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Grantland: “When Will Kentucky Football Finally Turn It Around?”


We’ve ready many a good pieces of work on about Kentucky basketball over the years, but I don’t recall seeing anything dedicated to Kentucky football.

That changed this morning when Holly Anderson asked: When Will Kentucky Football Finally Turn It Around?

In her State of the Bluegrass piece, Anderson, who attended last weekend’s game in Lexington, paints the scene of the new excitement around Commonwealth Stadium and how Kentucky is poised to begin its ascent up the SEC East ladder.

And there’s no such thing as a cakewalk schedule in this league, but UK does get eight home games this season and a draw out of the West (Auburn and Mississippi State) that could be a lot worse. It’s not fair to expect the Wildcats to be all that ready to seize divisional power, but it’s also very fair to say that this year gives them the best possible shot to jump up a couple rungs in the standings.

Anderson wonders who will challenge Georgia for a spot in Atlanta these next few years, with the other league teams sitting a tier below the Bulldogs.

“It’s an open question. And we’ll know whether the answer is ‘Kentucky’ all too soon.”

Read it here.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

15 Comments for Grantland: “When Will Kentucky Football Finally Turn It Around?”

  1. Kyreds
    10:15 am September 25, 2015 Permalink

    Never or at least til they hire somebody with a winning record!

    • Booby Petrino
      10:19 am September 25, 2015 Permalink

      0-3 good luck against Samford!

    • Terry from Hazard
      10:29 am September 25, 2015 Permalink

      Knock Knock

      Who’s there?


      Owen Who?

      Owen three!!

  2. Challenge Georgia? Shouldn’t it be challenge Mizzou since they’ve been there 2 years running?

  3. BlueRibbon
    10:49 am September 25, 2015 Permalink

    I look at it like this…at least they (sports outlets) are talking about Kentucky now and it’s not for bad stuff! Hey, the more and more the Kentucky brand is put out there with stories like this the better. It shows they are making progress and moving away from what has been historically, a bad team.

    The only issue with publicity like this is…you have to deliver. Coaches, players, and fans have to be, as UK Football states…”#ALL IN” and the results on the field have to show improvement.

    This year, while I hated the loss to Florida, they have improved and the opportunity to make a bowl game is still very real. Have to win the games you should win and compete in the other games to have publicity like this pay off in the form of recruits picking UK and fans continuing to support UK football.

  4. intheshadow
    11:39 am September 25, 2015 Permalink

    If they fail to beat Missouri on Saturday it is going to be devastating to ticket sales and attendance. If they lose Saturday it will be near impossible to say anything positive about the 2015 season, and therefore, just another year disappointing year of Kentucky football. I hope the coaches have the ability to prepare this team to win and then can execute that plan because the failure to WIN this game of this Saturday huge setback. This is “LAST CHANCE CATS SATURDAY”, better ‘get ‘er done’ men.

    • Don’t forget that when LSU beat us BADLY back around 2004 we rebounded and went to our first bowl on some time.

    • In some time…

    • BlueRedneck
      11:59 am September 25, 2015 Permalink

      Yep, after losing something like 49-0 to LSU that year, a lot of people had given up hope on the Brooks regime. I think they won at Georgia later that year, and the next year they made some big strides. It’s too bad they were not able to keep that momentum they had achieved. I think if they had not tried the “coach in waiting” experiment and had hired a good, legitimate head coach after Papa Brooks retired they may have actually “turned the corner”. Joker set this program back about ten years.

    • The Rest of the story
      12:05 pm September 25, 2015 Permalink

      I agree with you totally BlueRedneck. Joker was a joke. Worst coach at any level and at any position in college football. The year the Cats knocked off LSU he actually blew the rest of the year on a team that should have had 9 or 10 wins. I hated that man from day one.

  5. The Rest of the story
    12:02 pm September 25, 2015 Permalink

    Beat Missouri and the Cats may go to a bowl. I don’t care what anyone thinks this is the biggest game of the year so far after blowing an easy win last week to a really bad Fld. team, one that will get blown out this week by UT and you can bet the farm on that one.

    • 8 god
      12:59 pm September 25, 2015 Permalink

      Was Florida that bad though? Elite secondary, dominant D-line, solid QB. Wishful thinking downgraded the Gators.

  6. TeamNoSheep
    12:37 pm September 25, 2015 Permalink

    Wow, we really ratcheted up the apocalyptic language in a hurry, didn’t we? This one game is just that: one game. I hope we win, but I also hope that we improve over the course of the season. A football team is not a fixed entity. If “fans” want to abandon the team after (maybe) two losses to teams that are equal to us in talent, then I’d suggest they devote their time to activities entirely lacking in adversity; shooting marbles perhaps, or maybe just laying quietly on the floor. This team will just have to turn the corner without you. I’m sure they’ll miss you.

    That said, Matt should get Holly Anderson on the show. He’s already got an in with Spencer Hall, and Holly wrote at EDSBS before jumping to SI and then Grantland. She’s sharp.

    • The Rest of the story
      12:42 pm September 25, 2015 Permalink

      What Blue and White rock did you crawl out from? Reality dude, it seems to be beyond your grasp.

  7. Bluehappypappy
    1:01 pm September 25, 2015 Permalink

    So happy this team is finally competing, especially on the defense. When the offense get’s it going they’ll be pretty awesome to watch. Win or lose, “as long as they compete” they’ll have my full support.