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Florida suspends Will Grier for the rest of the season (UPDATED)

The SEC East race just got A LOT more interesting. According to Mike Huguenin, Florida has suspended starting quarterback Will Grier for the rest of the season for a violation of NCAA rules. ESPN’s Brett McMurphy is reporting Grier tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs.

Florida sits atop the SEC East standings right now with a 4-0 conference record, followed by, believe it or not, Kentucky at 2-1 and Georgia at 2-2. Grier was on a roll this season, dominating the game against Ole Miss. This is a massive blow to Florida’s SEC hopes and, if the Gators start losing, Kentucky will have a legitimate shot to seize the SEC East.

First things first. Beat Auburn.

UPDATE: According to ESPN, the positive test for PEDs is an automatic one-year suspension from the NCAA. That means Grier would not be eligible for Florida’s game against Kentucky in the Swamp next season.

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46 Comments for Florida suspends Will Grier for the rest of the season (UPDATED)

  1. CatsBy80
    1:48 pm October 12, 2015 Permalink

    ESPN reporting that he tested positive for PEDs. Interesting…

    • Rixter
      2:07 pm October 12, 2015 Permalink

      Yeah, Tyler should have mentioned that in the story.

    • CatsBy80
      2:08 pm October 12, 2015 Permalink

      wasn’t in the story when I posted the comment. otherwise, i wouldn’t have posted the comment. relax.

    • pithuahua
      5:48 pm October 12, 2015 Permalink

      The drug in question is now known to be L3 Terminus a human growth hormone booster. The Florida coach claims it was an honest mistake, but I have to throw the BS flag on that!

  2. BobKYCats
    1:50 pm October 12, 2015 Permalink

    Hope he gets it turned around.

    Regardless of what Florida does, Kentucky needs to take care of business no matter what the standings are.

    • Rixter
      2:08 pm October 12, 2015 Permalink

      Seems to me that any game he played in (ineligible player) should be forfeited.

    • Dangers
      3:41 pm October 12, 2015 Permalink

      Why? That’s dumb. If anything, they’d just vacate, which they won’t even do that. I don’t even want the NCAA to hand us the win. I just wish they had caught him before we played them.

  3. This Guy
    1:54 pm October 12, 2015 Permalink

    Thug! Gotta dope up to get the upper hand smh. Prob why he seemed unstoppable when he played us

  4. Dieter
    1:56 pm October 12, 2015 Permalink

    Unfortunate turn of events for Grier, but maybe this could partially explain his improved play as of late? I think that UF could rally around this, especially with the talented Harris waiting for his chance. The strength of their squad is D anyway, which gives me reason to believe they could escape from this with a minimal amount of negative impact.

  5. Mathlete
    1:57 pm October 12, 2015 Permalink

    So… if their starting QB was confirmed to be doping, shouldn’t Florida have to vacate all of their games he played in this season? Just a thought…

    • Dieter
      2:05 pm October 12, 2015 Permalink

      Interesting thought…though I doubt that would happen. The NCAA really focuses on amateurism and academic violations for severe penalties such as the vacation of wins. Although you can make a strong argument for that in this case, I don’t see it happening because doping is, for better or worse, not as important to the NCAA’s major mission of ensuring kids are “students first.” It’s more of an on-the-field issue to do with being an athlete.

      I think if you could prove rampant team-wide use of PED’s, the NCAA would have to consider something like the vacation of wins or face massive backlash. Most people wouldn’t call for that in this single case, though you certainly do bring up a good point.

    • WesHos
      2:18 pm October 12, 2015 Permalink

      Probably not. But they might hit them with a postseason ban.

  6. UKBlue1!
    2:04 pm October 12, 2015 Permalink

    In the words of Jerry Tipton. This does not bold well for UK. The NCAA may have come down on us for this transgression.

    • NCWildcat
      2:27 pm October 12, 2015 Permalink

      However it does italicize well.

    • CatsFanFrankfort
      2:38 pm October 12, 2015 Permalink

      ^^NCWildcat, nice!

  7. quinnytw
    2:12 pm October 12, 2015 Permalink

    Too bad the ncaa doesnt have the ability to vacate his gf and give her to the rest of us..

  8. fatbrat
    2:15 pm October 12, 2015 Permalink

    When I played college ball in the late 70’s and early 80’s it was common place to stack roids. That being said it never helped us win too many games. The NCAA will not force UF to forfeit any games at all. The NCAA frowns on the use of drugs but mainly depends on the school to enforce restrictions.

  9. Chris
    2:17 pm October 12, 2015 Permalink

    In college as long as the school was unaware of the PED use a player isn’t ineligible until they test positive. So they are in no danger of vacating wins.

  10. WesHos
    2:22 pm October 12, 2015 Permalink

    Florida still plays LSU, Georgia (without Chubb), Vandy, and South Carolina. Unless they get a postseason ban I still don’t see the Cats overtaking them.

    • Mathlete
      2:35 pm October 12, 2015 Permalink

      I see 2 wins (Vandy, SC), a toss up (UGA), and a loss (LSU) on that list. We still have Auburn (toss up), UT (toss up), Vandy (win), and Georgia (loss). Assuming we win the 2 tossups and Florida loses their 1, we would tie for first place. If we win all 4 and Florida loses their tossup and against LSU, we’d take sole possession of first place.

      Probably unlikely we’ll overtake them or that everything breaks our way like that, but who would’ve even thought of that as a plausible scenario at the beginning of the season?

    • dubowski
      2:57 pm October 12, 2015 Permalink

      Sadly Mathlete, we wouldn’t tie for first in your first scenario. Florida beat us and therefore wins the tie breaker.

      If only we could have scored on that last damn drive.

    • BigBlueBoom
      3:26 pm October 12, 2015 Permalink

      Sadly dubowski, your dream year will soon be in the gutter just like every year…

    • Ha!
      6:17 pm October 12, 2015 Permalink

      ^^ Cats Paw is back.

  11. Ky_Tom
    2:31 pm October 12, 2015 Permalink

    To bad the league doesn’t back take away the Wins He played in this season..Cause You can bet If teasted positive today,,,He would have test positive then….There is really No true way to tell when He started using the drugs, unless they turn to his Hair..Not sure if those drugs would leave a story in the hair growth or not…..Still one must think, that He’s been using the drugs all along….and the drugs is just now getting built up in His system enough to show up on the test, ..if players are tested every week…if not, maybe they should be….
    This really pisses me off, that any player on any team would cheat, in any way…that would cause them to be kicked off a team, out of school….Not when there are millions of kids, who did not get that free ticket to go to college, and never will…And this kid just threw His free ride out the window…and for what….a plot, to scheme and defraud His own team, and others. .not to mention Himself…..

    • Trash
      2:39 pm October 12, 2015 Permalink

      Thats what thugs do maybe UL will take him if hes kicked off

  12. jay
    2:34 pm October 12, 2015 Permalink

    Sucks for them, really. But I really don’t remember him being that great during the game against us. He looked rattled, and even though he got off a few good passes, he wasn’t the one who carried them against us. Maybe he’s been playing better since the Kentucky game, but I don’t remember him looking really strong…

    • dubowski
      3:02 pm October 12, 2015 Permalink

      Yeah agreed. I thought he was shit in our game and florida was bound to lose a bunch of games this season. He wasnt great in the TN game either, but then absolutely tore Ole Miss up.

    • Dangers
      3:48 pm October 12, 2015 Permalink

      He wasn’t great at passing, but his mobility definitely gave them a massive boost. There were so many potential sacks that he did a great Mike Vick impression on and he had that 4th down rushing touchdown. Most QBs wouldn’t have been able to do that. Basically, if they’d had a slightly less mobile QB, we probably could’ve won.

  13. Old Ball Coach
    2:54 pm October 12, 2015 Permalink

    PEDs or not….Grier’s stache is weak…..

  14. CarolW
    3:01 pm October 12, 2015 Permalink

    Old ball coach: that is hilarious! !

  15. Catmandu
    3:12 pm October 12, 2015 Permalink

    Put an asterisk by the Florida score for the second straight year. The Gators have taken extra time on the play clock and roids to beat the Cats.

    • john wall
      4:18 pm October 12, 2015 Permalink

      This ^^^

  16. PEDS
    3:17 pm October 12, 2015 Permalink

    i highly doubt he is the only one taking peds on floridas squad….. i mean really just one player taking it ? their whole defense looks like their taking it

  17. Bluetothebone
    3:28 pm October 12, 2015 Permalink

    Catnandu…no asterisks…UK is the reason we aren’t holding a two game winning streak again to Fla…a couple of routine plays being made is the reason not the other stuff

  18. Mixxy
    3:49 pm October 12, 2015 Permalink

    Grier wasn’t what beat us against Florida. It was their defense. Grier could barely move the ball for most of the game. The INT their defense got and their impressive red zone defense against us won the game.

  19. Ken maxwell
    4:20 pm October 12, 2015 Permalink

    Yeah guys it was a roof- OTC. You and I could buy it at GNC. Was he wrong? Yeah. But the whole team on rounds because UK GOT BEAT? Really? Baker catches the dropped pass in the end zone UK probably wins. What steroid caused that? The NCAA has a bigger suspension for this than marijuana which is still illegal in most states.

    • Ken maxwell
      4:21 pm October 12, 2015 Permalink

      Roofs and rounds should be “roids”

    • ArnoldthePig
      4:48 pm October 12, 2015 Permalink

      what is this otc PED he was taking? Steroids are not otc.

    • CATandMONKEY
      5:10 pm October 12, 2015 Permalink

      Agree with your contention regarding the Baker drop but MJ is hardly a PED in athletics. Maybe if one is in a band or in the audience, then MJ could be considered a PED….up to a point. There IS such a thing as “too high” or so I have heard.

    • Ken Maxwell
      5:23 pm October 12, 2015 Permalink

      Some reports are saying Ligandrol which is a PED but not a steroid
      However, UF officials saying No
      My guess is that it is a PED with Chema that make up Ligandrol – a type of reverse engineered enhancer not illegal to you and me but it is for NCAA athletes.

    • fatbrat
      5:56 pm October 12, 2015 Permalink

      I am hearing It was a supplement by the name Terminus L3. It contains auxturna a human growth hormone booster well know to high school, college and pro athletes alike.

  20. Ken Maxwell
    5:28 pm October 12, 2015 Permalink

    Agree CatAndmonkey, but I have a problem with a simple one week suspension for doing an illegal street drug and one whole year for an OTC PED. Want a year for PED? Great, make it the same for marijuana, cocaine, ANY illegal street drug.
    Of course, at the rate we are going in society, some programs might not even have a full roster in any sport.

  21. Claude
    7:12 pm October 12, 2015 Permalink

    Will the streak end at 29?

    • Dude
      8:12 pm October 12, 2015 Permalink

      Please be specific. Are we talking yearly sex scandals at Louisville, their next National Title drought, or the Florida-UK football series?

  22. John Ellis
    8:21 pm October 12, 2015 Permalink

    So why aren’t Florida’s wins forfeited? He was ineligible.

  23. Will Grierrs fake muscles
    10:18 pm October 12, 2015 Permalink

    Since they found that out maybe they can get his brother Nash in trouble for racism and using illegal horse seamen as hair gel