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26 responses to “Mark Stoops on final offensive play: “I’ll never argue with Lynn [Bowden] about taking it””

  1. UKinIN

    If Bowden pitched it and Rodriguez was stopped everyone would criticize that too.

    1. dcforuk


  2. kjd

    Rodriguez was the best option. He was one on one. That’s the right call. Period. Bowden made the wrong decision. Period. Stoops said as much post game, but Bowden is the star so no open criticism us allowed. Bowden is not a D1 QB. Period.

    1. dcforuk

      Exclamation points would have been better to use than periods. I cannot believe you would not have used exclamation points. What were you thinking?

    2. catsarerunnin

      He wasn’t thinking. Period.

    3. shelby3605

      UR correct; lynn is a great WIDE RECEIVER; the QB is healthy, put lynn back at his natural position and let sawyer pose a passing threat. You can’t expect to beat many teams running the wildcat formation 100% of the time.

  3. dcforuk

    UT guy in the end zone and to Bowden’s left would have stopped Rodriguez! Period!

  4. Gaber

    Glad the weather was good so we could open up the playbook. Lynn throws a great 5-10 yard pass. Would have liked to seen more than 8 passes.

    1. dcforuk

      Sentence two and three aren’t that bad.

  5. TheBigjMan55

    0 pass yards is why we lost this game. You have to walk before you can run.

    1. dcforuk

      Maybe, maybe not. Maybe the game plan and strategy is why we only lost by four points?

    2. shelby3605

      It’s actually a miracle we were even in the game. Stoops is forcing gran to game plan using nothing but the wildcat formation. Ridiculous thing to do. Gran should probably be commended.

  6. TheBigjMan55

    0 pass yards. That’s why we lost this game. You have to walk before you can run

    1. dcforuk

      Maybe, maybe not. Maybe the game plan and strategy is why we only lost by four points?

  7. DelrayCat

    It was ridiculously stupid to stick with Bowden at QB. Once Smith was healthy, you go back to him. Barely winning against an absurdly bad team like Arkansas was fools gold. You cannot win consistently at D1 level if you cannot throw the ball…period.

    1. catsarerunnin

      Then who would you recommend to play QB..question mark

  8. chris43

    The team is what it is this year. The players are playing hard and giving good effort but when lost too many players last season. Then Wilson gets hurt and bam! Here we are! We aren’t Bama, LSU, Ohio State, Clemson etc. Fact is we lost a ton of talent and we don’t have a cupboard of 4-5 stars chomping at the bit to replace them. We have to develop our players which takes time. Bowden got us this far on pure heart. Run it on teams that know 95% of the time it’s gonna be a run. Put 8 in the box and that’s very hard to do. I’m with Bowden and his decision as there isn’t another player on the entire team who I’d rather see have the ball.

    1. makeitstop

      How about one who could throw it too? That would keep them honest. CRod pitch was the right play but if ur the best kid on the playground u keep it and he’s the best. Bad decision but we lost bc they put too much on him when UT adapted at halftime as well paid coaches do, or are supposed to, and we stubbornly did the same thing over and over expecting the results to change.

    2. Dark Soul

      You cant have rational posts on here. Come on now.

  9. CahillsCrossingNT

    Stoops will NEVER beat Pruitt. Last night made that obvious, especially after the opening drive of the second half.

  10. bd2153

    Can’t pass only run. No play action no nothing boring ass football then lose to a shit team Welcome to the clown bowl Sad football

  11. CombatMedic_98

    To run that play was IGNORANT…same ole Eddie Gran

  12. shelby3605

    Joey Gatewood is leaving town laughing his ass off. Aint no way in hell he’s playing here. If he ever tweaks his ankle and has to sit a game, he’ll never get his job back!

  13. StuckinLville

    Or since they knew they were gonna run, how about an out to a tight end of Wagner? Cant win if you cant pass.

  14. abmorris27

    Lynn is an absolute warrior but he made the wrong decision on that play. Not sure that Rodriguez would have scored either but Lynn had no shot. Just heartbreaking.

  15. drbigblue

    Sawyer put up 28 points against Florida… is he still injured? Tn was so stacked up against the run… go figure…Players get an A+, offense and defense… coaching F-

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