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Florida drops ‘Gator Bait’ cheer at sporting events due to racist imagery

The University of Florida has decided to discontinue the use of its ‘Gator Bait’ cheer and band performances at sporting events moving forward.

Florida President Kent Fuchs announced this week that while there is no direct evidence of racism with the school’s cheer, the term “gator bait” itself is associated with “horrific historic racist imagery.”

“While I know of no evidence of racism associated with our “Gator Bait” cheer at UF sporting events, there is horrific historic racist imagery associated with the phrase,” Fuchs said in an official statement. “Accordingly University Athletics and the Gator Band will discontinue the use of the cheer.”

As Josh Allen so eloquently displayed at The Swamp in 2018, Florida fans typically yell “Gator Bait!” and use the chomping motion to mimic an alligator when the band plays a familiar song.


According to the Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia at Ferris State University, African American children were previously used as alligator bait in the late 1800s and early 20th century, with various newspaper clippings, magazines, and books highlighting the past instances with sketches and graphics of the practice. They also explained that historically, “alligator bait” has long been used as a racial slur directed toward African Americans.

Back in 2017, Snopes – a popular fact-checking outlet – published an article documenting the long history of African American children being used to lure alligators out of the swamps to be killed so that their skins could be harvested.

While the school had a “Gator Bait” magazine dating back to 1980, former Florida safety Lawrence Wright is credited with creating the phrase, “If you ain’t a Gator, you’re Gator bait, baby,” after a win in 1995 over Florida State.

Since the news of the school dropping the cheer, Wright told The Gainesville Sun that he did not support Florida’s decision and wants to talk to Fuchs directly.

“I’m not going for it,” the former safety said. “I created something for us. It’s a college football thing. It’s not a racist thing, It’s about us, the Gator Nation. And I’m black. What about our history as the Gator Nation? We took a program from the top five to No. 1 in the country. I think I’ve done enough, put in the sweat and tears, to get to offer my opinion about something like this.”

Outside of the cheer, the school announced 15 total changes it would be making to address and condemn racism moving forward, including the removal of monuments and names that “celebrate the Confederacy or its leaders.”

“It is past time for UF to commit and engage in this challenging, uncomfortable, transformational work,” Fuchs said. “We know that we cannot undo lifetimes of injustice and racism, but we believe we can make progress — in education, in advancing truth, reconciliation and justice, and in anti-racism, equality and working to eradicate inequities.”

Article written by Jack Pilgrim

Follow me on Twitter: @JackPilgrimKSR

41 Comments for Florida drops ‘Gator Bait’ cheer at sporting events due to racist imagery

  1. SpontaneousHumanCombustion
    3:06 pm June 20, 2020 Permalink

    The words “the”, “and”, “you”, “me” & “i” have all been part of racist statements at one point or another, so let’s ban them, too. Hell, let’s just ban all of the English language & tell people they can’t say anything. So just sit down & shut up!

    • catdaddyd
      9:35 pm June 21, 2020 Permalink

      Tar Heel is next.

    • catdaddyd
      9:43 pm June 21, 2020 Permalink

      Amos Moses’ dad used him for alligator bait, down in the Louisiana swamp, he just knock em in the head with a stump.

  2. Wilfred Smith
    3:10 pm June 20, 2020 Permalink

    For Fuchs’ sake…

    • jim tom
      5:06 pm June 20, 2020 Permalink

      When in the hell is this nonsense ever gonna end.

    • catdaddyd
      9:39 pm June 21, 2020 Permalink

      They’re going after the Mexicans next, they don’t like their translation for the word black.

  3. UKFanSC
    3:24 pm June 20, 2020 Permalink

    Another absurd overreaction by the race-shamed white administration. The rush to accommodate any “social justice” request by academia and corporations is comical. But at a time when George Washington monuments are being forcibly yanked from their foundations and set afire while neutered police watch it happen anything is possible.

    • dhard
      3:48 pm June 20, 2020 Permalink

      Can one of you liberals tell us what isn’t racists? I despise the gator chomp, but I sure hope all 80,000 do it at the first home game they have.

  4. Jesus H. Chrysler
    3:42 pm June 20, 2020 Permalink

    Ridiculous! Next: u can kiss goodbye singing, My Old Kentucky & it’s “racist” slave undertones

  5. Jambluehue99
    3:43 pm June 20, 2020 Permalink

    There was one time a racist tackled a black man, so tackling will now be considered a personal foul. Racists have kicked people of color, thus kicking a football will no longer be allowed since it could be offense to dark skinned people. Water hoses were turned on black people during the civil right protests last century, so water will no longer be allowed anywhere in the world. Everyone named Jim has to change their name due to its association with Jim Crow laws. Slaves worked in cotton fields, all T-shirts are now banned as are all cotton fabrics, q-tips, and cotton balls. Restaurants used to refuse service to black people so all will need to close due to their historic racism. A racist once breathed oxygen, so all white people hold your breath. The letter K is now banned from the alphabet due to its association with the KKK. Similarly white sheets can no longer be sold. If you own one you are a racist. Own a dog? You are a racist because they were used to hunt down black people. Democrats are all banned since they were the party of Jim Crow and slavery. Africa will be removed from the map since it sold black people into slavery. If you eat pancakes you are a racist for eating syrup. Ever lived south of the Ohio river? Well you are also a racist for living in areas that once flew the confederate flag. Do you own anything red or blue? Well, racist because those were the colors of the confederate flag. People have lost their minds!!! Now we are making up crap to prove we aren’t racist. All the while we allow a bunch of anarchist to tear down the country monument by monument, institution by institution. And our so called academic leaders, the supposed smart ones in the bunch, are leading the way. It seems like academics are some of the most ignorant, useful idiots of them all. Too smart for the own good and dumb as a bucket of hair. I’ve said it a thousand times, if you think this is about race you are mistaken. This is about tearing down the country. Races is merely a means to an end. If it were about race why are we tearing down Lincoln and Grant, who last time I checked won the civil war and led the way to freeing the slaves. WAKE UP!!!!!

    • T-Town Cat
      4:29 pm June 20, 2020 Permalink

      Black Lives Matter defaced and vandalized a monument in Boston (the 54th Massachusetts’s Regiment) that was dedicated to African-Americans who fought for the Union in the Civil War. I guess those Black men were racists, too.

    • 4everUKBlue
      5:48 pm June 20, 2020 Permalink

      When the plannedemic psyop didn’t go as well as they had hoped they played the race card, the old tricks are the best tricks. Look for them to turn it up several notches between Sept and December, whatever they have to do to further divide us and keep us fighting among ourselves, the election will be about racism. Don’t fall for it, we are being manipulated and it’s about complete control. They want to force vaccines and switch to digital currency so they can keep up with where every penny is spent and they can shut us down at will. It’s time to wake up, turn off the TV, learn to think for yourselves and use critical thinking.

    • UKBigBlueForever
      12:28 pm June 21, 2020 Permalink

      You are entitled to your own opinion but why do you have to post about your “theories” on every damn article? Geez 4everUKBlue, give it a break already

    • TPACAT
      9:37 pm June 20, 2020 Permalink

      Matt Jones is the poster boy of a Democrat. Thinks he’s so much smarter than the rest of us, yet doesn’t have an ounce of common sense and can’t even change a flat tire…

    • ready4nineNOW
      4:13 am June 21, 2020 Permalink

      Lmao. What does matt have to do with this happening. Yall can easily change the dial, go to a different website. Its simple. It truly is. Otherwise gtfoh

    • Jambluehue99
      11:04 am June 21, 2020 Permalink

      Typical leftist tactic. Can’t refute facts so silence those that do.

    • 4everUKBlue
      12:55 pm June 21, 2020 Permalink

      UKBigBlueForever, I hope to wake people up that we are being lied to on a grand scale and have been for a very long time. If more people don’t wake up soon it will be too late.

  6. Heavy C
    3:45 pm June 20, 2020 Permalink

    You can’t make this $hit up. So what’s Really driving all this? Is it simply that so many sports entities are reliant on Black Athletes to succeed? I mean I understand the liberal left loons prompting all this ignorance. They have slid so far away from rational thinking that most people with a ounce of common sense think they are nuts.

    • Jambluehue99
      3:51 pm June 20, 2020 Permalink

      They are in the process of alienating the ones that foot the bill that allows them to play. I watch sports to support my teams and see people that have unearthly talent perform. I don’t care about their politics and I don’t care if they are a piece of crap human being. Just play. But shoving this PC nonsense down everyone’s throat so they can look self righteous is a step too far. It’s getting close to unbearable. You already can’t watch a game without constant reminders of cancer and race. Now we will have BLM nights, and other PC nonsense. What about the sport? Let’s watch that and leave the politics out of it. The outspoken ones are usually the most I’ll informed and ignorant anyway. Shut up and play.

  7. cmgormanjr1
    3:57 pm June 20, 2020 Permalink


    Prob should get rid of
    Blue-White at UK

  8. lizard king
    4:03 pm June 20, 2020 Permalink

    Can’t you all figure it out yet. Everyone is so afraid to go against anything BLM says for being labelled a racist by the media and shamed and have all kinds of protest sent their way from the whacked out socialist liberals.
    They chant justice, well so far every cop has been fired and had murder charges filed in them but they continue to protest and loot.
    Liberals want America to burn

    • TPACAT
      9:41 pm June 20, 2020 Permalink

      True, Mr. Morrison. There is no appeasing them. The goal posts are moved with each capitulation…

  9. dhard
    4:06 pm June 20, 2020 Permalink

    All of this garbage has been brought, or should I say rammed, upon us by liberals.

  10. dukeisking
    4:13 pm June 20, 2020 Permalink

    Well well. All the folks who have views that align with white supremacy would have an issue with disbanding all things that have a racist tone. Doesn’t surprise me at all. blacklivesmatter ??

    • dhard
      4:39 pm June 20, 2020 Permalink

      Your name says it all. And by the way, shut up with the racism crap.

    • 4everUKBlue
      5:14 pm June 20, 2020 Permalink

      Funny how you were nowhere to be found on the Zion/dook cheating stories. #dooklivesdontmatter

    • 4everUKBlue
      5:33 pm June 20, 2020 Permalink

      What a sad pathetic life when the only way you can get your rocks off is trolling the winningest program’s fanbase. Take your tampons and move along.

    • TPACAT
      9:44 pm June 20, 2020 Permalink

      BLM is a Marxist org and dUKe sucks…

  11. WatchutalkinboutWillis
    4:34 pm June 20, 2020 Permalink

    If you showed a person from a foreign country the gator bait chomp would they have any inclination it was racist? If not, then it isn’t racist. Also, Snopes is terribly biased.

  12. T-Town Cat
    4:51 pm June 20, 2020 Permalink

    Georgia won’t be able to yell “Go Dawgs! Sic ‘em!” because…. you know.

  13. jim tom
    5:09 pm June 20, 2020 Permalink

    That did it.

  14. tree_gardener
    5:33 pm June 20, 2020 Permalink

    Snopes? Are you kidding?

  15. 4everUKBlue
    5:40 pm June 20, 2020 Permalink

    All colors except neutral gray will be outlawed in the future, all humans, if there are any left, will be cloned to look exactly the same with the same skin color. Sun tanning will be against the law, you will need to get a permit to get a tattoo to insure it’s PC and not offensive.

    • Bluehender
      7:30 pm June 20, 2020 Permalink

      And George Washington is going to have to come off the dollar bill..

    • UKFanSC
      9:55 pm June 20, 2020 Permalink

      And replaced by Slappy White.

  16. tvor03
    6:24 pm June 20, 2020 Permalink

    I had never heard the term “gator bait” til a few days ago when ESPN dropped this article. I did some research and there are some seriously disturbing images out there! Folks a hundred years ago were messed up.

    But I also read that Snopes article, which goes pretty in-depth on the subject. Their conclusion is that the idea of using slave babies as bait for alligators was merely a tall-tale and that there is no hard evidence this actually happened.

  17. 4everUKBlue
    7:11 am June 21, 2020 Permalink

    Melinda Gates Lays Out Her Biggest Concern for the Next Phase of the COVID-19 Pandemic

    “Who needs [the vaccine] after health care workers?
    In the U.S., that would be black people next, quite honestly, and many other people of color. They are having disproportionate effects from COVID-19.”

    Phase 1. Elderly
    Phase 2. Colored
    Phase 3. ?

    • UKBigBlueForever
      12:27 pm June 21, 2020 Permalink

      You’re a loony tune conspiracy theorist.

    • 4everUKBlue
      12:59 pm June 21, 2020 Permalink

      UKBigBlueForever, did you even read the article on I’m merely posting a link to an article detailing what she said, it has nothing to do with my opinion or a theory of any kind. Call me whatever name makes you feel more superior, your opinion of me means nothing to me and I forgive you for your ignorance, it’s not your fault you’ve been indoctrinated since birth. However if you turn off the TV and look up from your smart phone once in a while you may stand a chance of waking up to the real world.

    • Wakecrash
      7:22 pm June 21, 2020 Permalink

      So how does this not create outrage???
      Gates foundation is huge in the race to develop vaccine at around 250M.
      She is saying black people and people of color should get first for being black vs white people with pre-existing conditions and older white people. But at least as she state in U.S only, I guess other places in the world it will be based on need such as pre-existing conditions, age, etc.
      FYI, statistics show black people are more vulnerable, but that is due to pre-existing conditions, not skin pigment.What do you think her woke order of vaccinations will apply to her and her kids.

    • 4everUKBlue
      7:12 am June 22, 2020 Permalink

      So many people believe the Bill and Melinda are good people, but nothing could be further from the truth. None of the elite will ever take this or any other vaccine because they know the intent behind them.