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Film Room: Chauncey Magwood



It’s been a little bit since Kentucky added to their 2021 recruiting class and last week the Wildcats got some bad news when P.J. Fleck and Minnesota stole linebacker commit Devon Williams. However, Jon Sumrall helped the crew get back on the board with a really nice recruiting win in South Georgia.

Chauncey Magwood is a high three-star prospect from Lee County High School in Leesburg, Georgia who picked Kentucky over Florida State, South Carolina and Arkansas among others. The 6-foot wideout appears to be a technician out of the slot who could develop into a quarterback’s best friend at the next level.

It’s now time to step into the KSR Film Room and show you what new receivers coach Jovon Bouknight is adding to his position room. Magwood is a smooth runner who makes sharp cuts and has an expansive route tree to this point in his development.

Few things in football are more appealing to the eyes than when a double move hits and whoever is the Lee County offensive coordinator loves to go to the sluggo. The route where the wideout fakes on the slant and moves to the go helped Kentucky beat LSU back in 2oo7 and Chauncey Magwood runs it beautifully.

The wideout does a good job of selling the slant and explodes out of the plant step to the outside to create some nice separation for a touchdown. He turns what can be a complicated route into a very smooth play that results in a red zone score.

For a long time, production out of the slot used to consist of a bunch of catches and a low yards per grab numbers due to the wideout just being used in short and intermediate routes. However, the game has evolved and now lining up in the slot can give you an advantageous situation. Especially when the defense gives you man coverage.

In the red zone, Lee County runs a Y-Corner concept out of a heavy concept. Due to the personnel and situation, it creates a bind for the defense. They decide to defend the run first and go iso on the outside. In this Air Raid concept, the outside receiver runs a quick slant while Chauncey Magwood runs a corner. The quarterback simply throws a loft to the back pylon and the receiver goes and gets it. At the route’s stem (most vertical spot before the cut), Magwood creates the separation needed and it is six points on the board.

Run after the catch ability is such an important skill set that you look for in wide receivers. The passing game is the easiest way to create explosive plays, but it’s not just the vertical pass that can create these. Sometimes you need a guy who can just make people miss.

Magwood excels at catching the ball quickly and turning up field to get extra yards. He has some much needed wiggle in open space and doesn’t shy away from running through defenders when called upon. On option routes at the next level, often you will need to break tackles to create chunk plays. He has that ability.

You want highlight catches?

Magwood flashes an ability to extend and contort his body to make difficult grabs. He has some top level ball skills and that helps create a large catch radius from his six-foot frame. This ability will give quarterbacks a larger target on top on Magwood’s chances to make catches against tight coverage.

Chauncey Magwood is receiver who looks destined for a career operating out of the slot in college football. The Georgia native is quick out of breaks, catches the ball away from his body with ease and uses route running techniques to create separation from defenders. At the next level, he could make a living running underneath option routes in addition to to getting the ball on corners and fades from the slot when isolated with safeties or linebackers.

Jon Sumrall picked up another big recruiting win in the south and this one gets UK back in the Peach State in a big way. The high three-star prospect should enter Lexington with an elevated floor as he appears to have a very good knowledge for the game and plays that way. He will draw some comparisons to former wideout Juice Johnson with his route running sharpness and similar body type.

Kentucky will have an old wide receiver room the next few years so the potential for early playing time could be there for newcomers very soon. Magwood will be among those in the mix.

Article written by Adam Luckett

Twitter: @AdamLuckettKSR

2 Comments for Film Room: Chauncey Magwood

  1. TonyMontana
    5:20 pm April 22, 2020 Permalink

    Kentucky top 100 WR recruits in the past 10 years. Sorted by WR Rank.

    Thaddeus Snodgrass (2014) WR Rank: 40 (2 yards in career)
    Javonte Richardson (2017) WR Rank: 42 (Transferred to Juco)
    Jabari Greenwood (2015) WR Rank: 63 (Transferred to Juco)
    Daryl Collins (2011) WR Rank: 69 (176 yards in career)
    Blake Bone (2014) WR Rank: 73 (5 TD in career)
    Demarco Robinson (2011) WR Rank: 77 (3 TD in career)
    *Chauncey Magwood (2021) WR Rank: 80
    Demontae Crumes (2019) WR Rank: 92 (Redshirt)
    Dorian Baker (2014) WR Rank: 96 (6 TD in career)
    TV Williams (2014) WR Rank: 97 (59 yards in career)
    Garrett Johnson (2014) WR Rank: 99 (2095 yards, 11 TD in career)
    *Kalil Branham (2020) WR Rank: 100

    (ATH not included)

  2. espn8122
    8:03 pm April 22, 2020 Permalink

    He is a nice get. But Jones said big time WR. He is a three star and look at his offer sheet. He is solid but not huge time superstar get at this point, Alot like COVID and delaying college football. People make reality what they want.