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One Florida Player Didn’t Forget Kash Daniel’s Celebration in the Swamp

If you are a sad Kentucky football fan like I am this morning, viewer discretion is advised for this post.

After the Cats toppled the Gators a little over a year ago, Kash Daniel embraced his wrestling moniker with the famous Stone Cold Steve Austin bottle smash celebration.

“That’s the Bottom Line because Kash Money said so!”


The Kentuckian’s celebration went national, and it became a rallying cry for Cats fans across the BBN. We saw it everywhere.

The Florida players apparently also saw it everywhere, and this year, when the game’s outcome was different, one Gator made sure to remind Daniel of post-game celebration. Check out No. 66

Ugh. Losing sucks.

Article written by Brent Wainscott

Twitter: @BrentWainscott_

20 Comments for One Florida Player Didn’t Forget Kash Daniel’s Celebration in the Swamp

  1. BluKudzu
    11:06 am September 15, 2019 Permalink

    Win the game and keep that stuff off the field.

    Boz II.

    • UKFanSC
      11:17 am September 15, 2019 Permalink


    • chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door
      9:43 pm September 15, 2019 Permalink

      The one difference is Kash wasn’t doing it in a UF player’s face. However, it’s not a huge deal. Take care of business and we’re celebrating instead of them.

  2. UKFanSC
    11:17 am September 15, 2019 Permalink

    Of course, if you take care of business and win the game none of that happens.

  3. BluKudzu
    11:30 am September 15, 2019 Permalink

    Stop with the crybaby targeting bs.

    This was about turnovers, lack of O line doing their job, horrible play calling, game management and our defense leaving receivers wide open all night.

    We are thin at safety and DBs because we did not recruit well at safety and DBs.

    It just doesn’t happen if you do your job right as a coach and recruit for areas needing help then suddenly are faced with non SEC talent having to play.

    Nope this is on the coaches.

    • maximumscott
      12:40 pm September 15, 2019 Permalink

      I disagree on Oline play. We were solid there. The problem was Rose not having any vision to find the hole.

    • CatsfaninFL
      12:56 pm September 15, 2019 Permalink

      Look BluKudzu being a moron. In other news, grass is green. Go root for Duke.

    • BluKudzu
      6:37 pm September 15, 2019 Permalink

      Call people names when you can’t debate?

      How very immature.

      Go to your room, and look up the real news like how this team choked away their chance to be in the top 25.

      Have a nice day. Grow up soon.

  4. season-3-disc-2
    11:32 am September 15, 2019 Permalink

    Ok!!!! Everyone in all of the threads of these post saying it’s on the coaches. Then when I tell you FACTS, and that is this loss was clearly on Smith, people go crazy telling me I must not have watched the game. Well here are FACTS for all of you know it all football fans. Florida scored their 1st touchdown on a Smith fumble. Their second score was a field goal in the 3rd quarter off of a Smith INT. Their go ahead score came off of a Smith INT in the 4th quarter. He overthrew several passes to Bowden. He had 3 INT’s and a fumble, ARE YOU KIDDING!! Anyone who says this game is not on Smith or they would rather have him than Terry has lost their mind. FACTS!!

    • ClutchCargo
      11:54 am September 15, 2019 Permalink

      Smith is doing the best he can since Wilson went down for the season. Should someone else on the roster be playing instead of him? Let’s hear your recommendation, or stfu with the whining.

    • season-3-disc-2
      12:03 pm September 15, 2019 Permalink

      Hahaha look at you all sad cargo pants. This loss is on him and there will be more losses coming. Obviously the best he can is not good enough for the SEC.

    • StillBP
      1:48 pm September 15, 2019 Permalink

      Gunnar, don’t you have better things to do than troll KSR… Like maybe work your way up to the #2 QB at OH St.

  5. VMI1957
    11:52 am September 15, 2019 Permalink

    UK will wind up at best 4-8 for the season. Secondary sucks, defensive line and linebackers can’t stop the run, kicker doesn’t know how to make a field goal, quarterback throws interceptions…..geeze this Kentucky team is horrid!!!

    • CatsfaninFL
      12:56 pm September 15, 2019 Permalink

      I’ll take that action. You gonna pony up the money?

    • AreJ
      2:46 pm September 15, 2019 Permalink

      What in the actual hell are you talking about? The UK rush Defense gave up 138 yards and 76 were on that last TD sssoooo…..of the things that happened last night that isn’t the unit to bitch about. Smith made a bad throw that turned into one pick, tried to be a hero on the fumble instead of just falling and allowing a 4th punt, had a miscommunication with Lynn for the 2nd pick. And the 3rd was the Hail Mary. He can clean up those mistakes, Smoke needs to be RB1, the WRs have played well so far, and just like 3/4 years ago our secondary is young but talented. We will be fine, with TW I thought 10-2 but now 9-3 is the ceiling. If you’d like I can logically explain that to you and everyone else who is crying about the sky falling and this team being dead in the water…..

    • drip or drown 60
      5:01 pm September 15, 2019 Permalink

      You aren’t very smart

  6. minton22
    11:59 am September 15, 2019 Permalink

    Some pessimistic people on here. We may have lost our first test to a good team, but I don’t want to be one of the haters to be proved wrong like last year. We’ll be fine. Go Big Blue!

  7. notFromhere
    6:11 pm September 15, 2019 Permalink

    Gators got their assets kicked for 50min. They didn’t beat UK. UK beat UK. I don’t care what they see, say, or think. Had the refs not stuck their hand up the Gators’ ask, they wouldn’t have been in the game late