the touches he should he will be better then CJ in receiving but as far as blocking I will have to wait and see. Riggs will be another NFL TE no doubt. He is going to be great and hope TW can find him. He is such a big Target and gas Redzone Tuddys written all over him. We will be known as TEU! TIGHT End University!

    1. Irememberharrylancaster

      How will we know if he’s better? We never knew how good Conrad was…….he was never fully utilized. Hopefully, better use of Riggs.

  4. TBW3011

    Does it matter how good he is? We don’t use the tight end other than for blocking. Lol

  5. Paw

    Blah blah blah They said the same crap for 4 years and hardly used Conrad Prove It !! Use him and let him shine talk is talk throw him the ball ? let him Break Records Give Em Hell Justin!!

  6. notFromhere

    If they have 2 healthy QBs that can each run the offense to its potential, the TEs will get their touches this season. Excited for the first snap. Gonna be too long of a summer from here

  7. Clyde X

    Let’s see, C. J. was a top rated TE at the start of last season. Then, Gran threw to him four times all season long and turned him into an afterthought in the draft. So, it really does not matter how talented our tight ends are. Gran can find a way to minimize those talents. Let’s not get to excited over our TE’s talent.