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56 responses to “Eddie Gran returning to Kentucky is a major win for the football program”

  1. unbridled

    “Major win” for the program is quite debatable. Oh well.

    1. mashburnfan1

      I have yet to see, other than KSR, that Gran was offered anything or that he turned down anything. Even at UGA sites there is no mention of anything {they don’t even have Gran listed in their long shot candidates}, CBS nothing, ESPN nada. Just like KSR saying Stoops may go to Miami, HELLO Miami never considered anyone other than who they hired, could not have since dude was hired a couple hours after Richt left. I hope Gran does well, helps our kids and team. Facts are he was horrible. Look at Vandy, UT, Mizzou, A&M, MTSU, CMU, 2nd half of USC. Teams put up huge points of those teams all season, well all but Eddie Gran. 3rd and or more we have no shot with a QB draw, hand off or pass route of 2 yards, which is what he called most of the time. Even vs PSU he tried to lose it but luckily Benny carried a few guys 3 yards, on 3rd down, to get a 1st down. I can’t stand him as a coach but will hope he changes for our teams sake. Still don’t believe all this BS about a UGA offer, did not happen.

    2. bigbluebanana

      Mash, as often as we disagree, I’ve been saying the first half of your argument all day. No one listed as the source other than KSR.

    3. KYCat4EVER

      Never found a true source, but my personal hypothesis is…

      Coach Calipari must have asked “let’s PRETEND Eddie Gran was offered the Offensive Coordinator job at Georgia…” ?

    4. ibescootch

      The whole point of breaking a story is that you’re the first person to say it. If Matt’s source told him prior to anyone else and no one else broke the story, why is it relevant? Who knows what happened? Maybe they offered him the position and he turned it down immediately, so they didn’t want it to be a big thing. I just don’t see why you and banana are harping on this point. Who cares?!

    5. Miller45

      Seriously where did this story originate? We will know more in the morning

    6. catsby90.1

      Agree with all of it ^ Mash

    7. mashburnfan1
      Talked about Gran being a position coach. No way UGA would give their offense to a guy that has his offense in the 100’s. Coley will be the leader and probably the winner.

    8. Ridge Runner

      Ok, this is what blueballs mentioned earlier. Ok… now the sanity of it is coming back. Thx mash.

    9. dcforuk

      You would have to blame the head coach for dictating the style and playcalling. I ain’t gunna do that to a head coach that won 10 games for the first time since 1977. You take the good you take the bad you take them both and there you have the facts of football. Style points are not nearly as important as wins!

    10. 206Bones

      Jack, I’m not certain you know jack.

  2. CopenhagenCat

    Im hoping they will work with Wilson more. To me the kid never had a chance under the play calling. They have to open up the play calling to make Wilson a better QB. Snell and the defense wont be here to help Grans conservative play calling this time.

    1. Miller45

      I’m with you, and if terry does break through there is a large population that has said some nasty nasty sh*t about him this year and they need to shove it

    2. kjd

      Stoops is behind the play calling.

    3. BlakeBlueNation

      On defense he is. Gran leads playcalling on offense

    4. dcforuk

      Stoops is the head coach and “leads” and sets the tone for both defense and offense. Remember the drive in the Vandy game. You think Gran would ignore Stoops saying “run it down their throats?” No way. The HC sets the tone!

  3. Trueblue44

    Ok, I have been incredibly critical of Gran. Man enough to admit I’ve blasted the guy repeatedly. But, this whole scenario playing out how it did tells me something. Maybe there’s far more to this than I gave him credit for and we’ll see on that one. But I’m giving him credit for turning that down for the continuity of the program. Maybe let’s all go into next season with an open mind and see how it plays out. Here’s hoping we explode and keep this ride rolling

  4. onlyone

    This is a major letdown for the program. Continued mediocre offense and playing not to lose. Cats will not go to a bowl next year and you can write that down. Offense will be lucky to score in double figures most games.

    1. Parker_UKFanNC

      How much you willing to wager on that there statement

  5. cats646

    I’m just gonna hang a big “maybe” on the title of this article.

  6. Ridge Runner

    If he would just improve on in-game adjustments. Don’t rely on a game plan that isn’t working.

    1. FlySoup

      Seemed like he did a good job changing something against penn state at halftime

    2. Ridge Runner

      One quarter doesn’t make a half..

    3. Jiminy Crickets

      So you guys are just realizing this site fabricates stories for clicks?? Every B.B. recruiting update has a guy in it “Cal is all in on”, and when he cuts us from his list, this site jumps on the sky is falling with 10 articles about why that guy didn’t come, only to switch gears the next day telling people about other recruits. Then there’s the “major transfers coming to UK football. If you follow Uk recruiting, you’ll know”.

    4. Jiminy Crickets

      Sorry didn’t know I was replying to a thread. My bad

  7. Bigblue7982

    Grand offense is very predictable.

  8. blueballs80

    Per dawgnation, it appears he was offered position duties but not the actual OC Position. Thats why he is all in.

    1. Ridge Runner

      If this is true, I would have less likely lost my dinner tonight when I read of the offer from UGA

  9. ThankfulCat

    He was never offered the UGA OC job

    Rusty Mansell
    24/7 sports

  10. rainman

    I would agree with most of what was said in this article, but if you play a boring style, (conservative) who wants to watch? the most fun we as fans ever had was when Mumme Ball was here, and we didn’t even have to win! Call it reckless if you may, if no one wants to see it, what have you achieved?

    1. dcforuk

      I took my MS son and two of his friends to the Mississippi State game. Those boys had a blast at that game! Great defense and smash mouth running was not boring to them. I was only bored 3x this year. I was very happy 10x. Scratch that. I wasn’t bored in the A&M game.

  11. BluKudzu

    10-3, Beat Penn State, beat Florida in Gainesville.
    Yeah, he is absolutely incompetent as an OC.
    About as incompetent as all the Twitter muscle experts that comment on here.
    Stop with the complaining. You can’t possibly look any more stupid than you already do.

    1. Ridge Runner

      I see maybe one comment in this thread as perceived as a complaint. Mostly shocked UGA offered and then floored he turned them down. In fact, many are saying the report isn’t accurate. But back to your post… yes, he’s not incompetent. It’s just head scratching moments of play calling observed by many. A great defense and a stud on offense can glare over this with a great season.

  12. UKCatAttack

    I think the KSR reporting on this may be off a little. Matt Jones is the only person reporting he was offered the OC position at UGA. All other news reports are citing MJ/KSR or are saying something different altogether. I’m very skeptical that he would turn down $1.1 Million at UGA to be OC at UK making less.

  13. sportsbird66

    Umm,10-3 people

    1. mashburnfan1

      Not because of Gran in spite of Gran. Had a great D that played well alot and had Benny who Gran often misused by not faking to more. Just look at the facts…ranked in the 100’s in offense the last 2 years. That is with the best RB in UK history and a defense that often set us up in good position. You would see lots of teams, even bad teams, put up tons of points vs Vandy, UT, A&M, Mizzou and more yet we could barely score. Had to have defense or special teams score to beat Mizzou and play with A&M. Also look at our yards per pass average, we have to lead the Country in 2 yard passes and behind the scrimmage line passes. And we seldom run routes to the chains on 3rd down, very seldom.

    2. StillBP

      Only fact I need to know is that we were 10-3 WITH Gran. Glad he’s on our side.

  14. RickH

    With Terry Wilson, and Stephen Johnson for that matter, at QB , Gran is walking into a fight with one hand tied behind his back. Stoops is his biggest obstacle. He grounded Gran and Neal Brown both.

    1. dcforuk

      Yes maybe but 10 wins! I am not going to criticize the head coach for hiring the right people that can recruit better players that can help them get to 10 wins even if you think it should have been more. It is absolutely more about progress than it is perfection and there was unbelievable progress made this year!

    2. satcheluk

      This is a key comment. Coaches don’t just coach. 50% of their job is recruiting and he is 1a on our staff. Stoops likely handcuffed him the past few years and if the HC goes 10-3 and wants the OC back than I support that decision 100% and anyone who feels their opinion is more informed than his boss is an effing moron.

  15. KingKentucky

    Y’all say Coach Gran wasn’t offered? According to Georgia and Kirby Smart they came out and said he wasn’t offered the OC job!

    However Coach Eddie Gran is in the top 5 of OC in the Country! Now what is going on is the jawja peaches are butt hurt cause Coach Gran told them to go kick rocks!

    But like Nick Saban said:You lose all credibility when you offer another SEC an OC position and when he or she turns it down you wanna try and save face and down play it.

    1. mcp157

      He or she turns it down. It’s going to take another couple of generations of demasculinization of the youth before a “she” is OC in the SEC!

  16. UK Maine-iac

    I’ve been critical of Gran all season but as long as he stays here I hope he succeeds. I mean I hope he succeeds anywhere but I don’t see how you could turn down Georgia, a football school.

  17. CatfaninCinci

    I’m starting to think this Gran to UGA thing was a crock of crap to drum up hits. UGA websites are all saying he was never considered (why would he be, his offense was excruciating this season) and KSR have every reason to lie about it. 1) hits (like Fox News and MSNBC, the more sensational the more hits 2) It gets the heat off Gran. Everyone is aware Matt is a UK lapdog, he’d easily pass off propaganda to get the heat off coach Gran. To get the heat off of him. Make us think is coveted by other big time schools, so we better keep him… 3) The exact same reason you say UGA is denying it is the exact same reason you are pushing it. We’d all like to see UK on equal footing with UGA, this makes it look like we are. Like UKs position is more coveted. It’s not. The idea it might be is preposterous.

    Believe it if you want. They MAY have mentioned him as a dark horse but I don’t think for a second he was offered.

    1. Jiminy Crickets

      Welcome to KSR

    2. CatfaninCinci

      Long time reader. But always take with a grain of salt what I read on here. I don’t usually post

  18. Logic_Prevails

    Terry Wilson was a first year starter in the SEC. There are not many who set the world on Fire their first year out. He did well enough for us to win and next year he will do better. I am just not sure who the naysayers think will do a better job than he has done in the past three years with what he had on the roster. We have good players but we do not have UGA talent. Or Alabama talent. With an overall roster that is objectively less talented we hung with the best and that is the mark of good coaching.

  19. CayutsBy90

    “AJ Rose has proven he can make plays in the run game and as a pass-catcher out of the backfield”

    This is Eddie Gran we’re talking about. I think you mean to type “pass catcher *in* the backfield”

  20. Bunglert

    Major win?! Stay off the weeeeed

  21. KYjellyRoll

    I still believe stoops mentality “just win the game play calling” let penn state back in the game instead of putting the foot on the gas…I believe stoops held gran back a bit. I don’t blame gran because he’s told to “just hold the ball and win”. You have to get first downs to win games and the run will not always get you first downs lol

  22. Alleykat16

    You guys kill me bashing Eddie Gran all the time. Y’all act like he has had top notch qb’s here at UK. Johnson had heart like no other I loved the guy he had no fear he also couldn’t get the ball to his together end over throwing him or under throwing the ball time after time, he just couldn’t make that throw. Then this year our qb started off slow and turned the ball over with fumbles or interceptions or just having the big eyes and running. Now I’m going to say this next year our qb play and Grans play calling should be different and if it’s not then I’m joining the Gran bashing bandwagon. But until then I’m giving him the benefit of doubt.

  23. bwise

    We will see grans true playing calling this year? Lmao year four baby! That’s when the other 3 plays will be released.

  24. tgoff

    U of L will gladly take all of you haters because #BBN doesn’t want nor need any of you. If you don’t like what you see BYE!!

  25. CoachCat

    Lol. This guy. It’s unthinkable to question a QB that played confused and scared most of the season. Just look at his stats. One of the worst QB season averages in the SEC. Look it up

  26. possumato

    LOL at citing an article that contradicts your position.