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Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

177 responses to “Kentucky’s Comeback Bid Falls One Yard Short in 17-13 Loss to Tennessee”

  1. RealCatsFan

    Friggin ridiculous. DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT.

    1. ibescootch

      NOOOOO!!! Run the same play up the middle 3 times, and then when that finally really, really, REALLY doesn’t work, run the ball around the right side where all of their DBs and linebackers are stacked on the line of scrimmage! Instead of to the left side where they don’t have a single player.

  2. damage_control

    Whelp- I guess Stoops ain’t goin nowhere

    1. makeitstop

      Unfortunately we seem to be stuck with him

    2. magimae

      Please take him Florida St., one condition he takes that stupid a%$ Gran with him



    Should be familiar with this storyline.

  4. StuckinFL UKFAN

    ZERO adjustments… ZERO
    At least Florida State is out, terrible coaching

  5. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

    Bowden should have pitched it on that last play.

    1. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      And that was an awful play call on the 4th and 3 earlier in the game going for that home run ball.

    2. makeitstop

      He won’t pitch it because he’s the star so he wants to score because he’s a playground player

    3. StuckinFL UKFAN

      Completely agree… wide open on the pitch

    4. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      To be fair, he’s often unstoppable it seems, but still, he needs to realize he’s human and give the ball up when it isn’t there.

    5. magimae

      He is not a quarterback

  6. Ridge Runner

    Yup, worst performance of coaching I’ve seen in many years dating back to 70s.

    1. Ridge Runner

      Even Bill Curry had some passing plays. Lol

  7. Cletis75

    I love this team, but I can’t watch this anymore

    1. Righteous1

      Well yeah. Rick Barnes contributed to Calipari’s raise and lifetime contract so why not.

  8. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

    Tennessee owes Stoops a lifetime contract because they know that no matter how bad they suck he’ll find away to coach them to victory.

    1. makeitstop

      Yep their coach is terrible their team is terrible but they have a guaranteed win over our stupid coaching staff

    2. RAGE

      Lol I remember someone earlier this season telling people to not kick Tennessee when they were down.. Now I guess we are the laughing stock

  9. RealCatsFan

    No bowl game this year, folks.

    1. RAGE

      Yeah they will beat Vandals and UT Martin… Unless either team asks Tennessee to borrow their units

    2. RAGE

      Unis not Units

    3. RealCatsFan

      Louisville has bad defense, but Gran will make them look like UGA. And Louisville has a coach who knows how to run an offense.

      Not even counting on Vandy as a win at this point.

    4. AshtonTheGOAT

      Go rout for some one else

    5. TOMCATS1990

      Here’s a idea Stoops and Gran play Smith and Bowden in the backfield. Smith gets the snaps if you want too pass he is your man. If you want to play sandlot hand it too Bowden and let him RPO which in our case is run. It’s not rocket science it’s football. No halftime adjustments when you could see the 2nd quarter they had already slowed our scheme down. They shut it down the 2nd half.

    6. AshtonTheGOAT


  10. Big Sexy

    Once again Stoops has them as a one dimensional offense. You need a QB that can throw the ball Mark. This isn’t 1975.

    1. calcat

      Isn’t our qb out for the season. You can’t expect Bowden to go in and throw for 300 yards every game

    2. ibescootch

      No, Sawyer Smith is not out for the season. He’s standing there on the sideline ready to go.

    3. Soylentbeans

      He said starting not back up.

    4. Big Sexy

      How did you infer I expected Bowden to throw for 300 yards? Sawyer Smith is healthy. I expect an actual backup QB to take over when your starter goes down. South Carolina beat Georgia with a 3rd string freshman QB. They can probably win their next two with this offense but they are likely to have problems with Louisville like today.

  11. dhard

    It is hard to defend the coaching staff after they debacle. We got beat by a bad high school team

  12. dawgcat

    Bet the recruits were impressed.

  13. coal miner

    This shit is getting old need better play calling should have put sawyer in second half and at least give the threat of throwing it and what was that before half time didn’t even try to score so frustrating

  14. JPhelps

    I said it… I’ve said it ALL YEAR! We’ve cracked and cracked on UT football and guess what??? They beat us again.

    How you don’t go away from Bowden in the 4th I’ll never know. WTG Gran! You buffoon!

    1. RAGE

      That’s on STOOPS…

  15. StuckinFL UKFAN

    UT coach made a adjustment at half and won… we NEVER make adjustments. Definition of insanity…

  16. makeitstop

    Goodbye recruits

  17. gacat123

    1987 all over again

  18. Kat 308

    I hate backup quarterbacks

    1. RealCatsFan

      We did not deserve this game. Got a lot of breaks and still pissed them away.

  19. angscot1

    Tonight was a loss in recruiting as well. TERRIBLE PLAY CALLING!!

  20. dhard

    But you must say, the halftime adjustments worked so well.

    1. makeitstop

      Seriously how can we always get outcoached at half time even by terrible coaches like Jeremy Pruitt

    2. dhard


  21. makeitstop

    And seriously if you were receiver or quarterback why would you come here

    1. RAGE

      Beau Allen needs to reconsider his commitment.. Kid really seems to be able to throw the football.. He won’t get to here cause he will be holding a clipboard… Stoops don’t want a QB that can pass… Just run

    2. JDizzle14

      Allen will follow Barker, Clark, Hoak, then Smith next yr, along with all the other QBs out the door…..

  22. Corder

    I’m sorry but gran is not the guy. He has no imagination at all. How long was he going to run rose up the middle until he figured out that C Rod and smoke were by and far the better running backs today. Jesus who didn’t
    Know we were ganna run it up the middle. If I was our WR or TE I’d be mad as hell. Do they not deserve to help out this team and try to get us a win. Bowden may not be the greatest passer in the world but he can throw a 10 yard pass to open things up. It doesn’t have to be a bomb down the middle. And then on 4th and 1 we launch it up after running up the middle 12 times in a row. I’m sorry but he needs to answer for the ridiculous play calling that he has been doing. Tired of hearing stoops back him up as well. It’s old and tired excuses that get us no where on the offensive side of the ball. Our D gets better every year three out the year. Our offense goes no where and does nothing. It’s either time for a change or we will Never get any kind of recruits especially a good QB no matter how hard Marrow tries. He has had his chance and has done nothing with it.

    1. sp

      That’s a lot of words

  23. tmcclan16

    How about throw the fu$&@ football. Freaking terrible play calling, no adjustments, awful! Football season is officially over it’s basketball time piss off Eddie

  24. dhard

    Just think folks, gran had two weeks to draw up that beauty.


      You make it sound like he actually takes the time to draw up a game plan. These clowns are robbing the university blind for millions, for doing less work than a little league coach.


    Vanderbilt will beat us. They only need to watch the tape from this game, and they can beat us with a field goal.

    1. coal miner

      I just don’t know what to say about that comment geez

    2. Cmart0907

      Score. 3-0 Vandy.

  26. BourbonNBasketball

    “Proud of our guys. I think Coach Gran called a great game to put us in a position to win. Time to get back to work.”


      Lay off the bourbon dude…

    2. RAGE


    3. StuckinFL UKFAN

      I think you mean the Alabama LSU game. No way you were talking about the UK coaching debacle

    4. BourbonNBasketball

      I’m quoting Coach Stoops’ worn out post-game presser…

    5. JDizzle14

      U could copy and paste his post game presser from every game since hes been here.

    6. RealCatsFan

      I think that is a sarcastic Stoops impression.

    7. Cmart0907

      This was amazing lmao.

  27. Slam242424

    We absolutely suck at football. Stoops is pitiful. This by God is on him!!!!

    Fat sloppy and way overpaid.

  28. Go_Cats

    I would trade stoops for Willie taggert straight up

    1. RAGE


  29. jrb4uk

    Three yards and a cloud of dust. Stoops watched too much Woody Hayes and OSU football. He is the problem offensively. He tells Gran what he wants. Too bad for Gran having the millstone of Stoops around his neck.

  30. dhard

    A dumb ass like Pruitt made gran look like a third grader.

    1. RAGE

      Why do you guys keep talking about Gran… He is only doing what he is told to do!!! This is all Stoops.. He makes the game plans and substitutions.. All on the HC

    2. Bluehender

      Pruitt is a head coach. Gran is not. It’s on Stoops..

  31. damage_control

    How come when we play UT in basketball they don’t dedicate 20 minutes to how much we’ve dominated them? UK’s win % in basketball is higher than UT’s in football.

  32. BLUEDOUG65

    I’ve never been more mad . This one is on our stupid coaching staff .. we could only hope Florida st is stupid enough to come get these jokers . The stars have to align just right for these guys to win . UT has 63 scholarships 23 less than us .. this is one it coaching at its finest

  33. Huff

    Sawyer should have played more.

  34. Hatchet

    No way Stoops is going to Florida State. Suck year this year.

  35. BLUEDOUG65

    Lynn is great .. but you cannot win a game not throwing the ball .. these guys are millionaires. It’s pathetic

    1. RAGE

      Lol our coaching staff can’t even tell when somebody is hurt!!! Then the week after the game blame it on the players for not telling them… Pathetic SMH

  36. Larkin123

    This is what happens when you have a coach bragging about 24 points against two Teams that aren’t very good. Do you remember when he said, “you can see whats going on” When talking about how well Bowden was doing. He acted like we we were scoring like 40 points a game. Did he think we would score more against a better defense? Catchup catch up Even when he does mix things up, It’s like Tubby Smith trying to press. It never mattered that we had the personnel because the coach wasn’t comfortable with it. That’s why so many tricks don’t work. Coaches like this, even good coaches, they get paranoid over interceptions. And they talk about everything that could go wrong that doesn’t fit into their box. When teams go outside that box, even practicing all week or summer, It never looks fluent.

  37. UKinIN

    Another chance blown but everyone needs to remember UK is playing a WR at QB. UT always has more talent than UK and UT was able to slow down Bowden’s run game. It sucks. It hurts. ****ing hate UT.

    1. tmcclan16

      Bullshit a healthy passing quarterback sitting on the bench

    2. RAGE

      Exactly!!!! Time for the “our QBs are all hurt… We are own our 5th QB because of injury!!!” It is by choice Bowden is still at QB…. Stoops don’t want a QB that can throw.. he just wants to run

    3. wes720

      We are playing a WR at QB because they choose to not because we have to!

  38. jrb4uk

    WHY STOOPS??? WHY????

  39. ChetSteadmansSalisburySteak

    Folks, our WR is out best option at QB, the fact that we were in this game and should’ve won is a small miracle in itself. Easy to blame the coaches, but would Smith have given us any better chance? Maybe, maybe not. Personally, giving your star play maker the ball in his hands every snap is still a better option than anything else we’ve got. Sucks, but this is just where we’re at this year. Totally different season if TW doesn’t get hurt, but that’s football.

    1. Slam242424

      If you can’t see that there’s zero excuse here for a loss then you’re related in some way to the Stoops family.

    2. StuckinFL UKFAN

      ADJUSTMENTS!!!! NONE!!!!

    3. JDizzle14

      It doesnt matter who the QB is–this offense and play-calling is the same year in and year out under Stoops. They dont want a QB who can throw, cuz they dont wanna throw, they want athlete-type guys like TW and LBJ who can primarily run and r fair passers at best. This has been goin on for yrs now. Its an easily-seen pattern.

  40. shelby3605

    I’ve never seen a team lose the backup qb b4 the season, lose the starter in the 3rd game, lose the 3rd stringer in the 4th game, and start a wr at qb from that point forward: let that sink in

    1. makeitstop

      I’ve never seen a team with more talent and worse results let that sink in

    2. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

      Even Joker beat Tenn with a WR let that sink in.

  41. SwaggyP

    I really don’t understand why Bowden was still in at QB. He has played great the last couple games but couldn’t do anything. You’ve gotta be able to throw the ball in order to win games and he simply can’t do it.

  42. makeitstop

    “Playground football” – best quote of the night from Jordan – we are a sandlot team w sandlot coaches. I said at the half we would lose if we played the same way we did in the first half, and sure enough they adjusted and our moronic crew did not. We deserve the cell block C treatment they gave us. Just PITIFUL

  43. Slam242424

    And fans will still buy tickets. Why go to a game. KSR will cover this staff. Go ahead guys. Tell us how great Stoops is.

    1. StuckinFL UKFAN

      2 words…. NO ADJUSTMENTS!!!! Isn’t that what coaching is? Shit I can call a play that says run it up the middle 70 times a game. It wasn’t working!!!! 99.9% of everyone watching the game saw that. Shot Boos were raining down

  44. ryan1723

    You guys are ridiculous. When Terry’s in you whine and cry for Sawyer, when Sawyer’s in you whine and cry for Lynn, when Lynn’s in you whine and cry for Sawyer. This fan base absolutely deserves Coach Stoops to leave. We deserve Joker Phillips again. Yes the loss sucks and it’s been a rough year but they are playing a wide receiver at quarterback. And you absolutely loves the guy two weeks ago while he was shredding Missouri.

    1. dhard

      Are you trying to defend what we just witnessed?

    2. ryan1723

      Yes I absolutely am. A freaking wide receiver is playing quarterback. You know why? Because Sawyer was a backup at TROY before an injury got him starter time, so that guy is not a good enough quarterback to compete. So yeah I’ll take a 4 point loss without a quarterback.

    3. RAGE

      If you truly feel that way then you know nothing about football!!!! If Walker Wood and Sawyer Smith ain’t good enough to play in the SEC (and yes they are both healthy).. then who is to blame for them having a scholarship and being on this team???? Make another excuse for Stoops and company

    4. makeitstop

      It’s great if you can win with a gimmick game plan but it’s not a real plan for the season Jesus you’re supposed to adapt – when you actually have a quarterback you should probably play him… if you want to work your wide receiver into the option fine run a few plays for him but he can’t pass, so they stack the box, which a child can see. It’s great if you don’t have an option and you pull it out but he has options and he stayed with the worst option which was patently obvious and he knew it at half time when he said basically yeah Lynn’s interception was stupid and will cost us the game. And it did.

    5. StuckinFL UKFAN

      Why not make a adjustment… like try something else? We didn’t score since like the 5 minute mark in the 1st quarter. Kept doing the same thing over and over. Put Sawyer in for a couple series, WTF… dude

    6. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

      Prior to his injury Sawyer was owning Florida so people have a point.

    7. ryan1723

      So this is the worst option? I think the South Carolina game was the worst option

    8. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

      He was hurt at S.Car

    9. coal miner

      Your making excuses man sounds like someone I know (coaching staff)

    10. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

      A true statement isn’t an excuse. Sawyer should have been playing if healthy but Stoops doesn’t respect the pass that’s why he doesn’t play passing QBs and gets eat up by other teams accurate ones.

    11. Go_Cats

      I would argue that it’s not so much one player vs. the other, it’s the coaches stubbornness and unwillingness to change. If we had used Lynn Bowden during the SC game instead of running and injured sawyer smith into the ground we may have had a chance, especially seeing how bowden scored so easily in the fourth quarter. Also, if we had subbed in sawyer in the second half of this game the outcome may have been different, but the coaches refused to go away from Bowden despite TN packing 8 in the box.

  45. dhard

    This one ranks very high on the embarrassing meter of U.K. football and I am 56 years old, so I have seen my share.

    1. makeitstop


  46. Big Sexy

    Why is everyone blaming Gran.

    Stoops: “Go call a good game Eddie. BTW, I’m handcuffing you. You have no passing game”.

    1. Slam242424

      Agree!!! Stoops is a lousy coward. Zero risks. He’s gaining weight faster than a sponge at the bottom of an ocean.

  47. postman99

    Where are the 8 & 9 win predictors now? Seriously, this team might have been better with Terry. But this is not a well coached program.

    1. RAGE

      I don’t get it this about Terry Wilson… I mean did our fans not watch him last year??? It wasn’t exactly like we set the SEC on fire passing with him either.. In fact I think we had a hard time passing on air

    2. JASUN74

      We’re still right here and we’ll be here next week and the week after that, next year and the year after that!!! We bleed Blue, sometimes you just got to play with who you have man. It sucks to lose, I get it, but those kids played their hearts out. We had the ball for over 40 minutes compared to 18 or whatever it was and just one more missed tackle from them and we score!! Or just one more hand on a pass from us and they don’t score one of their touchdowns.

      There’s a lot of crying going on and I understand being hurt about it but it was a great game with a chance to win. I’m not going to go through all the excuses that I could list as to why we didn’t play a different game, you know why!! It’s Football and shit happens. I loved the fight in our kids and just know that if we’re hurting, just imagine how bad they’re hurting. I appreciate those guys for giving everything they had and it came down to the wire. Let’s just keep supporting those young men and keep faith in them.

      I’ll will say that I’m as proud as I can be tonight and even though we lost, they showed a lot of fight. It’s going to get better and we’re still a very good team.

  48. SwaggyP

    Bowden can’t throw. Gran sucks at calling plays. Back up QB comes in. Loses a heartbreaker at home. Welcome to Kentucky football.

    1. Big Sexy

      Bowden can’t throw but Gran is supposed to call a great game? Do you see how little sense that makes?

  49. Carolina Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS

    Bowden made two huge mistakes. Under throwing the TE which likely was a TD and threw to the outside instead of the open part of the field on 4th down when WR clearly had his man beat over the middle. You could also add that he could/should have pitched it on the last play.

    1. JASUN74

      He also played his guts out and did a lot of very good things. Every single kid out there played their ass off tonight and things aren’t near as bad as some are making this out to be. We’ve got three more winnable game’s, so let’s get behind them and see what happens. I’m proud of the effort tonight. Very proud of them.

  50. Secret Squirrel

    Hey Nick do you still think it ain’t broke? Do you still want to stick with Bowden at QB1?

  51. angscot1


    1. Secret Squirrel

      The only thing worse than Gran is Nick’s football knowledge. One is an embarrassment to the football team. The other is am embarrassment to KSR. I wish Moscow Mitch could have took Nick out instead of Matt.

  52. Lip Man 1

    Basketball season is under way…who cares about a bad football team.

  53. ccrab1984

    Prob would be good to have the threat of a pass

  54. jbrowning44

    Think stoops has ever heard of a QB sneak from the 1??

    1. Genius Layman

      This is the most mind numbing aspect of Stoop’s coaching staff, they just keep humping the same dead approach. It was apparent it was going to falter by at least halftime. Tennessee had adjusted to our one dimensional scheme. Put Sawyer in for one series and see how he does. Bowden has heart, but he can’t do it all every time. Other teams aren’t afraid to change things up. I think the staff recruits well and fosters a hard nosed style of football that we can all respect. That said, our play calling always seems to come from a place of fear. Lastly, we need a fricken quarterback coach like we once had in Tee Martin. We have had all these 4 star quarterbacks that haven’t done squat here.

  55. BigBlueFan18

    Why does Chance Poore still have a spot on our roster?

  56. Bluehender


  57. KYCat4EVER

    All I can add after reading the majority of these posts… AGREE!


  58. makeitstop

    Who do we play Tuesday?

    1. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree


  59. BLUEDOUG65

    Postman is correct . This isn’t on the kids it’s on this staff . We bring big time recruits in here to watch this ?! Lynn is a frigging wide out ! Give sawyer two series and just throw the damn ball down the field a few times

  60. calcat

    How many coaches could be sec teams with a wide receiver playing qb. I really think we are expecting to much out of this team. If terry is still our qb we have 3 losses at most.

    1. makeitstop

      Except that we have a quarterback who is 100% ready and who could play and we didn’t play him in lieu of our wide receiver so that we could play playground ball

    2. TBW3011

      Agreed about 3 losses. We have a healthy QB though and he should’ve been used. Our coach is clueless though.

    3. Corder

      Joker beat Tenn with a WR. And was no where near as talented as Bowden more did he have the team around him that Bowden had tonight. This is all on gran. I won’t blame stoops because his side of the ball always seems to be ready no matter what game it is. Gran needs to go.

    4. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

      He doesn’t coach the defense according to him. And that side of the ball has gotten spanked repeatedly after the other team makes adjustments…see tonight or the Florida game for examples.

  61. drew_123

    I’ve started thinking that last year was the perfect storm of player talent, motivated players, and dumb luck in one game in particular. It’s becoming more and more obvious that stoops and gran are easily outclassed in most conference games. Last year was the peak and I doubt we get any better than that ever again with Stoops.

    1. makeitstop

      That lightning will never strike again

  62. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

    I’ve heard of being to fat and stupid to play football but Stoops has brought it to the coaching world. He coaches like a 10 ton man trying to get away from food.

  63. JDizzle14

    Waiting to hear from those ppl who blasted me for saying we have no passing threat with Bowden, and for not agreeing that he was the best choice for QB……

  64. The Big Lebowski

    Well…that’s over

  65. UKfanman01

    Bowden ran headlong into 2 defenders on the 2 yard line running right…. Also let’s stop going for the Pat’s and just go for 2 point conversions

  66. pgsays

    Sawyer is too hurt to play. They are not disclosing this so other teams have to prepare for both. Bowden is a Beast but not pass no win! Even so 2 plays to get 1???

  67. TBW3011

    One coach short. Man Stoops is so bad in the moment. Cal is rubbing off on him. We have the 2 worst in game coaches in America, BG a mile in football and basketball.

  68. truebluefootballfan

    Dear Santa,

    For Christmas I don’t want any presents. Instead please bring coach stoops an offensive coordinator that doesn’t run it on 3rd and 18 and pass on 4th and 3. That’s all…

    1. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

      So you’re saying you want Stoops fired for Christmas and us to get a head coach that doesn’t require that in his OC’s contract?

    2. makeitstop

      Let’s just ask that Santa arranges for Florida State the hire stoops and Eddie Gran And we will figure out the rest because this is as bad as it gets

    3. truebluefootballfan

      TTSSBF how did you get that I want stoops fired from that??? Not what I said at all.

    4. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

      That’s the only way that you’ll get what you want because Stoops doesn’t allow his OCs to be creative. Look at coach Brown.

  69. pgsays

    To close our recruiting class out they need to be looking for a kicker. That missed extra point goes unnoticed but changed that final play a ton!

    1. makeitstop

      It was blocked wasn’t it? But it sure changes the game if u hv a QB bc u play for a tie and OT but… We won’t play our quarterback So it would’ve ended exactly the same with our wide receiver playing playground ball decided he had to win it and not pitching to his back.

    2. Trueblue44

      It was blocked but that ball was kicked 5 feet off the ground. Horrible kicking

  70. nocode96

    I have a legitimate question. I don’t pretend to know much about football, but do I pretend to care how successful our program is. Now, I still want to see them win obviously, but I’m just not into football in any way. That being said, here’s my question(s) and I genuinely am looking for sincere answers.

    1: Is Stoops not the boss? I see equal amounts of folks on here hating on this Gran dude as I do Stoops. From my perspective, this looks to be way more if a Stoops issue than a Gran issue. Am I wrong?

    2: I get that we lost our quarterback. I also know Stoops has brought us success, but why on earth does he seem to so stubbornly refuse to make in game adjustments and keep running the same boring play? I feel like I could coach a defense against his play calling.

    3: Do we not have a couple decent new QB’s? Have they already red shirted? If not, why not get them in to at least make the other team think we may pass?

    Maybe I’m 100% wrong g in how I see the program and the game as a whole, but lots of what appear to be our issues don’t seem to need a football genius to be figured out.

    1. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

      Stoops has done this to every OC he’s had.

    2. pgsays

      You are correct! Yes Gran makes the calls on offense but at the end of the day everything is Stoops fault. Life of the head coach. No adjustments. It’s a shame because this season could have been a successful follow up to a 10 win season. And we have really wasted a talent such as Bowden. Man he is a great football player! Just not a QB.

  71. The Professor

    Gran is an imbecile and needs to go.

    1. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

      Was Coach Brown an imbecile? No he wasn’t but STOOPS made him coach like one, same thing is happening to Gran.

  72. mrknowitall1981

    It all started with that piss poor decision not to go for it on 4th at the end of the half. Then he follows it up with a BS excuse that he didn’t have a timeout with 30+ seconds on the clock as the reason why. Deep in their territory and we decide to punt, even if we don’t get it, Tennessee’s offense had shown no signs of life. Absolutely horrendous coaching job from that moment through the end of the game.

  73. catsby90.1

    Absolutely no chance in hell I buy season tickets next year if we keep eddie gran. This ones on him.

  74. TBW3011

    4-5 with 2 losses totally to blame on coaching. Take him FSU. You’ll fire him in season 2 and he’ll be at Akron where he belongs. Vince Marrow and Schlarman are the only bright spots on the coaching staff. The rest are useless. Especially Stoops.

  75. pgsays

    Just heard the stat we had 29 tackles and TN had 83?????? TN should never have been in this game!

  76. Lee Durham Stone

    A bye week to prepare some semblance of a passing game, and this is what we got –five passes? Lynn passed that many in heavy rain two weeks ago. I am having a hard time believing that there were no preparations during the bye week for more of a passing game and especially for the second half.

  77. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

    The announcer pointed out how the repeat plays were setting up the counter, which they never ran but was wide open on the 4th and goal play.

    1. Trueblue44

      The counter was ran 3 times in the first half alone, man. Tennessee has a defensive head coach and they were prepared for it

  78. WKY Cat

    Please Fl St hire Stoops

  79. Wildcat homer

    This one hurt

  80. W F Reserve

    Played not to lose at end of first half against Florida and Tennessee- might have cost us both games. How many times under Stoops are we going to say that?

  81. makeitstop

    Is there a worse football game on television next week than Kentucky and Vanderbilt? I genuinely cannot imagine it

    1. makeitstop

      Can games and in scoreless ties? Could we have a cheerleading competition to break it?

  82. StuckinFL UKFAN

    Vandy coach: I have an idea on how we beat Kentucky. Let’s put 11 in the box and only 1 safety to cover all their receivers

    1. T-wah

      Nice strategy, but 11 + 1 = 12. I think Vandy would get a penalty for that. Math is hard.

    2. UKFerrari

      Facts are optional! Amended…. 10 in box and 1 safety covering all our receivers. Lol

    3. Trueblue44

      FYI, UT had 2 safeties the majority of all 2nd and 3rd downs tonight. The Free just dropped in the box on the snap on most of them

  83. Jesus H. Chrysler

    Same. Old. Kentucky.

  84. CatsfaninFL

    This message board is a cesspool.

  85. Bird88

    Where’s 4everukblue and all the people that were dumb enough to say Lynn Bowden should start at QB the rest of the year? Threw for 25 yds! He’s a great player, not a QB! 348 passing yards in over 5 games!

  86. bd2153

    Shouldn’t have to come back. This team sucks mostly because of POOR play calling and coaching.

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