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How Courtney Love Scooped the Game-Winning Fumble


Victory was slipping out of reach.

After two consecutive Louisville offensive possessions ended with interceptions, Lamar Jackson rediscovered his swagger.  A touchdown had just tied the game and a fumble by Benny Snell gave Jackson more than enough time to drive down the field for a game-winner.

A loss seemed inevitable, then…

** A brief aside, I’m sorry for all the fans who watched from home. I can’t stand Ed Cunningham in this 50-second clip; I don’t know how you all did it for an entire game.

Courtney Love left the pile with the ball in his hands, giving the offense 1:45 to win the game.

“I was trying to wrap up Lamar,” Love said.  “He kind of got away a little bit.  He fumbled and I just thought, ‘I gotta get this ball and hold on for dear life.’  It was tough holding onto it.”

Love got a little help from his friends.  Jordan Jones did all he could to help after a brief moment of disbelief.

“He had it, but there was a Louisivlle player on the ball.  I was on the pile just moving his hand around,” Jones said.  “I didn’t even know it was a fumble.  I didn’t even know what happened.  I was just on the ground, and I looked up and we had the ball.  I was like, damn.”

Denzil Ware tried to wrestle the ball loose, but was removed by a referee.

“I was in there trying to fight for the football.  I didn’t know who had it.  I’m in the pile, the ref’s telling me to get off it and I’m like ehhhhhhhh I’m trying to get the ball,” Ware said with a laugh.  “When we got the football, I was just happy.  I had my fingers crossed.  I was on my knees praying.”

Jones knew the UK defense had a tall task ahead of them, but this year they were ready for Lamar Jackson.

“We game-planned around him.  We weren’t playing Louisville today, we were playing Lamar Jackson.  You shut him down, you shut down that team and that’s what we did,” Jones said.

Jones was excited and slap-happy after the win.  Courtney Love was cool, exhausted and excited.  Denzil Ware was too happy for words.

“I don’t even know what to say.  I’m just so happy that we won,” Ware said.  “This game means way more than me and just getting six wins to go to a bowl.  This game has a lot of history.  There’s a lot of things behind this game.  finally I can say that I’m with the Randall Cobbs and the Wesley Woodyards that said they could beat Louisville and did.”

Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

2 Comments for How Courtney Love Scooped the Game-Winning Fumble

  1. FreeTibet
    10:15 pm November 26, 2016 Permalink

    1:12 advertisement on a 50 sec clip? SMH.

  2. rockatao
    11:06 pm November 26, 2016 Permalink

    Could not agree more about the Cunningham comment. And Mike Patrick wasn’t much better. Probably the worst called game I can ever remember. They made so many reporting mistakes it was comical.