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LISTEN: Kentucky fan says if football team wins less than 9 games, “somebody ought to go to jail”

Hopes are high for Kentucky football this season, but one caller to today’s show said he won’t be satisfied unless the team wins nine or more games. In fact, he said if Kentucky wins less than nine games, somebody should go to jail.

“It’s time to cut the crap about this football team and put it out there the way it is,” Ron, the caller, said. “This team is good enough to win nine games, period. If they win less than that, they’re underperforming and somebody ought to go to jail.”

This long-suffering Kentucky football fan said that the time has come for the Wildcats to finally beat teams like Florida and Tennessee, which have eluded them for years.

“The SEC East, these other teams — Florida, Tennessee — they’re not that much better than us. They’re certainly not good enough to 3-and-out us all year long and beat us into the dirt like they’ve been doing for years. They’re just not good enough. Let’s slam it to them. Anybody that comes into that stadium wearing an orange shirt ought to be prepared to be carried out on a stretcher and I don’t mean at the end of the game either.”

Like many of us, Ron is frustrated by Kentucky’s tendency to beat itself from time to time, namely with costly turnovers.

“These other teams — here it is — they are not good enough to beat us unless we help them. We’ve got to screw up, we have to continue these outrageous turnovers, we have to blow assignments, we have to mess up on special teams. They can’t beat unless we help them. Look at that Georgia game last year. We turned around and gave them a winning touchdown — FOOLS!”

The gang had to go to commercial break, but when they came back, Ron was still ranting, telling listeners how he wants to hand out t-shirts to the players and coaching staff that say, ‘DON’T BE STUPID.’

“The coaches have to put their own shirts on and the coaches’ shirts say, ‘DON’T BE STUPID.’ That’s what we’ve got to be. DON’T BE STUPID.”

FOOLS. This call may go down as one of my favorites in KSR history.


Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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5 Comments for LISTEN: Kentucky fan says if football team wins less than 9 games, “somebody ought to go to jail”

  1. PikeCountyWildcat
    9:07 pm August 31, 2017 Permalink

    This guy was awesome!

    Highlight of today’s show!

  2. onlyone
    9:31 pm August 31, 2017 Permalink

    I can relate to how this guy feels. This team has underperformed so many times against lesser opponents. Losing to S Miss last year was a pure breakdown in coaching. Struggling against New Mexico was baffling to say the least. How can a team beat a top 10 team like UL with a Heisman QB and then have games like they did. Even Missouri almost came back on the Cats last year. Maybe Ron is right although going to jail might be a little far fetched, but a hard look at the coaching may be needed if this team does not get at least 8 and 9 is not that far out of reach.

    • maximumscott
      12:41 am September 1, 2017 Permalink

      We got better at the end of the year. S Miss and NMSt were at the beginning. Mizzou never almost came back! Haha. We had 2nd and 3rd string in at that point. Plus Mizzou had one of the most potent offenses last year so them scoring like that was a norm for most opponents we actually held them in check and stepped on there throat.

  3. blueballs80
    12:28 am September 1, 2017 Permalink

    I will take this as figuratively and not literally. No one will go to jail so take a chill pill Ron.

  4. notFromhere
    8:14 am September 1, 2017 Permalink

    Stupidity should not be rewarded.

    Most of the SEC has outrecruited UK even during UK’s best recruiting years. THEY should BEAT UK EVERY YEAR, and to ignore those facts means someone needs some meds. That UK has beaten teams with perennially better recruiting means it IS about execution and heart and coaching.

    UK is not yet at a level where we should expect them to beat everyone and anyone on their schedule in football. It IS at a level where we should think they might WITH OUR SUPPORT.

    Somebody go plug that caller back into their video game or pipe