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Kentucky to Play MTSU at 12pm on SEC Network Alternative

Your Kentucky Wildcats will try to get back on the winning track for Senior Night at home on Saturday against Middle Tennessee State.

Last week, we learned that the game would kick off at 12pm, but the channel the game was on was listed as TBD. This morning, we learned that the game will be aired on the SEC Network’s Alternate Channel.

For most, this means you will only be able to stream the game online via Watch ESPN. This is a little disappointing for the game to be placed on this channel. Not that there would be any sort of “National Spotlight” on the game anyways, it does take any chance of the average fan getting the chance to watch Kentucky play their final home game of the 2018 season.

Tickets for the game are still available and you can get them by clicking here. If you haven’t made a trip Lexington to watch a game this season, this is your perfect opportunity to do so.

Kentucky will honor their seniors before the game and these players have built the foundation for the future of Kentucky football, they have earned a good crowd!

Go Cats!

Article written by Sam Gormley

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22 Comments for Kentucky to Play MTSU at 12pm on SEC Network Alternative

  1. CatsandPats
    12:14 pm November 11, 2018 Permalink

    Don’t hold your breath for a good crowd. I think most people are going to be still mad from the loss to TN and don’t want to potentially see us lose to Middle TN. Honestly, you really can’t blame them. We don’t want to pay to see mediocrity.

    • bigblue98
      12:17 pm November 11, 2018 Permalink

      Agreed totally

    • Memphis UK Cat
      2:34 pm November 11, 2018 Permalink

      I gave my tickets away. Too long of drive for this crap.

    • bigbluebanana
      5:50 pm November 11, 2018 Permalink

      Yep, a power move to destroy these kid’s psyches from the fans will show this team. You don’t have to support the coaches, you can also be critical of our teams and be upset with their results, but you never stop supporting these kids. That’s the wrong way to fan. I’ll still be making the trek from Pittsburgh.

    • JASUN74
      1:06 pm November 12, 2018 Permalink

      Bigbluebanana , as much as we’re all very disappointed and hurt over investing all we have in this year, our time ,money and some of us , our down right heart , your right. I’ve been going back and forth on whether to go again this year and deep down I know I would’ve went Saturday. But as bad as I hate to agree with you. Lol. Your right. These kids are the only reason I’ll be going back and I have been supporting them 100% since I was 16 years old and I’m 43 now so no way I can stop. Man I know everyone will say I’m crazy but I just knew we were going to somehow get in the playoffs this year. Lol. I’ve told my whole family and every friend that would listen all year and just about had them convinced!!! Then total shutdown and left their games back in Lexington. Anyway thanks, because even if they are 10,000 of us, those Seniors deserve for us to be there. How about the cats being 2020 National Champions !! I’ve said it for two years now and it’s happening. I can smell it.

  2. davis2319
    12:18 pm November 11, 2018 Permalink

    The graveyard slot. Right back where national analyst probably thought we should be all along

    • KYCat4EVER
      7:12 pm November 11, 2018 Permalink

      How the mighty have fallen…! And we really don’t deserve any better

    • JASUN74
      1:14 pm November 12, 2018 Permalink

      We deserve it more than everybody else. We’ve pulled and cheered and cried for too long. Lol. The cubs finally broke the funk and we’re going to to.

  3. davis2319
    12:19 pm November 11, 2018 Permalink

    We had a chance to prove everyone wrong and say this team is different, but nope.

    • JASUN74
      1:11 pm November 12, 2018 Permalink

      All in for every but I know man. Lol. Sux brother. I just want it so damn bad man. There’s just not many opportunities like we had this year but I believe 2020 is going to the year.

    • JASUN74
      1:11 pm November 12, 2018 Permalink

      For ever. Lol

  4. angscot1
    12:34 pm November 11, 2018 Permalink

    Who in there right mind gives a crap about this game? I love UK but damn, I’m sick of getting hyped and being let down year after year. One year we have a really good offense and crap defense the next year great defense and no offense. Stupid play calling, 3rd and 11 so let’s run the ball. Give me a break something has to give, Stoops needs to grab his balls and make a damn decision on where he wants thus team to go. He makes WAY to much for a 9-3 season and that’s not even guaranteed. MTSU could very well win thus next game. I will agree that 9-3 is a step forward BUT is still disappointing when 10-2 and a New Years 6 bowl was so close in reach and they blew it. It’s very frustrating when it seems every year we start great and end up crapping out.

    • JASUN74
      1:22 pm November 12, 2018 Permalink

      I know who cares. YOU do!! Lol. I agree with you 100% and am mad as a hornet. Sad, mad, disappointed, let down, frustration galore!!! ITS so great to be a KY fan though because once we do break this cycle, we will appreciate it soo much more than anyone could. It’s going to be magical. I can’t wait to finally feel something other than let down. I am proud of our guys and I know they work their ass off every day. A lot of our kids have just sacrificed so much for our school and it’s going to pay off sooner rather than later. I’ve just got myself back pumped up. !!! Wooo. Go cats.

  5. zoupman
    12:53 pm November 11, 2018 Permalink

    Sr day. I hope they don’t give Baker anything glass and he drops it before walking off the field. Will miss Big George, Bunchy and some of the other men in the trenches, that work so hard

  6. RondoTheDonThough
    1:19 pm November 11, 2018 Permalink

    Pretty smart. Most people will have to go to game to see it. I know many who only have the SEC Network main channel. Hopefully they draw less than 30,000 and send a message.

    • ClutchCargo
      1:25 pm November 11, 2018 Permalink

      What a bunch of cry baby fair weather fans we have.

    • shepdog3720
      2:02 pm November 11, 2018 Permalink

      Rondo, That might be the goofiest message I have seen on this site in a long time, and I’ve seen plenty….

    • philbo
      2:07 pm November 11, 2018 Permalink

      The Brotherhood of the Miserables. They live to condemn, criticize and complain.
      Must be a positive, fun bunch to be around on a daily basis.

    • bigbluebanana
      5:59 pm November 11, 2018 Permalink

      Man, go root for another team if you’re this miserable. I can only imagine the psychological havoc you wreak on those close to you. You’re not a fan, you’re a miserable person. You’re the type of guy that would rip his own child a new one if they threw a no hitter. You’d just b*tch that they didn’t throw a perfect game. Go hate life somewhere else you angry potato.

  7. Cabranton
    1:41 pm November 11, 2018 Permalink

    Yes, let’s “send a message” to our seniors that will have gone to three straight bowl games, and possibly a 9-3 regular season, which hasn’t happened in my lifetime, 33 years. Smart… I’m disappointed in our offense and the losses the last two weeks also, but man, y’all need some perspective. It’s honestly like some UK football “fans” hope the team struggles so they can complain… just interesting and also sad

    • bigbluebanana
      6:01 pm November 11, 2018 Permalink

      That’s exactly what it is. Their own life failed miserably, so they project that onto everyone else.

  8. CKTermy23
    4:58 pm November 11, 2018 Permalink

    Gran needs to go Period!