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KSR Finance: UK’s Odds To Win The CFB Playoff



Let’s talk finance.

Return on investment. ROI, they say in the biz. It’s the ratio between what you put in (your investment) and the net profit (your return). You’re going to want that number to be high and boy do I have some serious ROI potential for you.

With the college football season only days away, sports books across the country are open and taking action on what’s ahead. One of the most popular forms of sports betting is a futures bet in which case the bettor can place a wager on an event or season to be completed in the future, as opposed to betting an individual game.

In this particular exercise, we’re looking at the odds to win the College Football Playoff and right now some analysts believe the University of Kentucky Wildcats are like Amazon stock in ’97. (Note: No one has actually said that but me, just now.)

At last check of the markets, Kentucky was at 80/1 odds to win the whole damn thing in college football this year.


Clemson                                   7/4
Alabama                                   5/2
Georgia                                    15/2
LSU                                          12/1
Notre Dame                              12/1
Florida                                      14/1
Oklahoma                                 14/1
Texas                                       14/1
Auburn                                      25/1
Texas A&M                               25/1
Miami (FL)                                 40/1
Oklahoma State                        40/1
Florida State                             50/1
Iowa State                                50/1
Louisville                                  50/1
South Carolina                          50/1
UCF                                          50/1
Baylor                                       66/1
North Carolina                           66/1
Kentucky                                  80/1
Mississippi State                       80/1
Pittsburgh                                 80/1
TCU                                          80/1
Tennessee                                80/1
Virginia Tech                             80/1
Appalachian State                     100/1
Missouri                                    100/1
Ole Miss                                   100/1
Virginia                                     100/1
Wake Forest                             100/1
BYU                                         125/1
Memphis                                   125/1
Texas Tech                               125/1
Arkansas                                  250/1
Army                                        250/1
Boston College                         250/1
Cincinnati                                  250/1
Duke                                        250/1
Georgia Tech                            250/1
Houston                                    250/1
Kansas State                            250/1
MTSU                                       250/1
NC State                                   250/1
Syracuse                                  250/1
Temple                                     250/1
West Virginia                             250/1
Texas State                              300/1
Tulane                                       300/1
UAB                                         300/1
Vanderbilt                                 300/1
Arkansas State                          500/1
FAU                                          500/1
Kansas                                     500/1
Louisiana                                  500/1
Navy                                         500/1
North Texas                              500/1
SMU                                         500/1
Tulsa                                        500/1
East Carolina                             750/1
FIU                                           750/1
Louisiana Tech                          750/1
Marshall                                    750/1
Rice                                          750/1
Southern Miss                           750/1
Troy                                          750/1
USF                                          750/1
WKU                                         750/1
Charlotte                                   1000/1
Coastal Carolina                        1000/1
Georgia Southern                      1000/1
Georgia State                            1000/1
Liberty                                      1000/1
South Alabama                         1000/1
ULM                                         1000/1
UTEP                                        1000/1
UTSA                                        1000/1
Air Force                                   10000/1

So back to that ROI we talked about. At 80/1 odds, you stand to make $8,000 on a $100 investment, an 8000% return on your money… IF Kentucky makes the CFB Playoff AND wins two CFB Playoff games against two of the three other best teams in the country.

There is so much more earning potential in that scenario than betting on South Carolina or Louisville at 50/1 odds.

**Also, I am not a financial expert so do not take advice for me.**

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

3 Comments for KSR Finance: UK’s Odds To Win The CFB Playoff

  1. ukcamel
    2:24 pm September 10, 2020 Permalink

    Here’s a better idea. Take that $100 and bet Kentucky on the ML against Auburn, then take your winnings and bet the ML against Ole Miss and every other Kentucky game with the exception of at Alabama and at Florida. Now if we lose any of those eight games we are not going to the SEC championship and not going to the CFB playoff anyway.

    If we do win those 8 games, you will have about $25k going into the SEC championship, which if it is against Bama you can probably turn a UK win into $80-90k, then bet the semi and final, and easily get up to about $375-400k if we win.

  2. Drew Franklin
    2:31 pm September 10, 2020 Permalink

    I say we do both and really blow their minds.

  3. BBN4LIFE03
    2:56 pm September 10, 2020 Permalink

    Hilarious where Louisville is