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Kentucky drops a heartbreaker (But it’s not the end of the world)

Photo by Chet White | UK Athletics

Photo by Chet White | UK Athletics

Photo by Chet White | UK Athletics

For a few hours, Kentucky football fans were on top of the world. Arkansas’ win over Florida vaulted the Cats to the top of the SEC East standings, the dream of playing in the SEC Championship game was still alive, and Commonwealth Stadium was absolutely buzzing with energy. Even though the Cats got off to a rough start, they bounced back, tying it up with a Benny Snell touchdown at the end of the first quarter. After Georgia hit a field goal to take the lead, the Bulldogs fumbled UK’s punt on the next drive and Kentucky pulled ahead 14-10 on a Boom Williams touchdown.

Even though Kentucky was ahead at the half and Benny Snell scored again about six minutes in, the Cats began to unravel, making errors and committing turnovers, but somehow clung to the lead heading into the fourth quarter. Sadly, the momentum swing was too much, and Georgia took over, controlling the clock and putting Kentucky on the wrong side of a last-second field goal. Kentucky lost 27-24, their fourth loss of the season.

Let’s break it down because I guess we have to.

Of course Georgia’s running game reappeared tonight

Georgia’s had trouble running the football all season, despite having two world-class backs in Nick Chubb and Sony Michel. So, it only makes sense that their running game got back on track against Kentucky tonight. The Bulldogs had 42 carries for 215 yards and one touchdown, and most importantly, controlled the clock, winning the time of possession 33:59 to 26:01. For perspective, Georgia only had 21 rushing yards last week vs. Florida.

Georgia’s passing game was pretty great as well, with quarterback Jacob Eason leading the Bulldogs’ fourth quarter rally to perfection. The true freshman looked like a pro as he moved Georgia down the field with ease, finishing 17-31 for 245 yards and a touchdown. Dangit.

Jeff Badet’s drop hurt

“A game comes down to a few plays”

Stoops said that in his postgame remarks, and it’s easy to pinpoint three that caused Kentucky’s demise. All three happened in the third quarter: the holding call on the field goal, Garrett Johnson’s fumble, and Jeff Badet’s drop/Stephen Johnson’s interception on what would have been a touchdown.

The holding call was a Catch-22: obviously, the penalty negated Austin MacGinnis’ kick, but if CJ Conrad hadn’t held the Georgia defender, it looked like the field goal would have been blocked, which could have led to a scoop and score. The other two errors were much more egregious. After a huge 21-yard gain, Johnson fumbled the ball, leading to a Georgia field goal. Things just got worse on the next drive. Stephen Johnson delivered a gorgeous bomb to Jeff Badet, who juggled and dropped it right into Deandre Baker’s hands. There were a lot of painful mistakes tonight, but that one may be the toughest to swallow.

“I was on them from the beginning of the game until the end about urgency,” Stoops said, mentioning a few miscommunications during the game. “That’s the difference between winning and losing. It takes extreme discipline in pressure situations. And we didn’t execute it. Tonight.”

Stoops said he felt like something was off from the start

All week, Stoops praised his team’s preparation in practice, but admitted to reporters after the fact tonight that something just felt…off.

“We had really good preparation all week, and I really didn’t feel like we had an edge about us today though. I just didn’t like. Just a certain look in our eye. I think our players wanted it to happen, and I don’t know, I just got to do a better job of getting them to play with that mentality and that edge.”

You can’t fault the crowd; UK announced a sellout crowd of 62,507, and each fan brought it, creating one of the cooler atmospheres in Commonwealth Stadium history; sadly, tonight, it just wasn’t meant to be.

Benny Snell broke another one of Randall Cobb’s records

Rehashing all of the bad in tonight’s game is depressing, so let’s look at the good. Once again, Benny Snell was outstanding. Snell carried the ball 21 times for 114 yards and two touchdowns. In what has become a fitting pattern, with those two touchdowns, Snell broke yet another of Randall Cobb’s records. Benny’s now in the record books for the most touchdowns scored by a freshman in Kentucky football history with ten. His 114 rushing yards are the most for a Kentucky player against Georgia since Derick Logan had 140 on October 26, 1996. In the fourth quarter, Benny took over, fighting exhaustion as he lead the Cats down the field out of the Wildcat formation (or, as I’m calling it, the SnellyCat). On 3rd and 7, UK decided to go back to Stephen Johnson, who missed Dorian Baker, which caused Kentucky to settle for a field goal and led to Georgia’s game-winning drive and kick at the end.

“It says a lot,” Stoops said of Benny leading the fourth quarter drive despite looking gassed. “He has great heart and great toughness and maturity for a freshman, that’s for sure.”

In fitting fashion, when asked after the game if he gets tired, Benny Snell told a reporter, “No sir, I do not.”

This begs the question…

Why did Kentucky go away from Benny when the offense stalled?

After Benny scored near the start of the second half, he didn’t touch the football again until 13:24 in the fourth quarter. During that period, Kentucky’s offense stalled, and when asked, Mark Stoops said he wished they’d have gone to Benny more during that painful stretch.

“Yeah, I think you could always — yes. I think that certainly that’s fair. I was thinking that and talking to them about that, yeah. On a possession or two. But you can’t let any one call — I had some calls that I wish I could do over, too. I definitely do.”

All is not lost

There’s no denying a win tonight would have been huge for Kentucky. Not only would they have officially clinched bowl eligibility in thrilling fashion, they would have become a real factor in the SEC East race. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen due to some huge mistakes, but judging by the meltdown some fans are having online, you would have thought tonight’s loss threw Kentucky back to the dark ages. The loss was frustrating, yes, but keep in mind Kentucky is one win over a bad Austin Peay team from going bowling for the first time since 2010. Falling into a pit of negativity may just be second nature to Kentucky football fans by now, but remember, it’s really not the end of the world. We’ll still get to six. This would have just been the icing on top.

I’m sure that won’t stop some of you from the Chicken Little rants, but while you’re groveling in negativity, I just hope the players bounce back. Based on social media, it seems like they’re already working on it:

“We’re going to keep on swinging and keep on going back to work,” Stoops said afterwards. “You win and you lose. And these guys are battling and they’re in the arena, and they’re competing and coaches are working hard and we’ll all stay together and we all can do a better job and we will. We’ll go back to work, but we’re not going to stop.”

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

No, I will not make you a sandwich, but you can follow me on Twitter @MrsTylerKSR or email me.

61 Comments for Kentucky drops a heartbreaker (But it’s not the end of the world)

  1. JaminTheCoach
    7:21 am November 6, 2016 Permalink

    Only two things that I question about the playcalling last night, that I just don’t understand.

    1.) Why the fade route? If you trust your quarterback, why throw the fade? It was a perfect situation to throw an inside slant to Badet, Timmons, or Juice. Could have also utilized Conrad there. Why the fade if you trust your quarterback? And on that note…

    2.) When Snell had carried the ball so many times in a row on that last drive, why not go to that diamond formation with both he and Boom in the backfield together in the redzone. You know Georgia’s defense is tired at that point from the onslaught that Snell put on them. Boom’s speed and shiftiness could have exploited that and put it in the endzone instead of settling for a FG.

    All in all though, I’m proud of this time and the effort it has shown. This is just another learning/teaching moment that it has to go through to get where we all want them to be. Oddly enough, UK still has a path to Atlanta and it starts with UT next week. Beat the Vols and let the chips fall where they may.

    • JaminTheCoach
      7:23 am November 6, 2016 Permalink

      **proud of this TEAM** not time. lol

    • memphis wildcat
      7:54 am November 6, 2016 Permalink

      I think it is because he trusts the defense more. In other words, he wanted to make sure UK came away with at least 3. He trusted the defense to hold more than he did the qb to not throw an interception. I am ok with that call because Johnson has shown to be better throwing down field that the short stuff and the defense has been tough. Part of me wanted him to go for the win…meaning the TD.

      That being said, after the 0-2 start, I’ll take where the team is

    • sec dominance
      8:35 am November 6, 2016 Permalink

      They would have not stopped Snell from scoring.Did they before that?He can’t be stopped that close on 4 tries.But we’ll never know for sure because for some strange reason,he throws the ball.We have and would have run against anyone else but this is big bad Georgia.I think Stoops was scared of Georgia at the end of the gameI think he was telling Snell and those players on the field(I know you guys marched all the way down to the 5 with a barrage of nasty powerful runs but I think I’ll pass on 3rd down and goal to go)and no matter what excuse you use Stoops choked.I don’t want to see a repeat of this somewhere down the road.Stoops needs to know that it wasn’t mindset for the team.Hell they had a chance to win the game at the end against Georgia and you blame that and not the stupid play calls by you?On both sides of the ball?I would have respected him more if he would have just said “I was out coached”Period!!!

  2. jsgolfman
    7:37 am November 6, 2016 Permalink

    1. You are making too much sense for a Sunday morning
    2. I agree
    3. We WILL beat UT
    4. Win or lose, I really like these kids

    • sec dominance
      8:10 am November 6, 2016 Permalink

      We can’t beat Georgia at home and you think we’re going to beat TN at their place.Come on.I hope we do of course but after that fiasco last night.Its to soon for that.Last night everyone on tv picked us to beat Georgia.The proverbial choke that we’ve come to know and love here with uk football.Trust me, I’m a forty year fan.You could fill a city dump with the crap we’ve had to endure the past 40 years with this football team.I have to vent folks.I love my team too much I suppose.GO BIG BLUE

    • maximsm
      8:37 am November 6, 2016 Permalink

      Ahh, only one more win Austin Peay, 6-6 four years best you can do is .500. We are just getting started four more years dare I say 7-5..

  3. sec dominance
    7:58 am November 6, 2016 Permalink

    Absolutely pathetic.There was a comment on one of the articles before this one that didn’t really believe that sec east first stuff did you.Theres the problem or I’m sorry,one of the problemsWhy wouldn’t you believe it?It was layed out perfect for us.(GRAVY).But Noooooooooo.I agree with Jamie the coach.Snell takes us all the way down to the 5,or whatever it was and the you don’t let your oc call the next play and you run a fade pass.UNBELIEVEABLE!!!I have faith in you running the ball all the way from the other end of the field but not on the 5 in the red zone.And stoops says our minds weren’t in it or something to that effect.You my friend were out coached big time once again.If I were the oc.Id be pissed right now.We are winning mostly on the hearts of our players.Remember when everyone wanted stoops head and the players tightened up and won games for their coach.Sure Stoops took the defense over and we’ve done good.What happened at the end of the game last night on both sides of the ball.Stoops called both plays on o and d.Sure you didn’t mismanage the clock last night as you usually do.But you made up for it.I like Stoops and don’t want to see him go.Im pissed right now.If we had lost the game cause Georgia played better,fine.It was handed to Stoops on a silver platter.He choked plain and simple!

  4. RealCatsFan
    8:13 am November 6, 2016 Permalink

    The Sunday Morning Quarterbacks (or coaches) are out in force! ๐Ÿ™‚

    That being said, I agree with Jamin that the fade route was a poor choice. I would have preferred a handoff to Boom when Benny was gassed.

    Memphis, who would have guessed after the Florida game that anyone would say that we should rely on our defense to win the game for us! For that, Stoops deserves some credit. Now just replace Eliot and I think we have the potential for a great season next year.

  5. Howdy Doody
    8:27 am November 6, 2016 Permalink

    At 63 all this “Wuda, Cuda, Shuda” crap is getting REAL old. UT & UL are losses.
    Have fun at the Talk Crap Bowl.

    • maximsm
      8:39 am November 6, 2016 Permalink

      no we are going to the Terri-Bowl.. Actually 6-6 and bowl game after four years is highly disappointing putting it mildly.

    • sec dominance
      8:48 am November 6, 2016 Permalink

      Amen brother.But what do we know we’re just Sunday morning qbs or (coaches).Out in full force.Real CatsFan probably would write the same crap when Joker got beat.Be a realist.You don’t have to always condone things that are wrong or done wrong.Just because we’re fans.Oh I forgot your a real cats fan.

    • sec dominance
      9:04 am November 6, 2016 Permalink

      Why would my last comment say awaiting moderation would anyone know?I said nothing filthy or vulgar or are they censoring people here on good ole Ksp.I would hope not.Ive relied on this sight for years and listened to the show for years but if they are censoring people on here for not agreeing with their point of view something should be done about it.Maybe they aren’t but why is it saying awaiting moderation?

    • EdC
      9:06 am November 6, 2016 Permalink

      It’s not going to change Howdy. It is very clear that there are a huge number of fans who are perfectly satisfied with 6 wins and a garbage bowl game every few years. It has kept the revenue flowing for decades and revenue is all that Mitch cares about with football. If the fans looked at football the way they do basketball we would have an AD that prioritizes football over the non-revenue sports because he would lose his job otherwise.

    • sec dominance
      9:10 am November 6, 2016 Permalink

      Thank God for undermanned small weak schools who can’t win a game(Austin peay)or it wouldn’t even be the talk crap bowl!

    • BluKudzu
      9:15 am November 6, 2016 Permalink

      At least the players and coaches are moving on from this game with urgency.

    • RickE
      3:34 pm November 6, 2016 Permalink

      “Lock Her Up”

  6. Patches
    8:49 am November 6, 2016 Permalink

    Lose to a team we should have beat by 2 scores, punt the ball instead of going for a field goal, call the same play over and over thinking it will never get stopped, ah poor coaching rears its ugly head and fan excitement is crushed under the weight of disappointment yet again. UK football seems to never meant to be and now a 6-6 record to a nothing bowl that no way can fan the fires of excitement for a season of almost for the 3rd year in a row. Not good Stoops not good.

    • sec dominance
      9:14 am November 6, 2016 Permalink

      Thank you.You gotta grab the bull by the horns.There not on a bulls rearend Stoops.Try the other end next game.or just call Georgia’s coach he can tell you were to find them.

  7. BluKudzu
    9:12 am November 6, 2016 Permalink

    Stoops just need more time to build this program. Next year we will be better.
    4 years of top 30 recruiting classes is not enough, to expect a win over a top 50 RPI team. Strange how that seems to work out. Whatever. We are, what we are, no changing that this year. We still have three winnable games left.
    We are going to a bowl, that much I am confident of.
    It is nice to see, the players and the coaches, are getting over it, with a sense of urgency.
    The fans need to temper their unrealistic sense of urgency, to the level of the UK football team and coaches. That way, we will not have “the Chicken Little rants” or the “groveling in negativity.” Great point Tyler, I do have an appreciation for your work.
    Go Cats. Get number 6. We are going bowling. Pack Commonwealth Stadium for Austin Peay. Hope we can get a black out going for the game, wearing black helmets.

    • sec dominance
      9:32 am November 6, 2016 Permalink

      So when your team loses and hurts their chances for a great season you can’t be negative.Always be positive no matter the outcome.Lets not stop with sportsIf the government were to take our freedoms away should we just be happy with that too.Dont matter if the world burns just don’t be negative you negative people we’re the positive group.Im sick of people with this politically correct attitude.If your team loses by negligence you can’t get mad that’s negativity.Your just one of the negative ones.its divide and conquer.Im not a troll!Im a pissed Kentucky fan.So quit acting like somethings wrong with someone venting their anger over a team I have followed and loved all my life.So SHAME ON YOU or anyone else that thinks the rest of us can’t be angry about what happened last night.Which is the majority of fans by the way that are pissed.Typical the one percent tellin the rest of us how we should feel and then try to control what we say.

    • BluKudzu
      10:12 am November 6, 2016 Permalink

      SEC dominance, thank you for your reply and sharing your insight, as emotional as it was.
      I have leveled my expectations with this staff and this team. Anyone, that thinks this team, and this coach would compete for an SEC East crown, is delusional, at best. This is the same coach, that had the easiest schedule in decades, last season, and could not get it to a bowl. Even thinking they would win 5 games in the SEC, after winning only 5 games all season for the last two years is insane.
      The only thing I asked from this team is to get rid of Eliot, and focus on the ground game. That started after the horrible beat down at Florida.
      When they do that they win. Deviation from either one, or both of those two points, they lose. Further, turnovers have killed this team all year. Not being able to coach that problem, out of this team, cost us last night.
      We are what we are. Accept it. It will always be like this, as there is no urgency, whatsoever, to change it.
      Lower you expectations. UK football, is Mitch Barnhart’s baby. Just keep going to the games, supporting the program, and get more mustard on your shi+ sandwich to mask the flavor. It never changes, the best we can do is a no name bowl, after 7 years of Mitch’s leadership.
      Go cats.

    • scorpiocard
      10:23 am November 6, 2016 Permalink

      Wow. What is it with these right wing nut jobs that they have to bring politics into EVERY discussion? Even sports? You can always tell when they show up with their buzz words they learn from the brainwashing of the corporate controlled right wing propaganda machine, and their poor grammar (learn the difference between you’re and your). So now if you advocate supporting your coach you are being “politically correct”. If you don’t like your coach that’s like having “the government take your rights away”. What a brainwashed fool you are.

    • sec dominance
      11:02 am November 6, 2016 Permalink

      Scorpiocard obviously you need to go back to school so you can read.No one said they never supported stoops first of all and politically incorrect was about you (since you said I’m a right wing nut job)left wing nut jobs saying accept another loss and oh don’t get mad about it or your a right wing nut job you liberals and your name calling.Your disgusting.You were right about one thing we are talking about sports on here.So go watch Hillary lose Monday and put your little smile on your little face full of little intellect and be happy.And quit talkin about politics?

    • Kernel Sanders
      11:45 am November 6, 2016 Permalink

      LOL, the election is Tuesday genius.

    • sec dominance
      11:54 am November 6, 2016 Permalink

      Scorpiocard Are your and you’re those buzzwords your talking about.And I’m obviously a fool for misspelling oh I’m sorry not putting the correct punctuation in a word on a forum that’s what I’m guilty of.Where did u go by the way?Oh look I used u for you.I must be a fool.Dont call people names then hide.Be a man oh I’m sorry that could be offensive since some men nowadays don’t want to be called men.

    • sec dominance
      11:56 am November 6, 2016 Permalink

      Thanx kernel sanders.Now that was……..

  8. Jiminy Crickets
    9:27 am November 6, 2016 Permalink

    UK is 5-0 against teams with losing records, and 0-4 against teams with winning records.

    Stoops has ONE win in 4 years against a team that went to a bowl.

    • Jiminy Crickets
      9:33 am November 6, 2016 Permalink

      the one win was the “we’re just getting started bro” win over USC. To date it is the only win Stoops can claim to have over an eventual bowl team. USC finished regular season 6-6 and won Independence bowl over Miami.

    • sec dominance
      9:49 am November 6, 2016 Permalink

      Good point.And people you can be upset.The game was last night.Dont listen to whoever calls you agroveller or chicken little ranter.They are the ones with the blinders on.I just think think the people that say these things are just not very smart.Meaning,they must be young and not old enough to remember the crap we’ve put up with as fans.Am I the only one that feels sorry for the fans?And if your not young ,and spewing this crap that you can’t ever be negative,even the next morning after a game we gave away.Unbelieveable!And if you work for KSR and believe this crap.You should be canned

    • EdC
      11:15 am November 6, 2016 Permalink

      I’m not going to say anybody should be canned for writing their opinion. There are multiple sides to everything. With that said my opinion is valid as well.

      I used to go to games at Stoll field with my dad for a few years before Commonwealth. I have a fairly long bit of experience cheering / hoping for a decent football program. I didn’t pay attention during the Bradshaw or John Ray eras but I have suffered as a fan since the supposed savior Fran Curci who actually did produce some decent teams and had a couple of nationally ranked years but ultimately fired in disgrace after caught cheating. He was the most successful coach of my lifetime at 48% and 45.5% in the SEC. Yea … 48% is the best coaching record since 1973. The best in the SEC since Curci … Hal Mumme with 31.3%

      During that time every single SEC school has had coaches with better records at their school than our best since 1973

      Alabama 7 coaches > 48% with only 6 losing seasons
      Arkansas since joining the SEC 2 coaches >48%
      Auburn 7 coaches > 48%
      Florida 7 coaches > 48% and only 3 seasons 48% (could be 5 this year) only 5 seasons 48%
      Mississippi 4 coaches > 48%
      Mississippi St. 2 coaches > 48%
      South Carolina since joining the SEC 1 coach > 48%
      Tennessee 5 coaches > 48%
      Texas A&M since joining the SEC 1 coach (100% of their coaches) > 48%
      Vanderbilt … yea even Vanderbilt has had 2 coaches >48%

      In the 40+ years I have been a UK football fan we have hired the worst coaching staffs in the SEC and no amount of blowing sunshine up the rears of fans or hoping is going to change that. The only thing that WILL change that is forcing the administrations hand the way UK fans do in basketball.

    • sec dominance
      11:29 am November 6, 2016 Permalink

      Edc I meant if anyone is on here or works for KSR that call people names or if they work on this site and censor you for your opinion or otherwise they should be canned.i don’t think KSR would do that,they haven’t yet.Thats all I meant.go big blue

    • EdC
      11:46 am November 6, 2016 Permalink

      No worries sir. I think we both see this the same by and large. It is rather interesting how some people get away with the name calling and it always coincides with someone who is with the rah rah all is well crowd who hasn’t lived with decades of this.

      I too would love to see it change but all evidence since Bear Bryant indicates blind optimism isn’t going to get it done. All empirical evidence shows that the UK administration is not dedicated to excellence in football. I don’t believe that will change until the revenues dry up.

  9. Options are Factual
    9:46 am November 6, 2016 Permalink

    Tyler wrote an excellent summary AND used egregious correctly in a sentence! That was a good football game that I enjoyed right up until the last UGA drive. We’re a young team that continues to show a promising future with our backup QB.

    • Kray502
      10:34 am November 6, 2016 Permalink

      Politically correct pieces never do it for me, glad it works for you though……

  10. Kray502
    9:53 am November 6, 2016 Permalink

    I for one am not proud of this team. We should have already been having 6-6 seasons and going to the lowly Music City Bowl for the 30th time. We have more talent, and are a better team than Georgia, we just have terrible coaching. No coach in America would take a team that is First and 10 inside the 20 yard line and only run the wildcat until it’s 3rd and goal at the 7, then throw a terrible fade route with a terrible passing QB, which is another terrible coaching job by the Stoops staff, we never have a QB that can make 4-A high school throws. For anyone who disagrees, fine. But I for one am not happy that we blew our first SEC East title chance in my lifetime, and will now go 6-6 with the likes of being blown out At Tennessee, and At Louisville. I won’t watch another game, no use in supporting a program that thinks going 6-6 and going to the Music City Bowl Yaaayyyy! (sarcasm) is the top. So disappointed in this team and coaching staff right now.

    • ky1988
      10:07 am November 6, 2016 Permalink

      Have you coached before. People like you what’s wrong with UK football program. Stoops has done a great job turn this season around and should be in running for coach of year in sec

    • Kernel Sanders
      11:49 am November 6, 2016 Permalink

      Why would you think UK has more talent than UGA? UGA is playing under a first time, first year coach. Yes, they have underachieved this year, but there is no way they are less talented than we are.

    • Kray502
      1:40 pm November 6, 2016 Permalink

      We have a better defense, RBs, and receivers. We beat them in every skill position except QB because we have a terrible QB. Other than that across the board are talent is either equal or better at every position. The fact that we were up 21-13 in the 3rd proves it. Or did you think Stoops and company turned into Nick Saban and his crew before the game and became genuises that could take a sub par talent team and beat a team with more talent through excellent coaching? Are you serious right now? All the teams we’ve beaten this year have less talent, and some of the teams that have beat us this year have less. What does that prove? Terrible coaching, not skill at position, or talent. Or is this your first year watching football?

  11. ky1988
    10:04 am November 6, 2016 Permalink

    See cats winning two out three. The should been no call on fg cost at least chance winning in overtime. I don’t see how fans think Tennessee is so much better name one good team they beat. Wasn’t for lucky plays against app state and uga they would only have around three wins.

    • Kray502
      10:08 am November 6, 2016 Permalink

      Give me what you’re smoking. We haven’t beat Tennessee in Knoxville in since 1984. We will be destroyed by Tennessee and Louisville, and we’ll probably squeak by Austin Peay for our annual bowl game, the Music City bowl. AKA the Terri-Bowl.

    • ky1988
      10:11 am November 6, 2016 Permalink

      Show me how Tennessee is that much better on field.

    • Kray502
      10:17 am November 6, 2016 Permalink

      Um, Tennessee has a much better QB, and Defense, as well as receivers than the team that just beat us at home. That about does it for me. Eason is the worst starting QB in the SEC and we made him look like Peyton Manning at times last night, especially on the last drive.

    • EdC
      11:42 am November 6, 2016 Permalink

      I hope you aren’t being literal about name 1. I’ll do 4.

      Tennessee has beaten

      Virginia Tech who is 7-2 and first in their conference
      Ohio who is 7-3 and first in their conference
      Florida who is 6-2 and beat Kentucky
      Georgia 5-4 who isn’t good but just beat Kentucky AT Kentucky

      While not anything amazing compare that to who Kentucky has beaten

      New Mexico State who is 2-6
      South Carolina who is 5-4
      Vandy who is 4-5
      Miss St. who is 4-5
      Missouri who is 2-7

      Kentucky only has a single win over a team with a winning record.

      Facts can be a real bummer when you rely on hope and hype as a strategy.

  12. sec dominance
    10:11 am November 6, 2016 Permalink

    Guess we are gettin better.We didn’t have not one time before half or at the end of the game where stoops let the game clock run down without calling a timeout.Oh or the play clock while the players stared toward the sideline waiting for the play call that results in a delay of game and also results in the sports media saying they look like a gradeschool team out there.Thats not my words that’s their words.And You didn’t really believe that sec east championship did you.YES I DID!So did every one else in the commonwealth.That was it guys and Stoops let it get away.What could have been!The number one phrase a uk football fan has heard or that’s what I’ve been used to hearing since I can remember.Am I the only one that feels this passionate about my team?

  13. It was me Stoops the whole time
    10:12 am November 6, 2016 Permalink

    The problem is that UK is not going to find a scenario where they will just have to win against Tennessee and they win the east very often if ever again in my lifetime. Tonight we gad an 8 point lead at home against an inferior yet traditionally superior opponent and we crapped down our leg. Coaches and players. So we will enjoy th Ameritrade Bowl and act like we have made progress but in reality “we’re just Kentucky”. I wish we had hired the guy at Colorado who is absolutely drilling a weak Pac-10 which is what we should be doing in a weak SEC East.

    • ky1988
      10:19 am November 6, 2016 Permalink

      You know how far Kentucky program was down when stoops took over bowl game would be a head of schedule. Stoops has done one 180 with this program only Ture football fans would see that

    • Jiminy Crickets
      10:45 am November 6, 2016 Permalink


      in 4 years Stoops in 17-28 with wins over non-major teams Alabama State, Tennessee Martin, Eastern KY (OT win), and soon to be Austin Peay.

      so…against “major” programs he is 14-28

      He has ONE win over a team that finished the season at 6-6 and went to a bowl. The other 13 wins came against teams with losing records.

      only a TRUE football fan could see past the “wins” and realize we are no better today that 4 years ago, just playing against weaker teams. That UGA team was reeling, losing its last 3 against Vandy and Missouri. We made them look SEC East contenders. Multiple TOs on both sides, bad playing on both sides. That was two mediocre teams playing last night.

  14. Kray502
    10:13 am November 6, 2016 Permalink

    Meth really is destroying our Kentucky communities more than I was willing to admit, I see. I’m what’s wrong? Have you ever noticed in school, when you give students a gold star for failing they continue to fail because they get gold stars and don’t realize they are failing? Same goes for sports, if you give a team Stadium upgrades, Coaching bonuses and control, the best facilities in the nation, and you get excited by the return fold of a 6-6 season 4 years after you hired said coach, and throw a party to go to a bowl game you’ve already won 3 times and goes to the worst team with a winning record in the SEC? Yeah, I’m sure Alabama got back to prominence recently by being exactly that way. Keep up your loser attitude, And have fun in Tennessee yearly while watching a 6-6 team win a sub par bowl game. Call me when Kentucky wins the SEC East or makes a new years day bowl for the first time in my life. Maybe then I’ll get excited.

    • sec dominance
      10:27 am November 6, 2016 Permalink

      It was as about as possible as it was ever gonna get last night.And the football gods laid it right on our platter.Win last night,beat Tn.Sec east champs no doubt.Or at least one hell of a shot at it.I want someone on here to honestly tell me.Do you think we will ever be in the scenario we were last night.Will it ever be set up so easy as it was for us to ever be in that shape again.Highly improbable!

    • Kray502
      10:32 am November 6, 2016 Permalink

      We had it right in our hands. And I was “All In” hoping that for once we might be changing things. The fans packed the stadium like they were asked, I supported the team all year like I was asked, and Wore my blue and white yesterday and cheered loud all game. I did my part, like always, and like always Kentucky Football let me down, and this time in even more upsetting fashion, by losing to an inferior team at home, by losing a lead, and blowing their first SEC East title in my lifetime. So yeah, I will say this to you my fellow BBN, no, we will never have a gravy train ever again like the one that was laid before us last night, and that it was truly makes this so upsetting. Along with the fact that 70 miles away they have the Heisman locked, and now that Texas A&M lost I see no reason for Louisville not to be in the CFP if they win out, and I see no reason for them not to win out, including destroying us to make a statement right before the last polls come out. Wow, what a crappy time to be a UK fan right now, smh…

    • sec dominance
      10:46 am November 6, 2016 Permalink

      Well spoken bbn brother.They think we should put on another smile for the umpteenth time in my lifetime and I ain’t gonna do it.They don’t realize what we lost last night.They act like it was tha Ga of old and it’s the Tn of old.Its not they suck and this was a chance of a lifetime.Well spoken kray502.

    • Kray502
      10:55 am November 6, 2016 Permalink

      I hear you SEC Dominance. Missouri came into the SEC East without ever winning the Big 12 and won the East 2 times in a row. Yet I’m supposed to sit here and smile at a blown chance to win the SEC East for the first time ever? Why? Because we’re Kentucky? If so then the stigma has never changed in UK football. And for the one’s that want to put the whole “That’s so Kentucky Football” behind us, stop being ok with it happening. On that last drive we went “So Kentucky Football” every CB was nowhere in sight (10 yards off the receiver) when they made the catches on their hitch routes on repeat, and then we let them run the ball down our throats for 15-20 yards at a time when all they needed was a FG to win. If we would’ve had even 1 second left after that FG last night, I was for sure Tim Couch was coming out at QB because that defense on the last drive was reminiscent of some mid to late 90’s Kentucky defense. Smh.

    • sec dominance
      11:10 am November 6, 2016 Permalink

      There in lies the problem.No high expectations.Crappy teams deserve crappy fan bases.But we have an awesome fan base.How many other teams as bad as we have been have fan bases that are that good.It just blows my mind.Good point about Missouri.Came in the east and dominated!

    • EdC
      11:18 am November 6, 2016 Permalink

      Agreed. See my rant about UK coaching hires since 1973 above. We continue to have the worst history of hiring coaching staffs since 1973 and there is a critical mass of fans who think hoping and trusting are going to change it.

    • EdC
      11:19 am November 6, 2016 Permalink

      Actually since before 1973 but I just researched from when I started paying attention.

    • runningunnin.454
      12:27 pm November 6, 2016 Permalink

      Any of you crybabies want a hanky?

  15. sec dominance
    10:13 am November 6, 2016 Permalink

    Ky1988 Its Tn field for starters.

  16. Patches
    11:29 am November 6, 2016 Permalink

    I so wanted Stoops to be the coach that came in here and made a difference in this program. I wanted him to succeed and take the team to multiple bowl games and eventually build a contender in the SEC. I wanted Stoops to be better than any coach we had since, I don’t know, forever? He cannot beat winning teams, player development is almost non existent, cannot recruit a real quarterback, and after every loss it is the players fault for that loss. Know what is really bad? He gets 6 wins this year and secures his job that he has failed so badly at for another 3 or 4 more years. Maybe even a contract extension to be a mediocre coach for a mediocre team and battle for a place above last in the SEC every year. The spiral of UK football that has no end but in being mediocre at its best.

  17. BLUEsky
    3:19 pm November 6, 2016 Permalink

    Hindsight is 20/20. When the team was near the goal line Georgia bowed in the back and Benny was getting killed. Benny was not going to score the way the plays were being called. JMHO. Georgia was loading the box and teeing off on Benny. No where for him to run. I don’t blame them for calling a pass, but not on third down because by then everyone in the stadium knew what was going to happen. The last series of play calling was too predictable. Gotta mix it up against a good D like Georgia, but my gosh don’t telegraph it for goodness sake!

    • BLUEsky
      3:21 pm November 6, 2016 Permalink

      Insert “advertise” instead of “telegraph” above.