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Eddie Gran’s offense almost got shut out, so there’s that

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The man rumored to be Kentucky’s next offensive coordinator did not put on a great show for Big Blue Nation last night.

Eddie Gran, the offensive coordinator at Cincinnati, coached a Bearcats offense that managed to score only seven points on San Diego State in the Hawaii Bowl. If not for a late touchdown with three minutes to go, Cincinnati would’ve been the first team to go scoreless in a bowl game since LSU in the 2012 BCS National Championship.

Gran’s offense put up 279 yards in the game, leading many fans to wonder if he’s already been hit with the Curse of Kentucky Football.

Now we wait for an official announcement on whether or not he is indeed Mark Stoops’ new hire.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

27 Comments for Eddie Gran’s offense almost got shut out, so there’s that

  1. cjcat
    11:14 am December 25, 2015 Permalink

    Hopefully Stoops does not hire his guy; if he does we will just sink deeper into the same Outhouse we are stuck in now!!

  2. Rsn2GoBlu
    11:32 am December 25, 2015 Permalink

    I am not going to be happy if indeed this is the new OC. I would have preferred to keep Dawson.

  3. inside info2
    11:35 am December 25, 2015 Permalink


  4. shelby
    11:40 am December 25, 2015 Permalink

    Genius: let’s base our views and judgement on one game and ignore the other 12 this year when this offense put up staggering numbers. Let’s also ignore the fact this was the backup cincy qb as the starter was out. It’s official, we are the stupidest fan base on the planet!

    • sbcamp17
      12:26 pm December 25, 2015 Permalink

      Thank you Shelby for the logical comment that others seem to ignore!

  5. Kelkat
    11:43 am December 25, 2015 Permalink

    I don’t think anyone should be judged by one game but this is concerning. Even worse, is that if this is the hire, because of this game it will be questioned from day 1 before he even was to step foot on UK. It wouldn’t be fair to Gran but it will be hard for him to gain support from a section of the fan base…

    • kyjohn
      1:13 pm December 25, 2015 Permalink

      Look at Cincys schedule and you will see why they had one of the top offenses.They ran into a team last night that was one of the better teams in the country and could be rated in the top 25.Hard to run up offensive stats when you play a top rated team.But that being said,their (Cincy) offense was less than impressive.

    • UK Big Board Update
      9:24 pm December 25, 2015 Permalink

      He should do fine… in the SEC.

  6. inside info2
    11:48 am December 25, 2015 Permalink

    His offense was number one in passing offense and high in total offense. He should be a good hire. Just funny that after he has been secretly hired by UK he has a terrible game.

  7. blueballs80
    11:57 am December 25, 2015 Permalink

    Well his starting QB was out. The back up comes in and throws 3 interceptions. I won’t judge him on one game but his previous body KFC work. They least made it to a bowl game with that offense and we barely beat Eastern. Bum Slayers that’s what we are for now.

  8. Drew, Merry Christmas to you, Matt, MTT and all the rest of the KSR crew for bringing us all the free coverage of UK in the most ridiculous manner possible!!! Happy New Year as well!!!

  9. bigblueforever
    12:20 pm December 25, 2015 Permalink

    This is our new OC? Sounds about right….

  10. CopenhagenCat
    12:33 pm December 25, 2015 Permalink

    Scrubs as usual.

  11. DennyC
    1:00 pm December 25, 2015 Permalink

    If this the new OC we get for Christmas, I think a chunk if COAL would have been better.

    • UK Big Board Update
      9:24 pm December 25, 2015 Permalink

      whats this “we” shit??

  12. crpky
    1:28 pm December 25, 2015 Permalink

    Why not go after San Diego St’s OC. Seems like he knows how to score points!

  13. UKBlue1
    2:47 pm December 25, 2015 Permalink

    Cincinnati starting QB that had thrown for some crazy amount of yards didn’t make the trip, he was out for personal reasons.

  14. dean winchester
    2:53 pm December 25, 2015 Permalink

    You dont judge on one game. The guy was associate head coach at FSU, for past two seasons at cincy he had a very effective offense. He also has over a decade of experience in.the SEC. He didn’t have his starting qb either. Spurrier got destroyed in a bowl game vs Nebraska, it didnt mean his offense was crap. Body of work people. Everyone have a Merry Christmas.

  15. Joe Dan Gorman
    3:08 pm December 25, 2015 Permalink

    Pwesonally—I don’t think we’re being held back by an OC

  16. WildcatCam
    3:22 pm December 25, 2015 Permalink

    Drew, you gotta be kidding me….they were playing their true freshman quarterback. Their #1 QB, didn’t play. Let’s be serious…

  17. kjd
    4:32 pm December 25, 2015 Permalink

    Yes, it was the backup QB. The same one who threw for 557 yds against Memphis. Maybe it is the level of competition. Given a couple of weeks of prep, seemed like defense had Cincy down pat. Very uneasy about this guy facing SEC defenses. If Gran is the hire, I don’t see how there can be any excitement created after a very anemic performance against a less than power house team.

    • BluKudzu
      5:18 pm December 25, 2015 Permalink

      What everyone seems to have forgotten, is that SDSU STARTING QB was also on the sideline. I know he is not the DC, but, seriously, the SDSU OC looks like a better hire than this guy.

  18. kybeau1
    7:19 pm December 25, 2015 Permalink

    Eddie Gran-pa got run over by a real football team (SDSU), trying to coach in a bowl game Christmas Eve……. You and I definitely know and say there is no such thing as winning Spread or Read-Option football………..But as for Mark Stoops and Eddie Gran-pa they wrongfully and misguidedly believe………..

    And so apparently the pansy, bullshit travesty of such football will continue here.

  19. BobNWeaver
    8:14 pm December 25, 2015 Permalink

    Coach Stoops will be at UK at least two more seasons. Eddie Gran is someone with whom he has past experience and is someone he can fully trust (good or bad). Rather than wishing to run Stoops out, how about we support his and his coaching staff for the next two years. Feel free to repost this on Christmas 2017 if we are still 5-wins-or-less that season. My prediction is the opposite, that we will be glad we gave Stoops the support and time necessary to develop a winning program. Stoops has the energy and is recruiting capable SEC talent. It will show on the field, people. Just give it time.

  20. kjd
    9:14 pm December 25, 2015 Permalink

    I’m not advocating running Coach Stoops out. I bought in when he was hired. I have purchased season tickets for 3 years. This year was the worst. I’m on the fence for next season. It’s a major commitment of time and money. I need to see some competitive football.
    If Stoops misses on this hire, he won’t be seeing a contract extension.

  21. mtk4uk
    1:06 pm December 26, 2015 Permalink

    This article and comments are some of the most uninformed I have ever seen. How about pointing out that UC was without its starting qb. How about pointing out the success of Gran’s offense this season. Talk about trying to set an agenda. Do some real reporting.

  22. Scrappy Cat
    7:28 pm December 26, 2015 Permalink

    I will take an opinion of reserve on Gran, that’s all we can do. No one knows if he will be successful or not until he proves that he will or won’t. Yes, it is incorrect to judge him on this one bad performance in which he was without his starting QB. However, it is also incorrect to assume because his offense put up big numbers playing against American Conference defenses that he will do the same in the SEC. Comparing the American Conference to the SEC is like comparing apples and log trucks you can come up with no relative data.