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Leftovers From SEC Media Days

How you're supposed to dress in the South, according to Belk.

How you’re supposed to dress in the South, according to Belk.

It was an action-packed four days in Hoover.  There was so much action, I could hardly keep up with everything that was happening.  Here are a few things I didn’t find the time to fit into my reporting from Alabama.

Freddie is a Work Horse

I was warned about the fan he used to help him sleep, but his sleeping wasn’t a problem, it was his lack of sleep.  Freddie simply can’t stay off his grind.  I’m thankful because I could not have accomplished half of what he did during the same amount of time.

Timely Clumsiness


I entered the TV room for the first time during Mark Stoops’ press conference, only to make a fool of myself.  While mesmerized by the unending rows of cameras (above), I tripped over a tripod that was lying on top of a camera case on the ground.  There was a domino effect: the tripod fell over, then the camera case, then a cup of water was spilled.  Smooth move, Roush. 

It was the most catastrophic “bump” of the week.  I nearly knocked over Trae Young on his own sidelines during a game at the Peach Jam.  On the first day in Hoover I was exploring the hotel, turning around to nearly touch noses with Gus Malzahn.  I thought I was finished with the clumsy phase of my life, but apparently not.

 The Kid from SI for Kids

There was a kid reporter sitting near the front row of the Main Media Room throughout the week.  He asked every coach a question (14 more questions than Freddie and I asked), making a notable presence each time (other than the guys from TOUCHDOWN A-LA-BAMA).

I’ll give the kid credit; they were all pretty solid questions.  I commend him for his research.  However, I do wonder how in the world he got that sweet gig.  Were his parents there to watch him too?  At least he didn’t trip over a tripod.

These People Suck


Some use the lobby as an HQ for autographs, purely for monetary purposes.

But Not as Bad as the Color Orange


Sorry for inducing that involuntary vomit but that’s what we were forced to deal with for an hour on Tuesday.

Butch Jones, Meet Future Butch Jones

Sorry to give you this much Tennessee in one post, but I have a dated reference for this revelation Jen Smith discovered while sitting next to Freddie and I.  Remember the homophobic neighbor from American Beauty?  That’s what Butch Jones will look like in approximate 6-8 years.


You’re Killing Me Matt Barrie

One of my favorite new SportsCenter hosts, I lost a little respect for Barrie when I saw him behind the set.  It wasn’t because he was a jerk — he was very nice to everyone, actually — it was because of his beverage choice.  Instead of drinking water like a normal person, he drinks Pellegrino behind the set.  Pellegrino, Perrier, I despise any and all of that snooty falooty, high-class nastiness.  I’d rather drink from the tap in Mexico than be forced to sip on that stuff.

I haven’t completely lost faith in Barrie, but that’s worth 2.5 strikes out of 3.

Don’t Ask Jon Toth to Explain his Classwork

Kyle Tucker was hoping to learn what it’s like to live in the life of Jon Toth, UK’s future NFL center.  After he spends some time in the NFL, he’ll move on to changing the world as a mechanical engineer. This is how he explained his engineering research to KT:

“In tweaking the design of a “tow tank,” he dealt with “a force-sensing system that will capture the forces on the object and then relay that to the computer so that you can kind of get a sense of the forces acting on the object,” Toth said, whatever that means. He’s currently helping another of his teachers on a noise-reduction design.”

He’s also working on a major in Spanish, that way he can translate all of that gibberish into another language.

Nobody was Better Dressed than Jojo Kemp

You already knew that Jojo was a smash-hit with reporters in Hoover, but did you know that Sports Illustrated named him the “Best Dressed” at SEC Media Days?  SI’s Andy Staples called Kemp’s ensemble a “runaway” victory.  “The is a man who knows how he wants to look and knows he looks good,” Staples said.

Kemp dropped a few “swag” and “juice” references in the interview with Staples, but it wasn’t as funny as how he described himself off the field: “A very handsome young man.”

Kemp showing Staples a better-looking bow-tie, via @SiriusXMCollege. 

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Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

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  1. theWilkman
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    Mineral water is full of, of course, minerals that we don’t get on a daily basis. It’s very good for you.

  2. Megan
    11:47 am July 19, 2016 Permalink

    How you’re supposed to dress in the South: Bra-less and droopy?