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Mark Stoops is still waiting for the NCAA to make a decision on Xavier Peters

Sometimes no news is good news. Now is not one of those times.

Less than a week before the 2019 Kentucky football season kicks off at Kroger Field, Mark Stoops still does not know if Florida State transfer Xavier Peters will be eligible to play for UK this fall.

He’s out until someone tells me different,” Stoops said in his first weekly press conference. “There’s a lot of things that we had to get in order as well, information we had to get from Florida State. They have to do part, so it takes some time.”

A high school All-American, Peters was a consensus four-star recruit when the Cincinnati native signed to play football at Florida State. Projected to start for the Seminoles after redshirting as a freshman, Peters decided in the spring that he needed to play college football closer to his infant son.

“It’s pretty difficult but it was worth it coming back for my son,” Peters told KSR at UK media day on August 2. “I just turned in my letter yesterday, so hopefully I can get my results back from the NCAA two weeks from now.”

More than three weeks later and we still know nothing.

Peters is not alone. Tennessee defensive lineman Aubrey Solomon is still waiting to hear if he’ll be granted a waiver to play right away after transferring from Michigan. Unlike Stoops, Jeremy Pruitt is preparing for Saturday’s opener as if Solomon will be available. Even if Peters was cleared to play this week, Stoops does not believe the outside linebacker is ready to immediately become an impact player.

“It would be hard for him at this point just because of the time he’s been here. As you know, it’s his second year in college, a redshirt freshman. For him to be totally doing our system, it takes some time. You’ve heard me say a bunch of times about that position, it’s most definitely a different position. There’s a lot of nuances to playing outside linebacker and staying up on your feet.” Stoops added, “It’ll take some time.”


Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

36 Comments for Mark Stoops is still waiting for the NCAA to make a decision on Xavier Peters

  1. dhard
    1:35 pm August 26, 2019 Permalink

    The Fields kid transferred from Ga. to Ohio state and didn’t have to sit, so why should this kid?

    • ClutchCargo
      1:49 pm August 26, 2019 Permalink

      Maybe we should start calling it THE University of Kentucky.

    • 4everUKblue
      3:05 pm August 26, 2019 Permalink

      ^^^ Like Button!

    • Harlanian
      4:02 pm August 26, 2019 Permalink

      probably because UK isn’t OSU. Same reason Miss St gets smacked because they are not UNC.

    • ClutchCargo
      6:09 pm August 26, 2019 Permalink

      ^ Maybe you could give an example of him doing this successfully.

    • ClutchCargo
      6:10 pm August 26, 2019 Permalink

      Reply fail…

  2. JASUN74
    1:51 pm August 26, 2019 Permalink

    What’s the odds that Tennessee gets Solomon cleared and Ky doesn’t get Peters? Lol. I honestly don’t believe for a second that the NCAA has beef with Kentucky like I’ve read on here before, but to hold up these kids future, when they’ve cleared soo many ( for far less reasons) is wrong. Tell them Yes or No so they can move on! You know these kids can’t sleep or nothing. Lol You know their families are stuck not knowing if they should plan trips and all.

    Saying all that, Peters should have just committed to Kentucky like he wanted to in the first place, instead of listening to his boys. Sometimes these kids have to learn that the grass isn’t always greener it a so call Big School. They’ll all find out soon enough that there is no grass greener than Kentucky Bluegrass!!!!!

    Man I’m ready for some Cats Football!!! Lol

  3. DelrayCat
    1:51 pm August 26, 2019 Permalink

    Seems to me Mitch needs to be making some calls and standing up for his kids.

    • ClutchCargo
      1:57 pm August 26, 2019 Permalink

      Mitch doesn’t stand up to try to convince anyone to do something. He only digs in and refuses to budge when he has control of the situation.

    • ClutchCargo
      1:59 pm August 26, 2019 Permalink

      persuade > convince

    • notFromhere
      5:16 pm August 26, 2019 Permalink

      That’s bullsht. Guaranteed he makes calls when it’s of value to the process.

    • ClutchCargo
      6:11 pm August 26, 2019 Permalink

      ^ Maybe you could give an example of him doing this successfully.

    • MoscowMitchtheMassacreB!+(]-[McConnell
      6:26 pm August 26, 2019 Permalink

      Clutch shame on for hurting poor Mitch’s feelings and acting like he just spends his days trolling KSR as notfromhere. He’s made plenty of calls. I mean he made the call to Joker telling him what a good job he was doing.

  4. UKfansNKY
    2:05 pm August 26, 2019 Permalink

    NCAA are a bunch of incompetent ass- wipes!! Little Johnny gets beat-out in his position and transfers only to be granted eligibility right away!

    This young Man trying to be a better MAN and DAD, wants to transfer closer to his SON and these ass wipes can’t decide if he will be eligible or not.

    NCAA SUCKS!!!!!

    • nocode96
      2:32 pm August 26, 2019 Permalink

      100% agree.

  5. BobbyBlue
    2:16 pm August 26, 2019 Permalink

    Yeah Mitch has been such a bonus for Ky since being placed on the BB selection committee for March madness.
    Now some body is going to come back with how Mitch has to leave the room, but the point is that he does nothing for the Cats when he is in the room.

    • mashburnfan1
      7:51 pm August 26, 2019 Permalink

      Had very easy brackets the last 2 years, very easy paths to the Final 4. The committee is not why we got beat both years.

  6. middlesborocat
    2:43 pm August 26, 2019 Permalink

    Who cares about Tennessee? There’s more posts on here about UT than UK. Everyday there’s something about the stinky vols. Seriously dude wth? Go to a UT site and tell me how many posts they have about UK. Sickening

  7. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree
    2:52 pm August 26, 2019 Permalink

    Mitch only committed to actually doing something for the non BBall sports programs when the guillotine was half way down to his head. Now that he’s gotten job security he’s going to ball himself back up and not do more than he has to.

    • notFromhere
      5:17 pm August 26, 2019 Permalink

      Wrong again

    • Thetruthshallsetbennyfree
      6:03 pm August 26, 2019 Permalink

      History shows otherwise but ok. I mean if he would have gave a crap during the Brooks era and put this effort in Brooks recruiting would have gotten better recruiting tools which means the team would have gotten better. In other words a 9+ win season would have been the next logical step. But you’re not from here so you wouldn’t understand.

    • MoscowMitchtheMassacreB!+(]-[McConnell
      6:23 pm August 26, 2019 Permalink

      So what you’re saying is you put in the effort you just had no clue what you were doing till Stoops and Cal showed you. If that’s the case then this idiot needs to apologize to you. Right Mitch?

  8. RealCatsFan
    3:09 pm August 26, 2019 Permalink

    This is beginning to remind me of the Enes Kanter situation. Did this kid commit to Washington before he came to UK? 😉

  9. zoupman
    3:33 pm August 26, 2019 Permalink

    I would say I’m disappointed, but sadly expect very little from NCAA. Very corrupt organization. A decision should have already been made.

  10. MacAssassin123
    4:42 pm August 26, 2019 Permalink

    Well actually being at UK really isn’t that much closer to his son he is still a couple hundred miles away. There is a distance requirement with hardship transfers and I think there is a question if he is with in the requirerd distance for a hardship transfer. It’s probably boarderline and it will be up to the head of the NCAA eligibility commitee to make the decision and with the question in mind they are taking their time to make sure. However a lot of times they decide not to decide and just let him sit out the year because he would probably miss this season anyway because he hasn’t practiced since arriving on campus because of being currently ineligible. It would take him time just to get his body conditioned then it would take probably a few months to learn how to play LB with in the 3-4 system he is used to playing in the 4-3 as a speed rusher but in the 3-4 he will also have to occasionally drop back into coverage or help guard the line of scrimmage and defending against outside runs.

    • notFromhere
      5:28 pm August 26, 2019 Permalink

      No one said he hasn’t been practicing or working out. Are you a UL fan by any chance? He’s eligible to practice, but not eligible to play in game until next season, unless the NCAA says otherwise. That’s all he’s waiting on.

    • JASUN74
      5:37 pm August 26, 2019 Permalink

      My god. None of what you said is true. He is now 80 miles away from where his son is living. He’s 100 miles away from his hometown. The NCAA rules are around 100 miles and I’m not 100% if it’s an actual rule or not as much as something they just use. Anyway as far as practice, wow. He has been practicing with the twos , just not with the ones!! So he’s in shape, but he just hasn’t been here long enough yet to get a firm grasp on the playbook. His position is very complicated and takes time. He’s still a great athlete and would definitely be getting some time as the season goes on. Get some facts man. Come on buddy, you can do better.

    • Wade
      6:53 pm August 26, 2019 Permalink

      He’s close to home and in a conference to play with the big boys for hopes to reach his dreams and play in the nfl. Uk is the perfect platform. NCAA needs to get their heads out of their ass and make it official

    • MoscowMitchtheMassacreB!+(]-[McConnell
      6:21 pm August 26, 2019 Permalink

      That’s right Mitch you call those Birdturds for the trolling.

    • zoupman
      9:38 pm August 26, 2019 Permalink

      Lexington isn’t closer to Cincinnati than Florida. MacAss you like to make long post and talk down to people, but in reality you a special kind of stupid.

  11. MacAssassin123
    5:06 pm August 26, 2019 Permalink

    If he gets the transfer then it will be because they just decided to give Xavier some slack. He won’t play much this season maybe not at all. It may actually be better for him to sit the year out and work on getting his body right so next year he can get a good head start on learning the LB position for next season. He may even be eligible for a redshirt if he is I would take it if I were him he would still have every year of eligibility he is gurrenteed to have and he wouldn’t have the stress about waiting for to find out if he can play or not. This might be why the NCAA hasn’t responded they may be trying to convince Xavier to just sit out the year by saying nothing at all however this is just a theory. I wish him the very best but he should prepare for the worst.

    • notFromhere
      5:18 pm August 26, 2019 Permalink

      He only gets one redshirt. He used it last season.

    • MoscowMitchtheMassacreB!+(]-[McConnell
      6:20 pm August 26, 2019 Permalink

      As KY AD you would know.

    • Middy
      6:38 pm August 26, 2019 Permalink

      There’s really not much to say here.

  12. notFromhere
    5:22 pm August 26, 2019 Permalink

    In what world is Cinci a couple hundred miles from Lexington? Where do these people come from that post here? Constantly shtting on the program and admin when it suits them. No class and no gratitude

    • MoscowMitchtheMassacreB!+(]-[McConnell
      6:19 pm August 26, 2019 Permalink

      I just figured it out notfromhere is your friendly neighbor AD. Hey Barnhead quit trolling people calling you out for your bs you’re giving us other Mitches a bad name.