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It feels good to feel football again.

Right now you’re frustrated. You’ve said words you shouldn’t say around your kids. Blood pressure’s up. At one point you wanted to take over play-calling for Eddie Gran, before that you considered sending your TV off the back deck when Chris Rodriguez’s touchdown didn’t count at the end of the half.

It was a more than disappointing start to the season for the Cats… and it feels great to be back, doesn’t it?

We’ve waited way too long for this, being a fan again. It’s been exactly 203 days since we’ve all gotten together for a UK game, back when Keion Brooks and EJ Montgomery completed the improbable comeback at Florida in the basketball regular season finale. Since that happy day, no SEC Tournament, no March Madness, no spring football, no fanfare and a delayed start to a football season with high expectations for the Cats. It was a long drought and we’re lucky to even have football at all.

So yeah, Terry Wilson’s fumble was a real backbreaker in the second half and our boy Bossman Fat did not quite meet the standards placed upon him in his debut in the UK secondary. (Don’t worry, he’s still talking.) The entire secondary fell short of what we had hoped to see from them at Auburn and at times it felt like the UK Football of yesterday in how it all played out.

But it sure feels good to have UK Football back in our lives, the good and the bad.

Overall, it’s not a fun feeling being 0-1 when that was a program-moving game that could’ve been won. However, waking up on a Saturday morning with Grove Street playing at sunrise, a KSR pregame show a couple hours before kickoff, morning beers if that’s your thing, and whatever else you did on this first game day of the season, it sure felt good to be back. So cheers to football season and going through the highs and lows it will bring, hopefully more of the former than the latter.

Now let’s tee off in the comments section about what went wrong on the field. All you armchair QBs, you’ve been caged too long and it’s good to see you again.

Welcome back, everybody. It’s football time in the Bluegrass.

We’re going to need more bourbon.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

12 Comments for It feels good to feel football again.

  1. sprtphan
    5:02 pm September 26, 2020 Permalink

    At one time we thought this season may never happen so even with a loss let’s enjoy it.

  2. cats646
    5:10 pm September 26, 2020 Permalink

    Our team is missing that alpha dog leader. We didn’t play like we have the past few years. With urgency, and a chip on our shoulders. They had no fight. Our O-line severely underwhelmed. Sad day. But I’m glad footballs back.

  3. CatfaninCinci
    5:15 pm September 26, 2020 Permalink

    Ready for basketball!!!!

    LMAO! Just kidding you freaking football bozos!

    • cats646
      5:25 pm September 26, 2020 Permalink

      My basketball has been much more disappointing than football the past couple years. Try again.

  4. Bluebloodtoo
    5:33 pm September 26, 2020 Permalink

    We lost to the number 8 team in the nation on their home field. Yeah there was a lot of hype going in, but if you sit back and look… we played WITH them. Our own mistakes cost us the game. 2 turnovers by the QB in his first game in over a year? All this in the first game of the year? It’s really not that bad.

  5. DoubleB65
    5:45 pm September 26, 2020 Permalink

    Wilson is the issue. Period. Idk why everyone is so high on this kid. He’s not an elite level QB and in the SeC you have to have that. He ain’t the answer.

  6. slam212121
    5:48 pm September 26, 2020 Permalink

    It’s not the loss, it’s how we lost. If UK ever wants to reach the upper tier of recruiting that it takes to win the conference then piss poor plays lack we saw today have to cease and become minimal. That’ll eliminate the Munsun’d syndrome stereotype we have. Losing the UK way at football.

    Another is player loyalty. I get it. Terry did great things in comparison to the old UK wins and loss totals during his year before injury, but clearly wasn’t ready to compete against Auburn. Saban dumped a QB that went to OU and had a heisman season for Tua to start. Saban did it for the loyalty of the program, not the individual. UK has to do the same with players and coach coordinators such as Gran.

  7. DoubleB65
    6:30 pm September 26, 2020 Permalink

    Same shit different year Drew. Get real. It’s always the same.

  8. original slappy
    6:32 pm September 26, 2020 Permalink

    How many times do we have to have the “Gran was the problem” discussion before something is actually done about it?

  9. Bluehender
    11:05 am September 27, 2020 Permalink

    Well it’s great to be talking about football and not politics. Go Cats!!