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Florida DB suspended indefinitely for firing a gun toward pregnant girlfriend

Florida’s Deiondre Porter won’t be suiting up for the Gators any time soon. No, he is too busy facing five charges, including “firing a missile into a dwelling.” Add two charges of assault with a deadly weapon, aggravated battery and damaged property as well.

It all stems from an argument Porter had with his girlfriend of two years over suspicion she had been sleeping around with one of his teammates. The couple got into it in her apartment, where Porter held a gun to her head and later fired the gun in her direction. She is 10 weeks pregnant.

He is being held on a $160,000 bond in the Alachua County Jail. Florida head coach Jim McElwain said today, “He’s suspended indefinitely for obviously a choice. It’s his choice not to be with us.”

I would argue it’s a little more than a “choice.” What I’m having for dinner tonight is a choice. What television show I will watch later on is a choice. Whether or not I wear the lucky pink shorts to the game tomorrow night, also a choice. Firing a gun at your pregnant girlfriend? That’s a little more aggressive.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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19 Comments for Florida DB suspended indefinitely for firing a gun toward pregnant girlfriend

  1. BlueBloodtoo
    5:37 pm October 14, 2015 Permalink

    I am so thankful that we don’t see these kinds of stories coming out of UK. So very, very happy that we choose not to recruit these kinds of problems.

    • facts
      6:40 pm October 14, 2015 Permalink

      Who was the player that kicked off UKs team for rape?I guess he was a “walk on” and didn’t get recruited.Keep your head in the heavens and keep telling everyone ” how great thou are”.

    • Facts?
      6:48 pm October 14, 2015 Permalink

      Wait, did we use hookers to land him? Or is this seriously a UL fan on here talking about players that we recruit? didnt your basketball team receive its biggest headlines last year for its star player being arrested for multiple gang rape?

    • Dude
      6:59 pm October 14, 2015 Permalink

      “Jim” is talking about Tubman, who’s charges were dropped. So basically, a failed attempt at talking smack.

    • UK Big Board Update
      7:11 pm October 14, 2015 Permalink

      Lets see if we can spot a pattern here. What a f****ing dumbass…. Wow.


      facts October 14, 2015 at 6:59 pm | Permalink | Reply
      NBA exec says,and the “big bleu nuts” never question the truth in these statements by your writer.Never dawns on you that Matt,T.T. or the rest of Matt’s sheep would stretch the truth.Frigging joke.


      facts October 6, 2015 at 10:28 am | Permalink
      Echo1,you mean like the UK people that named their arena after Rupp.Rupp won 3 banners with players that were paid.You don’t remember the point shaving that got UK the “death penalty”,I guess.UK is one of two schools that has had the “Death Penalty” in basketball.Quiet an honor.

      How many games did UK play in 1953? Zero is the correct answer.That’s a long time ago,right?But you still count the banners that Rupp won just prior to that with illegal players.


      bob October 5, 2015 at 5:16 pm | Permalink | Reply
      LOL..Matt is the typical…face for radio not the bangs….


      facts October 6, 2015 at 10:55 am | Permalink
      He was taught English by Eric Bledsoe,so probably not.You have a nerve talking about someones speech after Bledsoe being a straight A student.And naming your arena after “Death Penalty Rupp”.


      Jim October 5, 2015 at 1:35 pm | Permalink | Reply
      Matt Jones is the most childish sports person that has been on radio or TV.And for him to have the following he has in the “big bleu”nation is very telling about the IQ of the UK fanatics.I listened today just to know for sure what a low life he is.

      He ranted on about Pitino having to go because even if Pitino didn’t know about it,he is the man at the top and has to take responsibility for it as coach.This from the same person that has said again and again that Cal carried none of the blame for the seasons being pulled at Memphis and UMass.Matt is the same “UK Hero” that convicted Chris Jones when the first report came out.

      To answer your question as to why would a whore lie.Matt. it’s about money.

      I know something wrong happened but I would like find the facts before believing a whore that pimps her own underage daughters.

    • BlueBloodtoo
      10:22 am October 15, 2015 Permalink

      haters gonna hate. Why is it that the haters come to sites that don’t concern them to spew their hate on everyone else? Don’t they have enough drama over at the red school?

  2. LaGrange Cat
    5:40 pm October 14, 2015 Permalink

    He’ll be a Louisville Cardinal next year.

    • Facts?
      6:49 pm October 14, 2015 Permalink

      To the surprise of no one.

  3. Dee Enae
    5:48 pm October 14, 2015 Permalink

    Just wondering if he and former Texas A&M Thomas Linze Johnson share a gene or two.

  4. SCCat
    5:59 pm October 14, 2015 Permalink

    i know people are loving what McElwain is doing – and his team has played well. However, first Harris gets busted with drugs. then mysteriously Grier takes “supplements” and gets suspended. And now this guy goes Yosemite Sam on his old lady…

    Starting to feel like a free for all down there.

  5. The Loco Pollo
    6:02 pm October 14, 2015 Permalink

    I see an episode of Maury on the horizon if he gets out of the pen.

  6. Tommycatsfan
    6:13 pm October 14, 2015 Permalink

    Bobby Petrino on a plane to Gainesville with scholarship offer in hand. Kid sounds like a Louisville man to me!

  7. CardFan502
    6:14 pm October 14, 2015 Permalink

    That university would be foolish to keep that coach around, weather he new this stuff was going on or not.

    • stubeycat
      7:37 pm October 14, 2015 Permalink

      “new” Ha Ha Ha!!

  8. Claude
    6:21 pm October 14, 2015 Permalink

    Thanks for your latest sermon on morality.

    SEC! SEC! SEC!

    • Deal With It
      6:25 pm October 14, 2015 Permalink

      Don’t you have a(nother) sex scandal to worry about? Or are you hoping that if you ignore it, it will just go away? 😉

  9. AppData
    6:44 pm October 14, 2015 Permalink

    He meets the qualifications for being a Louisville player.

  10. Tommycatsfan
    8:30 pm October 14, 2015 Permalink

    “Weather he new…”? Seriously. Bet thus was written by a Louisville man.

  11. leon singleton
    8:44 pm October 14, 2015 Permalink

    Point shaving was no worse then Dean Smith using 4 corner offence to hold score down.