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Mark Stoops reacts to Tennessee’s loss to Georgia State

© Randy Sartin | USATSI

© Randy Sartin | USATSI

Tennessee’s loss to Georgia State is still the talk of college football, to the point that Mark Stoops was asked about it during his press conference this afternoon.

“I got an opportunity to watch that, so I was watching it unfold. You know, it could happen to any of us, so I’m not gonna throw stones, that’s for sure. You heard me say it, you’ve got an opportunity to be humbled every seven days sitting up here so I’m not going to get out in front of my skis. Experience matters, right? Been there before.”

Stoops may take the high road, but we certainly don’t have to. The Tennessee fanbase’s meltdown was one of the highlights of my weekend, from the seven-hour postgame show to Clay Travis’ sadness and all of the tweets. I cannot get enough of their tears.

Really, Vol fans should have seen this coming. Saturday morning, a 42-foot boat caught fire and sank at the Vol Navy docks outside of Neyland Stadium, a fitting sign of things to come:


Photo: @tnwildlife

A special shoutout to fellow Danville native and DHS alum Nate Fuqua, who is Georgia State’s defensive coordinator. Knowing Nate and his family, this weekend will be tough to beat. So will this tweet by the Panthers’ social media staff:


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18 Comments for Mark Stoops reacts to Tennessee’s loss to Georgia State

  1. UKFanSC
    12:54 pm September 2, 2019 Permalink

    I cannot think of a better fan base to go through this humiliation than Tennessee football fans. We absolutely have to take care of business this year and beat these clowns

    • csnailnrun
      3:14 pm September 2, 2019 Permalink

      Agreed. The most unjustifiable self deserving fan base out there. Hopefully that made sense? 🙂 Kentucky does need to step up the game day experience. They have Rocky Top song, Auburn has a flying in eagle, LSU, has an on campus tiger, UTexas has a stampede of Long Horns, and the list goes on. Hope I’m not the only one that feels this way.

    • JASUN74
      8:21 pm September 2, 2019 Permalink

      I agree with you buddy. I’d love to see a really big mountain lion or some kind of big cat. Thing is though is that a cat is hard to keep caged up and doesn’t play well with others. Haha. A Wildcat can actually be any Cat that is in the wild I guess, but I’ve always thought about a big Bobcat when thinking about it. I’m from the country and there’s a lot of bobcats around here, but the biggest one I’ve saw is probably 60 pounds maybe. Give or take a few pounds. They’re still some scary outfits!! About 10 years ago me an a buddy was out hitting the hills in a tracker and saw a baby and it was about 10 pounds so pretty big. Anyway we were drinking a few, lol. So we get out and think we’re going to catch this little thing and have us a pet! Lmao. Well the mom was about 15 feet or so right out of my light but when we got out we saw her crawling towards us. Lol. We got in the car pretty quick. Anyway that was a fun night. Ohh the mom bobcat was probably 50 plus pounds and at night it looked mean as heck.

    • csnailnrun
      7:17 am September 3, 2019 Permalink

      Watch this vol fan selfie video recap! LOL

  2. 4everUKblue
    1:06 pm September 2, 2019 Permalink

    Our fans sometimes burn couches when we win a big game, meanwhile UT fans burn boats when they lose to a 26 point underdog at home. What will they do if we beat them?

  3. Wildcat homer
    1:21 pm September 2, 2019 Permalink

    Tennessee fans are delusional. I was so happy to see them cry on Twitter!

  4. ukkatzfan
    1:27 pm September 2, 2019 Permalink

    Tony Basilio on periscope is hilarious. He is leading the orange fan base to drink the kool-aid and jump off a cliff.

  5. satcheluk
    3:11 pm September 2, 2019 Permalink

    I have never listened to an opponents call in show, but I listened to almost 2 hours of that 7 hour call in show. Highly entertaining and even some UK fans call in to rub it in. Worth a listen especially during a long commute. We have got to beat them to a pulp this year!

    • UKFanSC
      4:12 pm September 2, 2019 Permalink

      I listened for an hour myself and it was hilarious. They had apparently convinced themselves that 2019 was their turnaround year, after that loss they were apoplectic !!

  6. krautdog
    4:21 pm September 2, 2019 Permalink

    Stoops is a gentleman!

  7. My Dixie Wrecked
    4:50 pm September 2, 2019 Permalink

    It’s time to get even. I’m sure they laughed when UK lost to Western Kentucky…twice in a row.

  8. ukisdabest
    8:50 pm September 2, 2019 Permalink

    I want a big ol house cat that we say is kept outdoors in a cage as r special thing

  9. GACAT
    9:03 pm September 2, 2019 Permalink

    Nothing sucks like a big Orange!!! SEC Now said they were the break out team of the SEC East. Really??
    It could not happen to better group of red necks!!
    I absolutely Love It