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Lloyd Tubman Will No Longer Play at Kentucky


UK Defensive End Lloyd Tubman, a major part of the heralded 2014 UK Football recruiting class will no longer be a student at the University of Kentucky. This morning Lonny Demaree tweeted out that a source close to Tubman’s family had told him that Lloyd would no longer be at Kentucky. This afternoon we have confirmed the story as reported by Demaree. Lloyd was banned as a student at Kentucky by the Code of Student Conduct Board after a hearing following the allegations of rape from a fellow student. You may remember that a Fayette County grand jury heard the same allegations earlier this year and decided not to indict Tubman for the incident. However the Student Conduct Board is not bound by that finding and after its own process, declined to allow Tubman to re-enroll as a student at UK. A source tells KSR that an appeal has also taken place and the initial punishment from the board, Tubman being unable to return to campus at UK ever, was changed to a five year ban from the campus.

As Demaree noted earlier, a number of folks in Lexington are upset about the decision and feel that it was unjust, but the appeals process has been exhausted and the decision at this point is final. Tubman will not be able to attend Kentucky this fall and will have to find another school to continue his educational and football career. A number of folks are speculating that Western Kentucky could be his future home, but nothing is settled at this time.

Article written by Matt Jones

29 Comments for Lloyd Tubman Will No Longer Play at Kentucky

  1. Duuuuuude
    3:42 pm May 12, 2015 Permalink

    I hate to hear this. He seemed like he would be a lot of fun to follow. I hope he learns something and can get a fresh start.

  2. Katya
    3:47 pm May 12, 2015 Permalink

    Disgusting how somebody can tarnish a man’s reputation and quite possibly ruin his career all with one terrible lie. Absolutely terrible. Good luck wherever he ends up.

    • Ben27
      4:41 pm May 12, 2015 Permalink

      If you were in the room, then why did you not testify on his side! You can only know that it was a lie, if you were there.

    • abobicesaevior
      7:01 pm May 12, 2015 Permalink

      @Ben27 – Innocent until proven guilty. Not enough evidence to bring to trial and charges were dropped. It’s a shame you support railroading a student out of the university using only the word of one person and ignoring the legal system.

    • satcheluk
      12:25 pm May 13, 2015 Permalink

      abob-Ben is not for railroading anything. His statement correctly points out Katya’s jump to an unknown conclusion. Only those present when the incident allegedly took place know what the truth or lie is. Katya doesn’t.

  3. Catsby80
    3:48 pm May 12, 2015 Permalink

    I’m sorry but I don’t understand this at all. It would seem to me that if the damn government doesn’t find him guilty, then the school should follow suit… I’m not saying this as a UK fan, rather a person who just flat out thinks this incident was handled very poorly and the decision to not allow him to return to UK is absolutely unjust and unwarranted.

  4. lexslamman
    3:52 pm May 12, 2015 Permalink

    And this may be why so many people don’t want colleges operating as a separate legal system. If there wasn’t enough evidence to prosecute him in court, it’s difficult to imagine that there could there be enough evidence to justify his dismissal. He might want to consider suing UK.

  5. 90bigguns
    3:57 pm May 12, 2015 Permalink

    Let’s see how long it takes Jurich and his caddie to give Lloyd a call.

  6. UKfansNKY
    3:57 pm May 12, 2015 Permalink

    WOW!!!! In court of LAW found NOT GUILTY!! How in the Hell can the University do this to this Man it seems as if he was set up and now his College dream ruined I see a law suit here.
    What a shame.

    • catdaddyd
      6:33 pm May 12, 2015 Permalink

      OJ was found not guilty as well, in the criminal court. Found guilty/libel in civil court.

    4:05 pm May 12, 2015 Permalink

    Damn shame what women can do to us.

  8. secrick
    4:06 pm May 12, 2015 Permalink

    A court of law rewarded a person millions of dollars for spilling coffee on himself or herself, so hell i can see them being wrong.

    • F-Seth
      4:36 pm May 12, 2015 Permalink

      Go look at the burns that lady received from the coffee. That McDonald’s had been repeatedly warned about serving their coffee too hot. The pictures of the burns speak for themselves.

    • secrick
      4:50 pm May 12, 2015 Permalink

      The coffee that the lady spilled or herself, that says it all.

    • Cats or Die
      7:19 pm May 12, 2015 Permalink

      You are completely wrong here. It was an elderly woman and Mc D’s had the coffee heated to nearly double the industry standard temperature. She was in the passenger seat of a stopped car when the lid came off the cup and gave her THIRD DEGREE BURNS. She was in the hospital for an extended stay and could have died from the wounds had infection set up. Mc D’s knew their coffee was too hot and had been told to reduce the temp and had even lost previous law suits over it burning people. That poor woman’s life was ruined based on the negative publicity she received over a that court case. And to beat it all a judge reduced the damages so she didn’t even receive a million dollars. On my phone, but if you google it there is a great YouTube video that shows her side of the story and her injuries. Please stop using that example as a reason why the court system is flawed, because you are completely off base.

    • JoeMoney333
      7:13 am May 13, 2015 Permalink

      Serick: It’s funny when people use pop-culture knowledge as fact without actually knowing anything on the topic. Thanks for making me chuckle today!

  9. Ben27
    4:37 pm May 12, 2015 Permalink

    The Grand Jury failed to charge him with rape! They did not find him innocent. These cases are hard to prove, because it is one person word against another. The burden of proof is less than in a Grand Jury. How can anyone on here judge one way or the other, without hearing both sides of the case. What if it was your daughter who was caught in this situation? The only fact that we know for sure is that someone is not telling the truth. It is the job of the University to protect it’s students.

    • Catsby80
      4:48 pm May 12, 2015 Permalink

      call me crazy but it sounds like you’re picking sides yourself, pal… if they kicked him out for something that may or may not have happened, then they should kick her out for the same logic…

    • Kyblue34
      5:10 pm May 12, 2015 Permalink

      Sorry, but that’s a load of crap! If the grand jury failed to charge him, then that means there isn’t even one shred of evidence that could even potentially indict him. Which means, by law he is innocent! How is the university protecting Tubman and his rights? If I was currently a UK student, I would now be much more worried about getting kicked out or punished over some false accusation than being raped. UK has now setup a terrible precedent that the lives of athletes and students can be ruined by one accusation. It’s ridiculous!

  10. G_Money
    5:33 pm May 12, 2015 Permalink

    Guess what, UK – you just lost a donor. This shows just what a ratty band of douchebags the UK student review board is. Where’s the logic? Where’s the rape kit? She extorted him and he refused so she whines rape. HA! Legal system said not guilty. Still not good enough for this gang of dweebs? How stupid. Makes the whole university look bad.

    • catdaddyd
      6:38 pm May 12, 2015 Permalink

      Plus I heard she was passed out, so it really doesn’t matter. NOT

  11. Kyblue34
    6:19 pm May 12, 2015 Permalink

    What a stupid and disgraceful move by the university! I’m sure Stoops found out much earlier, but you know he has to be beyond pissed. Not only does Stoops lose one of the better defensive recruits that UK has ever signed (and probably to UofL or WKU), but now he will also have to figure out how to explain this to future recruits and their parents if the question arises. You know that opposing coaches are going to have a field day with this, I can see it now – Petrino: “Mr. & Mrs. X, why would you let your son attend a university that will not protect and support him against vicious accusations, and even when these accusations prove to be false, they still ban him from campus?” I wish Lloyd nothing but the best, and hope he gets to enroll at a school that will actually care for and support him.

    • Laker Cat 18
      6:30 pm May 12, 2015 Permalink

      Apples and oranges my man. Louisville will take any player with any baggage. That is proven. It’s not just about the rape accusation. There had to have been other factors or UK wouldn’t have legally been able to dismiss him from the university. He did “something” wrong outside of the obvious false accusation of rape.

    • Kyblue34
      9:12 pm May 12, 2015 Permalink

      That argument doesn’t make sense to me. If he did “something” else wrong, then why would he and his family try so hard to appeal the ruling. Plus, why wouldn’t UK admin just come out and say there were other circumstances? I totally agree with you on Louisville!

  12. Laker Cat 18
    6:28 pm May 12, 2015 Permalink

    Come on guys, don’t be oblivious just because he was “ours.” Just because he wasn’t indicted for rape (which is great), doesn’t mean he didn’t break university rules. If it were alcohol related and occurred on campus, the consensual behavior could have very well been a violation of the code of conduct at UK. Doesn’t mean it never happens, happens every day. Just means he got caught (or admitted guilt). Don’t break the rules (or even better, don’t get caught) and everything will be fine. Best of luck to him.

    • NostraDanis
      8:56 pm May 12, 2015 Permalink

      Okay, Laker Cat, since you seem to have this all figured out. Tubman wasn’t accused publicly of “a violation of the code of conduct”; he was accused of rape. I don’t know what happened, and neither do you or any of us. I do know that the legal system chose to NOT prosecute the rape charge. Nonetheless, UK has essentially publicly convicted him of rape.

      I hear and understand the case of “imagine if it were your daughter” – I get it, my daughter happens to be a current student at UK. But, turn that around and imagine if he were your son. His life has just been ruined … not because he was found guilty of rape by the legal system, but because UK has branded him as guilty. It can be claimed that UK hasn’t technically said he is guilty of anything, but we all know better. This decision ruins a young man’s reputation in a very public way.

      Also, is there not something systemically wrong for it to be possible for someone’s life to be ruined by an angry ex-lover, or whatever? Maybe Tubman is getting his just punishment, but this decision from UK feels wrong.

      Best wishes to all of the parties involved; there are no winners.

  13. Kyblue34
    9:16 pm May 12, 2015 Permalink

    If the university banned students for alcohol related incidents, there would only be about 100 students left on campus! 🙂

  14. Megan
    11:42 pm May 12, 2015 Permalink

    Imagine the police knock on your front door one night. They have your son. They tell you why they picked him up and why they brought him home. And they tell you they aren’t going to charge him with anything this time. Because of his behavior, you ground your son for a week. He complains that you’re badly mistreating him because he was never formally arrested and charged with violating the law.

    Does the fact that the police didn’t charge him mean that he did nothing wrong? Of course not. As a parent, you enforce your own rules of behavior. Remember that schools are in some respect in loco parentis. When a student violates the code of student conduct, he can and should be punished, regardless of whether he committed a serious crime.

  15. Dolfan66r
    11:37 am May 13, 2015 Permalink

    Petrino will most likely take him to go with the rest of his offenders.