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Article written by Jack Pilgrim

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12 responses to “RECAP: Kentucky falls to Tennessee 17-13 in heartbreaker”

  1. Slam242424

    Who wrote this? Gran?

  2. catsby90.1

    Fire gran. This is awful

  3. jaw2152

    Just need to accept mediocrity for our program. We are paying for more than mediocrity but that’s all we will ever be as long as we are in the SEC. We will battle every year with SC and Vandy for the last three positions in the East.

  4. makeitstop

    Jack, no one cares. We have given up on this team.
    Running a gimmicky offense with a wide receiver quarterback when you absolutely have to do it we all understand, and we admire the fact that they managed to win two games like that, but it’s not an actual offense and any moron knows that – and you know who else knows that? defense of coordinators in the SEC, even crappy teams like Tennessee and Vanderbilt. When your actual quarterback is available he has to play because they put nine men in the box, and they are crashing the line every time because they know our quarterback cannot pass and when he does pass he gives up seven points because, you know, he can’t pass. He’s a tough SOB and he plays his rear end off but he’s a wide receiver and when the game is on the line he won’t kick the ball to his running back who could score because he’s the star and that’s the way playground football works. It’s not his fault he still in a quarterback that’s stoops and gran… May they find good real estate in Tallahassee.

    1. Jpcat15

      Won’t watch another game this season. When you have 2 weeks to prepare and can’t figure out how to complete a forward pass. This is 2019- not the days of 3 yards and a cloud of dust. Such boring football.

  5. Righteous1

    Now it is time to watch the basketball team not make the Final Four for the 5th year in a row. 10 million per year in basketball and 5 million per in Football for these type of results. I am sure Stoops is leveraging UK with the FSU job to get 10 million per year and a lifetime contract like his mentor did leveraging UK with UCLA.

    1. BluesBrother


  6. jrb4uk

    Look at our coaching hiring history. I think Hal Mumme was the only offensive minded coach I remember since Fran Curci. The rest have been tied to the defensive side of the ball. No original thoughts on how to run an offense and thus this falls on Barnhart. Brooks did ok with the talent he had. Next coach should at least be an offensive coach!!!

    1. hohum

      No adjustments, too conservative, predictable and easy to defend – beating Missouri and Arkansas more to do with Lynn Bowden’s athletic ability than Gran’s play calling. I have never been impressed with Gran!

    2. bofkentucky

      Guy Morris was an offensive line coach, Joker was an offensive coordinator and/or a wideouts coach throughout his career, Curry was an offensive line coach.

  7. notFromhere

    All the fair weather fans need to stfu. 2 yards short of a victory and the rats are jumping ship. Good fkng riddance. Gtfoh. If you dont love this team, find another. We’ll be no worse for it

  8. dcforuk

    As Joe Torre says there are good decisions that don’t work and there are bad decisions. The monday morning QBs cleverly disguised as UK football fans want to label every good decision that doesn’t work as a bad decision. They also refuse to acknowledge the good decisions that do work. They also refuse to acknowledge any positive attributes about this coaching staff, this team and how this season has had plenty of success stories in response to lemon circumstances. Are you trying to intentionally create enough disgust, dislike, hatred, second-guessing etc to make MS and staff want to consider FSU. If so, you are testing my ability to not let any unwholesome talk come out of my mouth!

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