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Randall Cobb among NFL stars calling out league and commissioner

Jeremiah Jhass | Dallas Cowboys

Jeremiah Jhass | Dallas Cowboys

The NFL hasn’t been nearly as transparent as its players would like and now they’re collectively speaking out.

Around noon on Sunday, as part of a coordinated social media barrage, a massive group of high-profile NFL players, including former Kentucky Wildcat Randall Cobb, sent tweets calling out the league and commissioner Roger Goodell. The tweets mostly highlight how the players have little information regarding health and safety concerns for the upcoming season, which is set to begin training camps in the coming days. All players are expected to report by July 28.

Nearly two weeks ago, the NFL announced a plan that would draw back 35 percent of player’s salaries for the upcoming season, to which the NFLPA clearly did not take too kindly to. Now, players are against playing in preseason games as the NFL shortened its 21-day acclimation period to make room for those games. Unlike the NBA and MLS, the NFL does not plan on incorporating a “bubble” concept.

JJ Watt tweeted out an in-depth list of what he is expecting from the league.

From Pro Bowlers to role players and quarterbacks to defensive ends, athletes from all across the NFL spoke out. This hasn’t been just a few big names, this has been a joint effort that runs from the top to the bottom.

When this many of the league’s big names speak out, it’s going to draw a quick reaction from the league to address it. Football might still be a bit further away than we’d like.

Article written by Zack Geoghegan

Recruiting reporter for KSR. Follow me on Twitter: @ZGeogheganKSR

28 Comments for Randall Cobb among NFL stars calling out league and commissioner

  1. Heavy C
    2:45 pm July 19, 2020 Permalink

    Information from who? Theres so many cases out there discrediting the numbers and reports. Health Department Directors now openly stated that All Deaths are counted as Covid related as long as the person tested positive pre or postmortem. What a dibocle. 86% of the deaths are compromised folks over 76 years old? Not just 76 years..COMPROMISED over 76 years old. Report after report of someone being notified they had tested positive when they hadn’t tested at all. This money/political grabbing scheme is beyond obvious.

  2. timbo
    2:47 pm July 19, 2020 Permalink

    Without attributing right or wrong, I would say that this is about $$$$, not health concerns. The league has offered reduced salaries for reduced schedule, players say no. Players want reduced schedule (no preseason) same pay, owners say no. Sounds like a bunch of people who don’t know how to negotiate properly. In all honesty, I think the owners perspective makes the most sense (long-term/business decision). You’re effectively raising overhead and reducing revenue for good (this sets the precedent for every year after).

  3. lizard king
    4:08 pm July 19, 2020 Permalink

    Players don’t deserve full pay if no play

  4. Lip Man 1
    4:33 pm July 19, 2020 Permalink

    Heavy C: I don’t know where you are getting your facts from but 86% of virus deaths are NOT, repeat NOT just being suffered by people compromised over 76 years of age. That is total bullshit. And even if it were true, are you saying those folks being allowed to live as long as possible don’t matter just so you can sit your fat ass on a coach and watch football?

    If so, then screw you.

    • Condo1122
      4:35 pm July 19, 2020 Permalink

      Well said, sir.

    • 4everUKBlue
      4:38 pm July 19, 2020 Permalink

      What is bullshit is that people are dying FROM coronavirus with no underlying health issues and not WITH it. See the two links above and if you don’t believe it because they’re not from ABC, NBC, CBS or CNN, then prove them false. And why would anyone want to sit their ass on a coach?

    • chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door
      5:49 pm July 19, 2020 Permalink

      Lip Man, I’m not going to argue the numbers since I haven’t researched it and I don’t have links, but I do know there was a report the other day of a guy who died from a motorcycle wreck being listed as a Covid death. That sounded like an article from The Onion or The Babylon Bee (who had a post the other day saying Goliath died from Covid), but it was real. There is also the widely reported incident of Florida labs erroneously reporting 100 percent positive tests for Corona.

      Also, I have concern for the everyday people who make their living off sports. People selling Cokes at stadiums, secretaries in team offices, etc. etc. The lockdown put 40 million people out of work. All these players have enough money to last a long time if they haven’t blown it all, but a lot of people who work for their teams, their leagues, college teams and leagues, etc., don’t.

    • KentuckyBoy
      3:22 pm July 20, 2020 Permalink

      You’re obviously not paying attention. Keep believing the bs the media is feeding you, and never questioning or researching. The evidence is there, it just takes a little work. Surprised you could type this post while riding around by yourself in your car with your gloves and mask on.

  5. UKFaninCO
    7:49 pm July 19, 2020 Permalink

    Just get out of the Fn foxhole….what is wrong with you people?

  6. lizard king
    10:15 pm July 19, 2020 Permalink

    Can’t believe these players bashing the commissioner after he bowed down to them and is playing the black national anthem and allowing them to shame their country by taking a knee right after the black national anthem.

    • rickat
      5:56 am July 20, 2020 Permalink

      C’mon Fizzled Ding. You can do better. Get angry!

  7. Blue Bill
    5:33 am July 20, 2020 Permalink

    Bunch of spoiled ass prima donnas. What myself Amdahl the common folk would do for just a few million? And they whine like little girls.

  8. Blue Bill
    5:34 am July 20, 2020 Permalink


  9. Ned T.
    6:54 am July 20, 2020 Permalink

    The average age of a CV death in Italy was 80. Health officials admit that 2/3 of those likely would have died from comorbidity in 2020.

    This scamdemic is the biggest hoax in the history of the US. All for government power. This is damn dangerous and must end.

    Resist government tyranny. Do not wear masks and bombard your mayor or governor with emails.

    • PillsburyThrowboy
      8:38 am July 20, 2020 Permalink

      55k Americans died from the flu/pneumonia in 2017. We are currently at 140k deaths from Covid (in less than 6 months). At this rate, the only things that kill more Americans this year will be cancer and heart disease. Keep telling yourself it’s a hoax.

    • Jambluehue99
      11:42 am July 20, 2020 Permalink

      It depends on how they code the death. I can have a virus at the time of my death and it not be the cause of death. It’s not clear how many of the cases of “COVID deaths” fit this category. We will likely never know since the data is forever compromised now, and certainly not trustworthy.

    • chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door
      11:12 am July 20, 2020 Permalink

      Read for content PT. He didn’t say the virus doesn’t exist, but clearly mentioned death rates, etc. He said it was no reason to shut down the economy and put 40 million people out of work in order to get Trump out of office while their candidate with dementia hides in his basement so his poll numbers don’t plummet.

    • PillsburyThrowboy
      11:42 am July 20, 2020 Permalink

      Chris, this isn’t a political coup to oust Trump. If you believe so, you are simply misinformed. Stay safe, and wear PPE.

    • chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door
      2:18 pm July 20, 2020 Permalink

      We’ll have to agree to disagree on that one, and I do wear a mask (wife is a nurse and she’ll kill me if I don’t…lol). You stay safe too.

  10. Ned T.
    7:58 am July 20, 2020 Permalink

    NFL, NBA, Antifa, and BLM can pound sand. All Marxists trying to destroy the US.

  11. Ned T.
    9:42 am July 20, 2020 Permalink

    The CV data was wildly inflated for political purposes. The CDC is a cesspool of Trump-hating liberals—8,000 employees and only five contributed to conservative candidates. FIVE.

    Your leftist mayors and governors cited the “Imperial London” study that promised 2.2 million CV deaths to justify shutting down economies. That study is now a laughing stock, and its lead author even had to acknowledge it was garbage. Yet, you mask zombies continue to hype hysteria only to try to defeat Trump.

    Democrats are evil. I am not joking. They want to destroy the US for power

  12. jaws2
    12:03 pm July 20, 2020 Permalink

    I don’t think anyone on here has described Covid as a hoax. I think everyone agrees there is Covid19 among us. What IS a hoax and has been since the beginning, is the count of cases and recorded deaths. The motorcycle death Chris spoke about is a fact. They changed cause of death AFTER someone discovered it and complained. There’s been reporting of 100% and 98% positive testing cases that the media went nuts over but were found to be actually around 7.8% when someone challenged the numbers. In NY state in the early days if was discovered that EVERY death other than suicide or highway deaths were recorded as covid. I could go on and on but the point is, that the numbers have been manipulated from the get go. In addition, you’d have to be completely ignorant to not realize CASES are going to go UP if you’re testing MORE people. I just shake my head when I hear people go crazy over the increase in cases and they cannot comprehend that that’s inevitable. Covid19 a hoax? Nope. But the numbers game is definitely a hoax, and that’s exactly why people are skeptical of the entire process.

    • katmandue2you
      2:10 am July 21, 2020 Permalink

      ^ What jaws said!!!