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Kentucky’s new bowl rings celebrate the win over Louisville




UK may have lost the Tax Slayer Bowl, but that doesn’t mean they’re not going to celebrate what a huge season it was for the program. Check out the team’s new bowl rings, which honor their Tax Slayer Bowl berth and their 41-38 win over Louisville in Governor’s Cup. The players received them this morning, and judging by these photos from @UKFootball, approve:








Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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43 Comments for Kentucky’s new bowl rings celebrate the win over Louisville

  1. Dusten
    10:16 am April 18, 2017 Permalink


  2. kenny
    10:17 am April 18, 2017 Permalink

    I got a feeling if this was the other way around we would poke fun

    • kycats13
      10:30 am April 18, 2017 Permalink

      I totally agree. This is like a participation trophy. I’d like to think we don’t need to do this type of thing.

  3. kevin823
    10:24 am April 18, 2017 Permalink

    we can no longer make fun of IU for cutting down nets after reaching elite 8 if we are giving rings out for bowl losses and regular season wins. Embarrassing!

    • kycats13
      10:32 am April 18, 2017 Permalink

      Yep, we have now resorted to awarding mediocrity.

    • Wildcat3110
      10:44 am April 18, 2017 Permalink

      I agree, but IU reached the sweet 16. Not elite 8

  4. RealCatsFan
    10:32 am April 18, 2017 Permalink

    I agree in some respects, but the big difference is that IU was historically a top ten basketball program, and they should be above things like that. Kentucky football, on the other hand, has for the most part been down in the dumps, so I can’t blame them for getting excited about finally getting some success and respect. Hopefully they will have some much bigger things to celebrate down the road.

  5. raiders12100
    10:35 am April 18, 2017 Permalink

    This is stupid and we make fun of IU for this kind of stuff.

  6. RackEmWillie
    10:38 am April 18, 2017 Permalink

    I don’t know how I feel about this…… I’m not exactly a fan, but I don’t hate it. I’m glad they got rewarded for their efforts and hard work. But, they were terrible in the bowl game.

    But, I know UK isn’t the only program to do this. So, I guess they get a pass.

  7. kyle heavy
    10:38 am April 18, 2017 Permalink

    Not a good look.

  8. t_f_licker
    10:49 am April 18, 2017 Permalink

    Indiana basketball anyone?

  9. kycats13
    10:55 am April 18, 2017 Permalink

    Wonder if we can recall this before anyone sees it?

  10. Howdy Doody
    10:58 am April 18, 2017 Permalink

    Pathetic. Every one gets a trophy for losing a Bowl Game ? The first Bowl Game in 7 years ??

  11. CatstopWontstop
    10:59 am April 18, 2017 Permalink

    Stoops has been abducted by Tom Crean!!!

    Glad to see the consensus here is that this is awful. Also, what a waste of money!

  12. LongTimeReader
    10:59 am April 18, 2017 Permalink

    …and the value of a ring is becoming “watered down”. The ring is supposed to represent a championship or winning of the final game; not beating your rival, losing a bowl game, and a 7 win season.

    Last season was step in the right direction, but not a step that warrants a ring celebration.

    • CatstopWontstop
      11:03 am April 18, 2017 Permalink

      I say we also extend to Stoops a lifetime contract, in which he can dictate his own salary! Kentucky won 7 games!!!! RINGS FOR EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!

  13. CATilactica
    11:02 am April 18, 2017 Permalink

    Participation trophy generation.

    • RackEmWillie
      12:34 pm April 18, 2017 Permalink

      So, blame Stoops for giving it to them, or blame the players for getting them?

  14. BluKudzu
    11:02 am April 18, 2017 Permalink

    Comparisons to Indiana basketball are riduculous.

    This program was dead and had no ability to go anywhere. Winning the Gov Cup and going to a bowl is a major step for the football team, and these guys got us there.

    Although admittingly not the drama of the rebuild with the Unforgettables, it was that that group that hung to gether to turn things around for UK basketball, and they got a banner hung in their honor, after losing to Duke.

    Why not give recognition to a season that has provided hope and evidence of a new direction?
    There are some miserable folks out there.

    • CatstopWontstop
      11:08 am April 18, 2017 Permalink

      They are not ridiculous. They went to (and lost) a mediocre bowl game. At this point, it’s about time that the football team under Stoops wins more than 5 games. I’m glad to see the program finally heading in the right direction, and hopefully more success follows, but there’s no reason to give these rings.

    • BluKudzu
      12:16 pm April 18, 2017 Permalink

      “but there’s no reason to give these rings.” You mean other than to celebrate a victory over a nationally rated team, and Heisman winner, on their home field, and show respect for turning around a dead program.

      Yeah, I get your point, Keep being miserable my friend.

  15. DACats86
    11:06 am April 18, 2017 Permalink

    Agree with BluKudzu – UK was barely a good HS team when many of these kids bought in. They may not have won the bowl game but they have set the course of this program in a direction that is 180 degrees from where it was headed. They deserve some appreciation and recognition, and bowl rings are one of the few ways that UK can (legally) do it.

    • CatstopWontstop
      11:10 am April 18, 2017 Permalink

      If you’re on my team and you’re happy to have these rings, satisfied with the way last season ended (the only real high point was the win against Louisville) then I don’t want you on my team. Greatness does not come from participation trophies (expensive ones at that).

    • Booby Petrino
      11:12 am April 18, 2017 Permalink

      well Catstop they aren’t on your team…bc you aren’t a college coach. So no one cares what you think about players if they were on your imaginary team.

    • DACats86
      11:13 am April 18, 2017 Permalink

      I assure you that I don’t want to be on your team CatstopWontstop.

  16. Booby Petrino
    11:11 am April 18, 2017 Permalink

    Agree that the IU comparison is ridiculous. Our football team is traditionally bad and we don’t go around talking about how historically awesome we are. IU has had some good years, won championships and that makes them look worse for celebrating the Sweet 16. If our basketball team did this, I would agree with the comparisons.

  17. Yoda
    11:28 am April 18, 2017 Permalink

    “Daddy, daddy! What’s this cool ring?”
    “Well, son…it’s from when I played for Kentucky football in a big game…”
    “WOW! Did you win?”
    “Um, well…son, go do your homework. No more questions.”

    • BluKudzu
      12:22 pm April 18, 2017 Permalink

      It is the ring I got for beating a nationally rated team, with a heisman trophy winner, on their home field, which helped turn our program around.

      The only people that have issues with the ring are the ones that did not win the G Cup.

    • Yoda
      12:59 pm April 18, 2017 Permalink

      Interestingly, I did not win or lose the Governor’s Cup, and in my opinion it’s another testament to the snowflake generation. I’m sure our Cats are mostly good kids, but the internet is rife these days (thinking particularly of Geno Auriemma and UofL’s women’s coach) with coaches decrying the mentality of even elite athletes in college sports today and their entitlement. The trophy in question IS the Governor’s Cup; there is no individual award for players.

  18. DACats86
    11:34 am April 18, 2017 Permalink

    How many of you all critical of the bowl rings paid for an autograph from a player whose team lost in the elite eight?

    • Yoda
      11:42 am April 18, 2017 Permalink

      Solid straw man argument, champ. Haha.

    • DACats86
      11:51 am April 18, 2017 Permalink

      False. Direct correlation – you’re rewarding mediocrity by paying them for their autograph. Maybe even moreso than with bowl rings, given the stature of the two programs.

    • Yoda
      1:04 pm April 18, 2017 Permalink

      Wrong, your correlation is flawed. While I don’t endorse either, an individual paying for a piece of memorabilia from a FORMER student-athlete who may go on to potential NBA fame and consequently increase the value of said owned memorabilia is altogether different than a bowl committee and/or university rewarding student-athletes for a loss. Please study up on straw man fallacies.

  19. WildcatCam
    11:40 am April 18, 2017 Permalink

    How silly most of these comments are…If I’m not mistaken, every school usually gets bowl rings for qualifying for a bowl game.

    • Yoda
      11:45 am April 18, 2017 Permalink

      …and how silly that a school would get rewarded for participation. There are ~80 teams that participate in a bowl of some sort, which is why getting a ring is so ludicrous. By this logic, every school that makes the NCAA Tournament should get a ring too, correct?

    • LongTimeReader
      11:53 am April 18, 2017 Permalink

      If the Taxslayer Bowl paid for these rings then I’m all for it, but I hope UK did not spend their own money to buy these rings. My issue is if UK paid for the rings…”the ring” is has become a symbol for championships, not participation. If they wanted to recognize this team get them a framed team picture or a plaque, but leave the rings for when they win the final game of the season not just beating your rival or getting to play in a bowl game.

      The comparison to the 92 basketball team is a bit different because the banners that are hanging in Rupp Arena are not just championships, but top players, coaches, and teams. Also, wasn’t the 92 team on of the best in the SEC? If UK wanted to “hang a banner” in Commonwealth Stadium I would be fine with that, but giving everyone a ring is just silly.

  20. JustUrAvg
    11:53 am April 18, 2017 Permalink

    You people put way too much energy into caring what other fan bases think. That team deserves recognition for the hard work they put in for that team. “Participation” trophy has nothing to do with college kids that have to deal with some idiot fans and their opinions on what they deserve.

  21. runtsfan
    11:53 am April 18, 2017 Permalink

    Athletic Dept. has plenty of $ and Balfour (or whomever is now in this business) sells rings. So everyone wins!

  22. Bobbum Man
    11:58 am April 18, 2017 Permalink

    Same thing we made fun of crean for for years

  23. AmazzzingLarry
    12:01 pm April 18, 2017 Permalink

    Players for both teams usually get rings and watches for participating in a bowl game. The watch is usually part of the swag from the bowl sponsor, and the rings are cheap, like costume jewelry. So yes, they all get participation trophies, even if they lose by 35, but it’s a ridiculous tradition.

    Hey, sweet ring. National champs?

    Conference champs?

    Sugar bowl champs?

    What then?
    Taxslayer Bowl
    Ohhhhhh, wow. So you won?
    Uh, not exactly. Almost.

  24. JustUrAvg
    12:04 pm April 18, 2017 Permalink

    Well boys dont worry about getting to a bowl game this year…it means nothing to the fans. Even tho they wanted to fire your coach for exactly that not long ago.

  25. bdeeq
    1:14 pm April 18, 2017 Permalink

    For all you that are whining about Participation awards shut up!!!! These guys earned the rings and should be given them! All the work they put in for you ungrateful / fair weather fans they deserve more. Tired of the complaining and if you people would just shut up or just go support someone else. You are the ones who make the rest of us look bad to recruits. THEY EARNED IT and its no participation award for what they had to get a small token of appreciation.

    • njCat
      2:31 pm April 18, 2017 Permalink

      You tell ‘me Chester!