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40 responses to “Kentucky Opens as 8.5 point Favorites over Vanderbilt”

  1. Tom Seaver

    It will be interesting to see how a conservative game plan will make this game a lot closer than it should be. If we are going to be so run heavy, it would be nice to see some creativity in the play calling and some adjustments to defensive changes that are made throughout the game. I know that I too much to ask of Gran, but what the heck.

  2. Dakywildcats

    Maybe Eddie Gran can add another run play then we will have 4 plays on offense vandy won’t no what hit em.

    1. Trinity45

      If we continue with the offense we have run, this game could be close and being Vandy is the home team that might not be good for us in the second half. I don’t think we get 6 wins unless we beat Vandy,

  3. JPhelps


  4. Lyle Evans

    Does that mean we have to score 9 points? Uh oh.

    1. UKPROF

      No that’s funny rite thar!

    2. dave1964

      Wonderful the two bottom feeders in the SEC get to play for second place looser.

    3. runningunnin.454

      The two bottom feeders in the conference are Vandy and Arkansas; at least, get it right.

  5. CombatMedic_98

    If you can’t throw…you lose in FOOTBALL.

    1. catsarerunnin

      If you can’t make sense…you lose in LIFE.

    2. TBW3011

      What about what he said doesn’t make sense? Tom Osborne, that you?

    3. ukkatzfan

      catsarerunnin, That dont make sense.

    4. mashman 93

      You won’t beat a good team just running the ball now Vandy isn’t very good so maybe Bowden can pull it off.

  6. MacAssassin123

    Um we are 4-5 this year not 5-3 but all we need is two game which should come this week against Vandy and next week for sure against UT Martin. The UofL game though will be an intriguing one UofL puts up a lot of points but also gives up 30+ points a game. However with UK’s Offensive bring without a true passing game it’s hard to know if we could keep up with UofL in a shoot out especially if our defense comes plays flat. Just something to think about. I like us to finish 7-5

    1. KYhammer

      Post says UK is 5-3-1 against the spread, not straight up.

    2. AlwaysTrueBlue

      I agree, I think 7-5 and if we can pull off a bowl game, then we could be 8-5. With that said, I am disappointed but still love the CATS. We are a missed kick away and a goal line stance from realistically being 6-3 and we are playing a WR at QB. You slow down Louisville by controlling the Time of Possession.

  7. Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert

    Poops will find a way to lose.

    1. catsarerunnin

      Stoogery is your strong suit.

  8. TBW3011

    Will we attempt to score after the 1st quarter or decide to try and run the clock out the last 3 quarters?

  9. zoupman

    Need to play a QB at QB. Rediculous running a pee wee football game plan.

    1. DelrayCat

      I think the heat from fans and the media will be effective this week. I got a feeling we will see a strong dose of Sawyer Smith.

  10. Gus Chiggins

    This is a win win for Gran. He can use ‘not having a QB’ as a crutch and then run the damn ball every time. Gran is not only not getting any big time offensive recruits, but he’s losing games for us that are costing us defensive recruits. Don’t understand all the butt slappers that run their mouth when Gran has ONE good play calling game, then disappear the other 11 games of the year when he blows it. How long does this have to go on?

    1. Urincatland

      You’re right on! How are you gonna get a TOP NOTCH QB and TOP NOTCH wide receivers if you only hand the ball off and run run run and never pass?!?! You can’t!!

    2. JPhelps

      Nailed it

  11. syrin23

    The offense sucked when we had a QB, now we don’t even pretend to play football in the modern era. Tell me WHY in the world ANY QB or WR would even consider coming to UK?

    1. dave1964

      Any receiver with any brains would never come to UK.

  12. Cats-Cats-Cats

    Some of u would be better off just not watching the games. I hate to even go to the comments for all the negativity. Sure this Tennessee game hurt bad, but it is what it is. We have had 3 qb’s go down this year. To be 4-5 with that, shows how far this team has come. Our QB now is what we got for rest of the year, we just goin to have to make it work. All these recruits know exactly what’s goin on, they know if it wasn’t for our QB situations we would be somewhere around 8-1 or 7-2 right now.for this team to still be able to come away with 7 or 8 wins this year, on a rebuild year. Plus running a 4 string QB, would be nothing but amazing for this team. That’s why the recruits what to be a part of this!!!! Can’t wait to make the trip to Nashville for the game. GO BIG BLUE !!!!

    1. DelrayCat

      The schedule this year was quite frankly perhaps the easiest one in decades…and they will be damn lucky to go 6-6.

    2. DelrayCat

      Next year you go away to UL adding a road game. Plus they go away to auburn, UT, missouri, and Fla. They will need to be far better next year just to get to 6-6.

    3. Cats-Cats-Cats

      Same teams they played last year on the road with 10 wins.

    4. yoshukai

      Dang Delray , now you’ve got me depressed. Throw in a sure Georgia loss and it doesn’t look good. Even if Terry comes back 100% what makes people think we can keep a quarterback healthy? Last year was the only time that has happened under stoops .

  13. Urincatland

    If it’s a run run run game Vandy may beat Kentucky. It’s easy to prepare for a team if you only do one thing. Under Stoops Kentucky has always been a conservative offensive team and not put up big numbers. Other Coaches make halftime adjustments and our Coaches never make adjustments. Just like Tennessee did Saturday switched QB’s and our Coaches did nothing but run run run. At least put Smith in and give him a chance to see what he can do. Good luck Saturday BBN and bring home the W!!

  14. kjd

    At Vandy is no guaranteed win.

  15. CahillsCrossingNT

    Kentucky will win and cover. Vanderbilt is a train wreck.

    1. dave1964

      Kentucky is a train wreck as well.

    2. kjd

      Our train was off the tracks against Vols.

  16. VMI1957

    Vandy 21 Kentucky 18

  17. BluKudzu

    “To the fans that are true blue I thank and love y’all but to the ones that down talk a bunch of college kids but claim to be our fans go be a fan at another school”.

    “Come see about it.”

    It is so awful this kid is asked to play QB, because we do not, and will not have any QBs on scholarship ready or able to play this game.

    5 million.

    Sorry Mr. Bowden, your coaches chose you, to screw over, due to their total and complete lack of competence.

    “Dey’s posed to be SEC.”

    What a joke this staff has turned out to be.

    Please tell me, you have not wasted scholarships on QBs that will never see the field. If this season was so bad it was heading to the dump, why ruin a career for Bowden in the process?

    Love you Bowden, thankful you are here. But, do not risk injury for your future, make the coaches do their freaking job.

    Coaches: Do your job!!!!

  18. UKWildcatFan4Life

    How about playing a QB at the QB position? I love Bowden and he definitely saved us when we needed it but that scheme has run it’s predictable course. Time to live or die with Sawyer Smith.

    1. VMI1957

      Will never happen as the current coaches on staff are incapable of thinking that way….

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