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Fun Facts from the UK Football Media Guide


Last week, UK distributed the 2015 football media guide, which means it’s time for that age old tradition of looking through it for fun facts about our favorite football players. I’ve done this same exercise the past few years, so if some facts seem familiar, it’s probably because they are. Think of it as a refresher course in UK football trivia.

These players chose their jersey numbers because…

  • #3, Fred Tiller, senior cornerback: …of Andre’ Woodson
  • #8, Blake Bone, sophomore wide receiver: …it represents infinity if you turn it sideways
  • #8, Kobie Walker, freshman linebacker: …I’m swaggy
  • #9, Garrett Johnson, sophomore wide receiver: …I’m a single-digit guy and 9 looks good on me
  • #11, JD Harmon, junior cornerback: …One is so nice, I had to rock it twice
  • #18, Stanley “Boom” Williams, sophomore running back: …I wanted to follow the legacy of Randall Cobb and Jacob Tamme
  • #65, Jervontius “Bunchy” Stallings, freshman center: …It was Coach Schlarman’s number — “make it legendary”
  • #99, Austin MacGinnis, sophomore kicker: …It is the definition of kicker swag

Chief Jon Standing Bear

There are a whole lot of nicknames in this group. Here are some of the best:

  • Big Blue: Logan Blue, freshman linebacker/long snapper
  • Big Daddy: Matt Elam, sophomore nose guard
  • Hatch Attack: Jason Hatcher, junior defensive end/linebacker
  • Peezy: Mikel Horton, sophomore running back
  • Faro: Farrington Huguenin, senior defensive end
  • The Real Deal: Jaleel Hytchye, junior cornerback
  • Juice: Garrett Johnson, sophomore wide receiver
  • D-Raw: Darryl Long, freshman tight end
  • Ice: Blake McClain, junior safety
  • Zoe: Regie Meant, sophomore defensive tackle 
  • Como: Cole Mosier, sophomore offensive guard 
  • Swindiesel: Jordan Swindle, senior offensive tackle
  • Fredo: Fred Tiller, senior cornerback 
  • Rimmons: Ryan Timmons, junior wide receiver 
  • Chief Jon Standing Bear: Jon Toth, junior center 
  • K-Walk: Kobie Walker, freshman linebacker
  • Big Boy: Zach West: senior offensive guard
  • Zulu: Zane Williams, junior defensive tackle
  • Sifi: Sihiem King, freshman running back

Wanna be like Gronk

Three players would rather trade places with Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, aka Gronk,” than any other athlete: Freshman tight end CJ Conrad, sophomore offensive tackle Kyle Meadows, and freshman offensive lineman Logan Stenberg. 


Among the team’s hidden talents are…

  • Zack Blaylock, junior safety: Snowboarding
  • Daron Blaylock, senior linebacker: “I take vocal lessons for a Broadway show I’m preparing for” (Could he be the next Jeremy Jarmon?)
  • Rhomel Fields, freshman safety: “I write poetry”
  • Ryan Flannigan, senior linebacker: “I can eat 100 wings in 20 minutes”
  • Ryan Kendall, freshman wide receiver: Snowboarding
  • Bryan Kirshe, freshman punter: “I love shoes”
  • Darryl Long, freshman tight end: “arguing and persuasive writing”
  • Blake McClain, junior safety: Whistling
  • Marcus McWilson, junior safety: “Walking on my hands”
  • Alexander Montgomery, sophomore wide receiver: Sleeping
  • Thaddeus Snodgrass, freshmanwide receiver: Singing in the shower
  • Patrick Towles, junior quarterback: “I’m learning the harmonica”
  • Boom Williams, sophomore running back: Playing drums

What event would you like to witness past, present, or future?

  • 1980 USA vs. Russia hockey game, aka “Miracle on Ice”: Freshman offensive guard David Baumer, sophomore center Dylan Greenberg, senior long snapper Kelly Mason and sophomore offensive guard Cole Mosier
  • Baseball in the 1920s and ‘30s: Freshman offensive tackle Nick Richardson (We should have him listen to Tomlin’s old timey baseball roundups from the old podcasts)
  • UK’s upset of #1 LSU in 2007: Sophomore running back Mikel Horton and sophomore nose guard/fullback Jacob Hyde
  • Woodstock: Senior linebacker Daron Blaylock and senior offensive tackle Jordan Swindle

(This video from 2012 still cracks me up)

If these players could trade places with Coach Stoops for one day, they would…

  • David Bouvier, wide receiver: “Throw a party”
  • Tanner Fink, tight end: “Take the team to an amusement park”
  • Josh Forrest, senior linebacker: “Give Josh all of my watches”
  • JD Harmon, junior cornerback: “Take the week off and visit Italy”
  • Courtney Love, sophomore linebacker: “Call a team meeting and not show up”
  • Kelly Mason, senior long snapper: “Let me play quarterback at practice”
  • Zach Myers, junior center: “Order all the Nike gear possible”
  • Jon Toth, junior center: “I would: sit on an iron throne”
  • Patrick Towles, junior quarterback: “Get free ice cream for everyone!!!”
  • Zach West: senior offensive guard: “Take over the seven kingdoms”
  • Calvin Taylor, Jr., freshman offensive lineman: “Let me catch a TD”
Landon Foster: Future SEC Commish?

Landon Foster: Future SEC Commish?

Dream jobs outside of football:

  • Kengera Daniel, defensive end: neurologist
  • Cameron Fogle, sophomore wide receiver: Country music singer
  • Landon Foster, senior punter: Athletic director/SEC commissioner
  • Nick Haynes, sophomore guard: Being the governor of Florida (he’s a Florida native)
  • Khalid Henderson, senior linebacker: film director
  • Jacob Hyde, sophomore nose guard/fullback: Warden at a prison / major case worker
  • Adrian Middleton, freshman defensive tackle: graphic designer (“I’m a big fan of anime”)


Did you know…

  • Junior cornerback JD Harmon has 17 siblings
  • Drew Barker has a pet turtle named Nemo
  • Freshman DE/LB Denzil Ware is a huge “Orange is the New Black” fan
  • Junior kicker Max Strong really wants to own a tiger someday
  • The celebrity freshman offensive guard Jarrett LaRubbio would most like to be friends with is Mark Wahlberg
  • Freshman linebacker Dorian Hendrix meditates every day
  • Senior defensive end/linebacker Jabari Johnson’s ideal vacation spot is China
  • Freshman linebacker Jordan Jones thinks the coolest think about UK is “how many people love the color blue.”
  • Junior center Zach Myers’ game-day superstition is putting his grandfather’s jersey in his sock

Rubik’s Cube Wars

Both sophomore offensive tackle Kyle Meadows and senior offensive tackle Jordan Swindle say they’re good at the Rubik’s Cube, with Meadows able to solve it in a minute thirty seconds and Swindle in a minute. Maybe we will put them to the test at Media Day?

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

No, I will not make you a sandwich, but you can follow me on Twitter @MrsTylerKSR or email me.

9 Comments for Fun Facts from the UK Football Media Guide

  1. Jose Punta
    9:16 pm July 21, 2015 Permalink

    Love what coach Stoops has done and the type of young men he recruited

  2. Erin
    9:22 pm July 21, 2015 Permalink

    I like the kid, but Patrick sure isn’t intimidating any opponents with his Harry Potter love, harmonica playing & free ice cream.

  3. UK Freshmen
    1:02 am July 22, 2015 Permalink

    What a great group of kids. Looking forward to this season! GO CATS!!

  4. Air It Out
    6:03 am July 22, 2015 Permalink

    We have 8 home games this year. There is no excuse not to make a bowl game.

    • Angelo
      7:24 am July 22, 2015 Permalink

      And we have the easiest schedule possible for an SEC team. It all depends on the defense. Overall team speed is way up. Can our D line replace Z and Bud?

  5. Bluebloodtoo
    11:05 am July 22, 2015 Permalink

    Zach Myers – How does a jersey fit in a sock? Is it a miniature jersey or a really big sock?

  6. HaganHall
    11:07 am July 22, 2015 Permalink

    Geez, just win 6 friggin’ games! There are now over 80 teams going to bowls and UK not going in over FIVE YEARS??!!?!?!?! 8 home games, easiest SEC schedule. . . NO EXCUSES! BOWL or BUST STOOOOPS! PERIOD.

  7. theWilkman
    11:27 am July 22, 2015 Permalink

    Much respect to Horton and Hyde – that win over LSU was amazing. I’ve never been in a better atmosphere. Commonwealth was electric that day.