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Harvard moves all instruction online as buzz Ivy League will postpone fall sports grows

Photo by Brooks Kraft/Corbis via Getty Images

Photo by Brooks Kraft/Corbis via Getty Images

The clock is ticking when it comes to decisions on college football this fall and now it’s almost certain that at least one Division I conference will defer to the spring.

The Athletic is reporting that the Ivy League is expected to vote Wednesday to move all fall sports, including football, to the spring. Keep in mind that the Ivy League was the first conference to cancel its basketball tournament at the start of the pandemic. Additionally, Harvard announced this morning it will only allow 40% of undergraduates on campus this fall, with all instruction taking place online. Ridiculously, undergraduate tuition — $49,653 without room, board, or fees — will remain the same.

How will the Ivy League’s decision impact other conferences? One Power 5 administrator told The Athletic he foresees a domino effect.

“My suspicion is that the majority of presidents in the FBS are uncomfortable with the notion of playing football this fall but for various reasons don’t want to be the first to step out and say that,” the Power 5 administrator told The Athletic. “So, more than anything else, that decision provides the cover they need. I expect it’ll be a big domino.”

[The Athletic]

With football teams across the country back on campus for voluntary workouts and NCAA-approved activities set to begin on July 13, only time will tell.

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23 Comments for Harvard moves all instruction online as buzz Ivy League will postpone fall sports grows

  1. Lip Man 1
    1:05 pm July 6, 2020 Permalink

    CBS Sportline takes a sober, realistic look at the situation today and says, “Time is not on the side of college football”:

    Also Paul Finebaum in an interview in Charlotte said he doesn’t think they’ll be able to play in the fall, that it is becoming less and less every day.

  2. TonyMontana
    1:35 pm July 6, 2020 Permalink

    “How not to handle a pandemic” – see: America, Donald Trump, 2020.

    • Ned T.
      1:45 pm July 6, 2020 Permalink

      Scamdemic. Liberals want it to last through November to hurt Trump. And, America is buying into the nonsense.

      Trump is a great president.

    • claiborne_field
      1:53 pm July 6, 2020 Permalink

      That is the most asinine comment I’ve ever read on this site.

    • PensacolaCat
      2:00 pm July 6, 2020 Permalink

      There is basically no threat to young Americans from this virus. Plus, Ivy League canceling fall sports is equivalent to me canceling my softball league. Who cares.

    • Bluehender
      2:34 pm July 6, 2020 Permalink

      Which one claiborne?

  3. lexslamman
    1:43 pm July 6, 2020 Permalink

    The irrational hysteria over this upjumped flu bug is going to scuttle sports until 2021 at least.

  4. Ned T.
    1:48 pm July 6, 2020 Permalink

    The flu kills thousands every year. Why did the world flip out over this bug?

    Oh–forgot–impeachment and Russia did not work, so liberals will destroy the US economy to improve the chance that a demented old perv, Joe Biden, will win the election.

    Liberals are dangerous sick pukes.

    • PensacolaCat
      2:01 pm July 6, 2020 Permalink

      Exactly, and we can’t continue to fall for it. Heck, the entire Clemson football team got the virus and are better for it.

    • plumloopy
      2:29 pm July 6, 2020 Permalink

      I thought I was looking at an old article here with you citing the flu comparison but it just came out today. That old argument sort of went out the window when the death count for COVID in April passed the highest annual US flu death count in the last 10 years (61k), and it’s more than double halfway through the year. But I’m guessing you aren’t one for facts.

    • 4everUKBlue
      3:53 pm July 6, 2020 Permalink

      Having the coronavirus does not mean you’re sick or at risk, this virus is so deadly you have to take a test to see if you have it. It doesn’t even have it’s own symptoms. Wake up people, you’ve been had.

    • chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door
      5:42 pm July 6, 2020 Permalink

      plumloopy, there are many stories out there alleging that everyone that dies with Corona is counted as a Corona death, even if the real cause is something else. Dr. Birx even confirmed that in front of the press. The numbers are inflated.

    • 4everUKBlue
      6:18 pm July 6, 2020 Permalink

      Hugely inflated.

  5. FatDaddyCat
    2:30 pm July 6, 2020 Permalink

    You know, not everything is political. I am not conservative or liberal, Republican or Democrat, just an AMERICAN and KENTUCKIAN who has come to realize that most of you dumb a**es just choose to believe whichever side of the story that contributes to your own agenda the best. NO President or Governor can lead a bunch of idiots out of the forest if they are to stupid to see the trees! Quit pointing fingers at everyone else and tend your own. Just cause you have a phone and internet doesn’t make your opinions and views interesting, intelligent or needed. How about a state and country united against our issues? Crazy idea, I know. But for someone who could give a s**t about politics, religion and whatever other trivial bull s**t your raving about today, it’s damn near the only dream most RATIONAL people have left.

    • Bluehender
      2:37 pm July 6, 2020 Permalink

      Quite is..THE best comment of the whole pandemic Era..get a grip America!! Quit blaming everyone else..

    • UKBigBlueForever
      3:00 pm July 6, 2020 Permalink

      Agree with blue and fatdaddy 100%! Where is 4everUKBlue and his theories?? I quit calling them conspiracy theories because senile 4everUKblue will go into a lecture about how the government came up with that name blablabla…

    • 4everUKBlue
      3:56 pm July 6, 2020 Permalink

      I’ve missed you tiny dancer aka UKBigBlueForever, but no means no! I’m not interested in you even though your sexual reassignment surgery was a success. LMAO!

    • chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door
      5:41 pm July 6, 2020 Permalink

      FatDaddy, if you hate politics and religion that is your prerogative. However, when people often have 180 degree differences in how to run the country, there will be conflict. I’m not justifying the amount of hate going on that occurs on both sides. I’m just saying we will never be 100% united on how to respond to this pandemic any more than we are on whether our economic system is better based on Smith or based on Keynes (my opinion is the former, but many disagree, and the AOCs of the world prefer Stalin, Castro, and Mao’s system).

      As for conspiracy theories, I don’t share 4ever’s opinion on a lot of things (love ya though 4ever!), except he’s 100% right in that we should always maintain a healthy amount of skepticism when it comes to ANYTHING the government & anyone else tells us. Case in point: Bubba Wallace and the “incident” at Talladega. Politicians are almost ALL out for themselves, not you and me.

    • 4everUKBlue
      6:52 pm July 6, 2020 Permalink

      CG it’s ok if you don’t agree with my opinions, what is important is that we not take the media’s, politician’s or anyone’s word on anything, we should question everything, do our own independent research and use critical thinking. I don’t agree with all your opinions either and that’s ok too. I stopped watching the news years ago and started asking questions instead of just believing everything I heard and read in MSM and I started to form my own thoughts and opinions and not those dictated to me by others.

    • 4everUKBlue
      9:33 pm July 6, 2020 Permalink

      At least we don’t call each other names and throw insults at each other.

  6. sprtphan
    6:57 pm July 6, 2020 Permalink

    No Ivy League football? Oh the humanity.

  7. FatDaddyCat
    8:24 pm July 6, 2020 Permalink

    It is fine to have differing opinions. To some of those closest to me, religion and political affiliation are of the utmost importance. I respect that, it is their choice. But, it is the intolerance and ignorance of what seems to be the MAJORITY of our society once they get a phone in their hands that I am completely and totally confounded by and fed up with. Bunch of cowardly, faceless fools who spew hatred and venom because someone has a different opinion. They used to make us debate in school, remember when you had to use facts and valid information to counter another’s argument? Debate was good, it IS STILL good. But, we as a society can’t debate any more because if you don’t share my beliefs then, you Sir are trash, puke, traitor or whatever degrading name they can throw out of their tiny brains as fast as the fingers can type. Discussion and compromise are needed. That is how America became great in the first place. But, sadly I fear we as a society aren’t capable of either anymore. That is what I loathe the most.

  8. Bluehender
    9:48 pm July 6, 2020 Permalink

    “Discussion and compromise are needed.” Exactly FatDaddy. It can’t be all the left’s way or all the right’s way. It will never work. We have to be able to bargain in good faith and give a little and take a little. Or else we lose the “United” in the States of America. Then we all lose..