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Looking Ahead to the RedHawks

Big Ben’s ready to tailgate. Are you?

Big Ben's ready to tailgate. Are you?

Big Ben’s ready to tailgate. Are you?

After a disappointing start to the season against Western Kentucky, Mark Stoops and staff look to recover in their inaugural home game against Miami (Ohio). It’s never easy taking a loss to an in-state opponent which is just a few years removed from playing FCS football, but the Miami RedHawks appear to be an opponent in which recovery is possible. As it stands currently, Vegas sees the Cats as 17-point favorites this Saturday, and after seeing Miami’s crushing defeat to Marshall, it’s pretty easy to see why. Of course, it’s early in the season and Kentucky is coming off a defeat as well, so it’s anyone’s guess as to if that line is accurate or not. Regardless of what Vegas thinks and the stats say, it’ll be interesting to see if the Cats can recover on the field Saturday at noon. Because many are uncertain about the RedHawks and what they’ll bring to the contest, I went back and researched numerous parts of their strategy to see what lies ahead.

Some clips of Miami in action against Marshall last week.

The Offense:

While it’s known that Mark Stoops specializes in defense, head coach of the RedHawks, Don Treadwell, is the opposite as he’s been an offensive coordinator at Ball State, Cincinnati, and Michigan State before his time leading the RedHawks. However, in his time as head coach, the offense has failed to take off. The below table tells Miami’s offensive history with Treadwell at the helm.


All rankings denote national rank.

As you can see, things haven’t been ideal for Treadwell in his time as Miami’s head coach. The scoring offense has been pitiful, as has the rushing efficiency. None of these final rankings have exceeded 90th place nationally which tells a significant part of the story. While these stats should be comforting to Kentucky fans, Miami isn’t a primary rushing team. Using last season as an example, the RedHawks passed 495 times compared to their 339 rushing attempts. Knowing this ratio and Kentucky’s weakness in the secondary, this is the biggest cause of concern for Stoops and Eliot’s defense. Given our struggles in the secondary, it’s paramount that the defensive line applies pressure to the quarterback and plugs the RedHawk rushing attack this week.

The Defense:

Much like Don Treadwell’s offense, and outside of 2011, Jay Peterson’s defense hasn’t been much to write home about during his Miami tenure. Much like Marks Stoops and D.J. Eliot, Peterson’s base defense is a 4-3 with a few nickel and dime looks depending on the opponent’s offense. However, unlike Kentucky’s two defensive minds, Peterson’s defense, as a whole, doesn’t have the numbers to claim anything close to elite status. The below table tells the story.

Again, all rankings are national.

Again, all rankings are national.

Other than Peterson’s first season, where he inherited a ten win team from the previous year, his defenses haven’t been very good in the time since. After 2011, his squad hasn’t been ranked within the top-100 nationally in scoring defense. It’s difficult to evaluate a coach after one game, but the numbers haven’t exactly defended him in his time as the defensive coordinator. Even in 2011, when the scoring defense was ranked 39th nationally, the only efficiency category (listed above) in which his defense was ranked within college football’s top half was passing yards surrendered per attempt. Although statistics after one game aren’t always indicators of the entire season, Miami shouldn’t feel comfortable with this match-up.

After reviewing the numbers throughout their coaches history and seeing the previous week’s results, this game shouldn’t be very difficult for Kentucky. Emphasis on shouldn’t. The overall RedHawk team isn’t very strong this season as evidenced by their first game statistics. One final fact to be aware of is Miami’s first week opponent, Marshall. They’re also an Air Raid team. In my mind there are two ways to interpret this. One, Miami had an extra week to prepare for Kentucky as they faced a similar style the week before. Two, Miami faced the similar style one week before and had no answer for the attack. Given that Maxwell Smith and his perceived better passing ability are starting Saturday against Miami’s weak passing defense, I believe it’s the latter of the two scenarios that will show come Saturday.


Article written by Jonathan Schuette

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    throwing picks raping chicks

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    KY 17 -MIAMI 10

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    Good for Cal, for posting the picture with Dre. Family is family. Good and Bad.

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    In response to the post of Cal with Liggins: Unless Cal knows something about Deandre’s innocence that we don’t, this is a terrible move. Liggins was accused of beating his girlfriend half to death. Does him being a woman-beater really mean less to you people than him being an average basketball player? It’s basically like a Penn State situation. I’d be willing to bet that most of you reading this would agree that Joe P. needed to have his statue removed after the rape cases. The Jones story is child’s play compared to what Liggins did. I don’t know what really happened, but this is a horrible move on Cal’s part. Negative press. And family is family? If my brother beat his girlfriend in the presence of his son, I wouldn’t have him over for Thanksgiving that year.

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    What’s wrong with the jar app for Androids? My lat podcast is from the 30th and I have uninstalled and reinstalled it a few times. Nothing seems to work

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    Ben balls so hard, he can rock the ‘half a Pirate eye’ look and the hoes still stay thirsty.

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    Thank you sterve. If this had been any other coach (Pitino, Donovan, K), the hillbillies would be all over it.

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    Sterve, as a Cats fan I couldn’t agree more. That doesn’t mean you abandon them, but you certainly don’t condone their behavior by taking a photo op. Cal and the UK Atheltics department should be helping DeAndre find some counselling if they are going to be involved.

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    Miami Ohio-31

    If you guys watched last weeks game then you know how bad our defense is.

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    Since you turned the comments off on the liggins picture, everyone should give opinion here. That’s not a good look right now Cal. We will get shit for that picture, and rightfully so.

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    lotttttttts of tail at miami ohio. no reason not to have pics on pics on pics

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    I am glad Cal is supporting Deandre but until this case is settled he does not need to be playing in games where young fans can see him. I’m sorry but right or wrong, the players are admired and looked up to by the young fans. Also why were comments not allowed under the post?

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    @ Rise…

    What now, son? No offensive scores allowed, 1/16 on 3rd downs, and only 8 total 1st downs. You were saying about the defense?