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Freddie’s Final Pre-Bowl Football Glossary: The Rocket Toss/Sweep


It’s imperative that we discuss the Rocket Toss/Sweep in the 4th and final installment of the KSR Football Glossary prior to the Taxslayer Bowl. Georgia Tech frequents this play in the Red Zone as well as on 3rd and short-medium situations.

Much like other Tech offensive calls, the Rocket Toss is simplistic in nature but relies on execution through repetition and deception.

Let’s take a quick look at a Rocket Toss diagram:


-Backside offensive linemen scoop or at times cut block in the play’s direction.

-Play side OL reach to gain outside leverage and cut-block if necessary.

-The A-Back in motion receives the pitch from the quarterback.

-The pitch happens quickly as the element of surprise is key to its success. B-Back or fullback’s path is normally opposite of the pitch action to present inside linebackers with a false read.

-WR’s and A-Backs release which presents an illusion of a play action pass only to cut block linebackers and or defensive backs.

The following 2 examples are Red Zone situations in which Paul Johnson calls the Rocket Toss/Sweep:

Red Zone, Rocket Toss Touchdown

A-Back motions to position himself to receive pitch from quarterback.

-WR runs CB off the line-of-scrimmage, play side A-Back cut blocks which results in a touchdown.

Red Zone, Rocket Toss Touchdown Part II

B-Back, or fullback’s path is opposite of pitch’s direction.

-Play side OL release to reach, cut-blocks abound for a Red Zone touchdown.

Rocket Toss Play Action Pass Touchdown

-Note the WR (#84) lined up closer to the offensive tackle and A-Back than in normal formations.

-Play side A-Back and WR run a wheel route:
WR-Vertical route

A-Back-Begins route toward the sideline then cuts up -ield along the sideline toward the end zone.

-QB fakes Rocket Toss, finds WR #84 alone on the vertical route for an explosive pass play.

I hope these 4 KSR Football Glossary posts have helped in understanding Georgia Tech’s unique and highly dangerous offense. Merry Christmas, see you in Jacksonville.

Article written by Freddie Maggard

Former University of Kentucky Quarterback and Andy Griffith Fan Club President