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Kentucky will face another back-up quarterback next week

For the second week in a row, it looks as if Kentucky will face another back-up quarterback. South Carolina starting quarterback Connor Shaw is expected to miss 2-3 weeks following a sprain to his shoulder suffered in yesterday’s game against Central Florida. The Gamecocks were able to mount a come-from-behind victory against UCF on Saturday despite losing Shaw early in the game.

South Carolina’s junior back-up quarterback Dylan Thompson is no stranger to big games though. Thompson filled in for Shaw in 2012, appearing in 11 games for the Gamecocks, including a road win against Clemson. Thompson went 15-32 yesterday for 261 yards and one interception.

Kentucky will visit South Carolina on the road next weekend.

Article written by Ally Tucker

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21 Comments for Kentucky will face another back-up quarterback next week

  1. JJ
    12:40 pm September 29, 2013 Permalink

    Mark Stoops = Steve Kragthorpe Part II

  2. Shut up
    12:46 pm September 29, 2013 Permalink

    If anyone expected stoops to win more than 3 games or 1 sec game this season with what joker left to coach……… Than you are either a Louisville fan or and idiot, wait same thing!

    His freshman he brought in , few they may be have more talent than all the others

    The two qbs. I’m sorry suck! Neither would be third sting on another sec team, again joker recruits

    Please support the team and give stoop minimum three years

  3. Charlie
    12:53 pm September 29, 2013 Permalink

    8-10 thousand empty seats…Poor Little blue county,,No Offensive score…Just Offensive to look at,,,,, you ask Why did I watch??/ I wanted to see what bill board county would do against a” slightly”Less than Team from last year,,,

  4. Wistler
    1:02 pm September 29, 2013 Permalink

    What I keep thinking about is that with the exception of Stoops freshman recruits…THESE are Joker’s players on offense. He was touted as a great offensive mind and especially receivers. No disrespect to the kids who are out there BUT… these are the players Joker brought into his system.

    Joker and staff CONSTANTLY brought in players to “develop” and then tried to wedge them into a complex system. Either you match the players to the system or adjust the system to the players and talent you have. It would appear he did neither one.

    Coach Brown is literally handcuffed! He and Stoops were handed a hodge podge of players with very different skill sets, talent levels, ability and mental & physical maturity. It would appear there was little or no foresight or even “plan” in mind during recruiting by the previous staff.

    First and foremost it was a great disservice to kids who wanted to played in college and SEC in particular. At some point they should have been told A) you do NOT have the skills WE need B) you do NOT have the skills to survive in the SEC or BCS C) if you want to pursue a college career you need to compete in the FBS. To do otherwise you are setting them up to fail and for your team to fail.

    I can see bright spots on offense (though few are far between) and bright spots on defense (they appear to be ahead of the offense). I don’t see a bowl game this year. After Alabama, we still have to face Georgia and Vanderbilt. MS State and TN are still VERY iffy but perhaps we will have matured and developed enough to pick off a couple of those teams. That’s MY hope for this team.

    For now I’ll take the bright spots and look forward to seeing this team develop. That will only happen with TIME and a COHERENT recruiting philosophy.

  5. 27
    1:19 pm September 29, 2013 Permalink

    “Hey Louisville, What’s it like to beat Florida ???”

  6. Tim from Hendo
    1:29 pm September 29, 2013 Permalink

    At #2 who calls himself “Shut up”. I am not a fan of lil’ brother. I may be an idiot. But I will support this team, Stoops and his assts. and believe they are making the best decisions from week to week. I believe they are making their decisions sometimes based on things that “we” do not see. Which includes your 2 QB insult. By the way, I am still believing bowl game for this year. I am expecting and seeing a team that competes for 4 quarters and improves each week. If we don’t make a bowl this year, I will be back next year expecting one then. Going to be a UK football fan for life. Here to enjoy the climb. Go Big Blue !!!

  7. JJ
    1:32 pm September 29, 2013 Permalink

    #2: We expected competent coaching after the Joker circus left town. In the first four games we have not had competent coaching. We’ve had horrendous player personnel decisions, play calling and game management. Losing is to be expected this year, but not incompetence from the coaching staff. Sad to say, but Stoops does not know what he’s doing out there during games and Neil Brown’s play calling has been atrocious so far. There has been very little improvement from Joker’s teams. In hindsight the loss to WKU was a telling sign.

  8. niaps
    1:46 pm September 29, 2013 Permalink

    Look for Spooter to run up the score on Cats. UK will not score next 2 games.

  9. Ryan Lemond's Bad Back
    1:56 pm September 29, 2013 Permalink

    “How many more days until Basketball season?”-All UK fans. We’re the read-headed step child of the SEC. We’re the only school that doesn’t have a great deal of people who care about the major sport in the NCAA, but instead care so much about a sport that all the other schools really don’t give a crap about. We never should have given Bear Bryant that lighter. Sucks that we had a coach like Rupp who had too big of an ego to see another sport “rival” his. Cal would be the same way if Saban came here in 2007, since Saban is a better coach in his sport than Cal is. Heck, Cal probably wouldn’t have come here had Saban been here already.

  10. Brian
    2:04 pm September 29, 2013 Permalink

    You know why? Because we have fans who can’t spell. It’s “red-headed”, not “read-headed.” It’s fans like you, who can’t spell, and fans like that psycho moron Chester, who act like it’s liberal agenda that prevent the basketball team from making the tournament, that make the country view UK (Basketball) fans as the dumbest fan base in America. And that’s saying something considering how many idiots are in the LSU and Alabama football fan bases.

  11. Lip set
    2:29 pm September 29, 2013 Permalink

    2) what kind of talent did Petrino inherit at western that he humiliated UK with? We could have had him CHEAPER than Stoops! You pay a man a couple million a year and say give him 3 years to be what exactly?????? Competive with the bottom 2 SEC teams maybe? Do you honestly think we will ever compete with Alabama?? Petrino proved he could be competitive with the bama’s and LSU’s with the talent pool of a Kentucky team. Ky fans deserve exactly what they have…a complete joke of a team

  12. Ryan Lemond's Bad Back
    2:44 pm September 29, 2013 Permalink

    #12, You do realize that Barnhart doesn’t care about football, right? If it weren’t for the peer pressure from the few football fans that we actually have, he would have given Joker yet another year to run this program further into the ground. Just face it, UK will never be anything that is remotely close to being labeled a “somewhat football school”, let alone a “football school.” It all goes back to UK administration giving Bear Bryant a lighter and that COMPLETE FRAUD Coach Rupp for having too big of an ego and being a cry baby over UK having success on the football field, as if “how dare other sports have success, too.”

  13. BlowingSmoke
    2:46 pm September 29, 2013 Permalink

    Moral victory number ______ coming soon……

  14. ukfan
    2:46 pm September 29, 2013 Permalink

    Stoops will have this program in great shape in 3 years, teams will no longer consider UK a cupcake team. Wait til Barker, Snodgrass, TV Williams, and Boom get a year under their belt! Plus the talented freshmen we have now will be Juniors.. fun times in the future! Everyone just please be patient, Stoops is the guy to get it done and he will!!

  15. Lipset
    3:40 pm September 29, 2013 Permalink

    15) with all due respect….you’re on drugs!

  16. Ally Tucker
    3:58 pm September 29, 2013 Permalink

    Breaking News: USC has fired Spurrier!!!

  17. Sgt Jimmy
    5:00 pm September 29, 2013 Permalink

    Give Coach Stoops a chance. Joker didn’t leave the team with no talent. He and his staff did the best they could with what they were given to work with. The big boosters give designated money to the basketball team so they can have a new locker room in a building the university does not even own. Coach Cal, Ricky P, Billy G, and Tubby spend their time smoozing the big boosters for the use of their airplanes and such so they can recruit all over the country and football is left to fight over he scraps with baseball and all the other non-revenue sports. That is the real legacy left by Coach Rupp.

  18. jpg
    5:43 pm September 29, 2013 Permalink

    16, you are the exact type of fan that I have 0 respect for. Stoops waked into a situation where he has had to implement totally different offensive and defensive schemes to less than stellar talent (previous staffs fault). On top of all of this UK’s schedule is loaded. I have NO clue why people are getting pissed about what is happening to UK since most fans have already made it clear that this season was going to be a struggle from the get go.

    If you do not like them, then go cheer for Western or something. Stoops and company are bringing in levels of talent UK has never had. It is going to take time to get them in and get them experience. On top of this, UK has NO depth. These coaches are proven winners, so most believe in them and their process. You are one of the few that does not.

  19. Tim from Hendo
    11:47 pm September 29, 2013 Permalink

    #16 Lipset is a troll. Probably a little bro troll.

  20. girls
    6:09 am October 1, 2013 Permalink

    What’s up, I check your new stuff like every week. Your humoristic style is witty, keep doing what you’re doing!