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Prepare for Will Levis to start at quarterback for Kentucky

Will Levis - Kentucky - QB
(Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images)

Will Levis - Kentucky - QB

(Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images)

Many people are saying that Will Levis will likely be Kentucky’s starting quarterback in 2021.

Ryan Lemond shared scoop Monday morning on KSR that he’s preparing for the Penn State transfer to become QB1 at Kentucky. It echoes the sentiment shared by this author’s sources. Matt Jones also heard something similar, independent from information gathered by Ryan and I.

“If I were a betting man, I would take a large sum and bet it on Will Levis starting game one for Kentucky,” Jones said.

Last week Matt handicapped the quarterback competition by giving Levis a 65% chance at starting, followed by Joey Gatewood at 25%, leaving Beau Allen at 10%. Why such an abrupt change of heart without a practice? Let me explain.

When Levis announced his intent to transfer to Kentucky, it was clear that he was Liam Coen’s hand-picked choice to be the Cats’ signal-caller. Despite that fact, folks around the program were hesitant to crown a player that had yet to step foot on campus, giving Gatewood and Allen the ability to show their stuff in spring practice.

Through the 15 spring practices, each player showed signs of improvement. The coaching staff is not writing off Allen by any means, but he’s younger and clearly needs time for his body to develop and mature. Gatewood has the physical tools and immediately took to the coaching, drawing exceptional reviews from Mark Stoops and his staff. Gatewood’s progress led some of those covering the UK beat to believe he could have done enough to convince Coen during preseason camp that he could be the guy. That sentiment has changed since Levis arrived on campus, with most preseason publications penciling the Penn State transfer in as the starter.

When training camp begins in August, Kentucky’s coaches will declare it an open competition. Reps will be split and each will get the chance to prove they can be “the guy.” An official announcement will probably not happen until the Monday before Kentucky opens the season again Louisiana-Monroe. Less than two months away from kickoff KSR expects Will Levis to be the starting quarterback.

Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

37 Comments for Prepare for Will Levis to start at quarterback for Kentucky

  1. JT55
    11:02 am June 14, 2021 Permalink

    He will start although I believe all of them will play. Just the nature of the sport right now.

  2. JTHinton
    11:12 am June 14, 2021 Permalink

    I like this as the starting option, but I think our fan base has quickly given up on Gatewood. Everyone judges his ability off one game, against the best defense (UGA) in the nation.

    And there’s a lot of clamoring for Allen to start, since he’s from Lexington, but I’m generally not a fan of starting redshirt freshmen in the SEC. Don’t want to stunt his development against ruthless defenses, a la Patrick Towles.

    In any case, the QB room has come a long way from practically begging Jarren Williams to come here!

  3. clarks
    11:24 am June 14, 2021 Permalink

    Dont care who starts as long as its the right QB and he consistently lays it in receivers hands and not turn it over

  4. secrick
    11:30 am June 14, 2021 Permalink

    Only school in the sec that refuses to play freshman at quarterback. Seems it’s always a junior college kid . Why can’t we develop a good quarterback.

    • JoeBee
      11:41 am June 14, 2021 Permalink

      You’re right, hopefully Allen will be the 1st in over a decade.

    • 4evrUKBlue
      12:31 pm June 14, 2021 Permalink

      Why? Just because he’s a local boy? No way he is better than the other QB’s at this stage.

    • Ryan Lemonds Toupee
      3:32 pm June 14, 2021 Permalink

      Beau Allen will be the starting PAT holder.

  5. Billy_Clyde
    11:36 am June 14, 2021 Permalink

    must’ve forgot when Penn state was a Junior college lol

    • catfan838
      11:58 am June 14, 2021 Permalink

      Great Comment Billy_Clyde…..QB has been our weakest link for years and years! Start him Game 1 & 2 and go from there. I mean everyone acts like we are winning the SEC anyway. Just be super competitive and win a few games we shouldn’t and the ones we are supposed to and this fan base is on board!

  6. CatfaninCinci
    11:55 am June 14, 2021 Permalink

    Anything will be an improvement on the last 3 years.

  7. BobbyBlue
    12:07 pm June 14, 2021 Permalink

    Why print an article like this, that could easily cause somebody to prematurely hit the transfer portal especially when it is just personal opinion, supposedly derived from imaginary source information.

    • T-Dog
      12:20 pm June 14, 2021 Permalink

      If a kid decides to transfer because of an article he reads on KSR (or any other publication for that matter), he’s probably not very mature. Let it play out and may the best man win, no matter who it is.

    • satcheluk
      10:31 pm June 14, 2021 Permalink

      Really? Lol

    • T-Dog
      12:18 am June 15, 2021 Permalink

      Premature evacuation. LOL

  8. fairplay
    12:40 pm June 14, 2021 Permalink

    Well, all that is good, but what does Freddie Maggard say?

  9. millertim
    1:18 pm June 14, 2021 Permalink

    Seems there is a “Roush” to judgement… There is no way a guy who has yet to step foot on campus, much less practice, should be declared the starter by anyone, including a “fan” site. Let the competition on the field dictate the best player not some viral video of a guy throwing darts against no defense…

    • UKFanSC
      2:59 pm June 14, 2021 Permalink

      “Roush to judgement” …….. like it !

    • WildKat1
      4:07 pm June 14, 2021 Permalink

      @millertim, I agree about the rushing to judgement. As for when Levis will be on campus, I think there was an article a couple of weeks ago that said he was on campus.

  10. UKInsider
    1:43 pm June 14, 2021 Permalink

    It would be nice if we have a clear cut QB1, with opportunities to play the other two at points during the season, either through packages and/or planned rotation to develop QB depth and to keep opposing defenses honest. If Allen is QB3, it is yet another reason why I am not upset we missed on Wimsatt; the latter was not going to sit three years to wait for a chance to compete.

    • Bluehender
      3:17 pm June 14, 2021 Permalink

      He didn’t come from Penn St to be a back up QB. He is the clear cut choice. Gatewood probably didn’t come here to be a back up either. He may transfer down the road. But obviously they see him add the clear cut favorite right now…

    • Bluehender
      3:17 pm June 14, 2021 Permalink


  11. Nickytoonuthugger
    3:18 pm June 14, 2021 Permalink

    I’d really like to see Peyton Jennings get the start, cant see hoe levi levis is throwing better than peyton

  12. beauleonard
    3:23 pm June 14, 2021 Permalink

    The speculation game is going to ramp up as the season nears. We have a new offense and truly, three unknown options at the QB spot. May the best player play. Whoever gives the team the best chance to win, period.

  13. Bluenblood
    3:35 pm June 14, 2021 Permalink

    Just pick the right guy all this drama is draining. Lets make this work. None of these guys could shine shoes in the NFL. 5 star high school dont mean poop. Pick the guy, move on and lets win a bunch a games this year. Nick is right to get this out and face reality not cling to our lackluster QB past. Go Cats and lets get behind QB1 !!!

  14. WildKat1
    4:09 pm June 14, 2021 Permalink

    Pure speculation at this point. I don’t care who is starts at QB this year as long as the Cats improve from last in the conference in passing to perhaps the middle of the pack… or hopefully even better.

  15. BoogieDMC
    5:00 pm June 14, 2021 Permalink

    Dumb article. Now we’re counting on Matt Jones changing his mind and preseason publications? Since when have they been right about UK? Let’s wait and see who wins the job.

    5:30 pm June 14, 2021 Permalink

    This is shitty journalism here!! To come out and pretty much hand the starting spot to Levi’s when he didn’t get 1 snap during spring install is a just a pretty classless look.. It is a slap in the Face to Gatewood and Allen for the work they put in over Spring and Last season. Classes Busch league article.. Levi’s looks like a nice prospect but to pretty much come out and annoit him starter and dismiss Gatewood and Allen is a load of Crap. I can see Allen not getting it for I do believe he us the future.. Gatewood was a Stud and can easily win this job coming into the season and the camp leading into the season. I can see something like this pushing a player to the Transfer portal.. I think this was a classless article and no way fair to the players that have been here working their asses off. No way anyone can call one if these QB’s the starter until the week before week one. Piss poor journalism here BIGTIME!!

    • Corder
      10:15 pm June 14, 2021 Permalink

      Thank you. You’re exactly right on this. Pathetic at best.

    • satcheluk
      10:34 pm June 14, 2021 Permalink

      This is what the coaches are telling them. Do you think they just make stuff up? We have a lot of dense fans.

    • ClutchCargo
      9:42 am June 15, 2021 Permalink

      It’s the media’s job to tell what they know. If you want to be mad at somebody, be mad at whoever is leaking information.

  17. Skooms
    5:33 pm June 14, 2021 Permalink

    So does anyone know if the new transfer rule still applies to people that transferred before the rue changed? In other words, if Gatewood decided to transfer, would he have to sit??

    • ClutchCargo
      9:38 am June 15, 2021 Permalink

      I’m going to ass-u-me that someone like Gatewood would still be able to transfer without sitting out. When he came to UK he received a waiver under the old rules and would have had to sit if he hadn’t gotten that.

  18. kjd
    5:55 pm June 14, 2021 Permalink

    So, if Levis is the starter, why play games and split reps. Dumb move by coaching staff. Of course, when it comes to QB, Stoops and Co. have been piss poor.

  19. millertim
    5:59 pm June 14, 2021 Permalink

    Wow… didn’t take long for my comments to go back to awaiting moderation. I guess disagreeing with KSR will get you censored. Again, no profanity, vulgarity was used… just laid out the case for why this is irresponsible journalism to push a narrative based on a rumor that can cause great damage to the football program. I encouraged Coach Stoops to squelch these rumors to protect the program. Apparently this triggers KSR’s censorship and my comments won’t see the light of day. I guess logic and reason are not encouraged here.

  20. michaelb
    6:10 pm June 14, 2021 Permalink

    Quarterback has always been an odd ball situation since stoops has taken over . Whoever can consistently get the ball out needs to play . I’m tired of not seeing that

  21. millertim
    9:54 am June 15, 2021 Permalink

    This is asinine and irresponsible “journalism” at its worst. Using “unnamed” sources to promote a narrative that there is already a starter w/o having even practiced with the team yet!! Coach Stoops needs to get out ahead of this stupid rumor b/c it can cause great damage to the program— naming a starter w/o a competition. Not sure how many UK fans will tolerate this kind of action and, more importantly, what will this do to Gatewood and Allen to be eliminated before competing?? Coach Coen is off to a bad start if he’s behind these rumors…