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Did the Cats overlook Eastern Kentucky?

© Mark Zerof | Getty

© Mark Zerof | Getty

© Mark Zerof | Getty

Did the Cats overlook Eastern Kentucky? No. I always found that statement to be a bad excuse. How can an entire team with a short 12 game schedule overlook an entire game, easy win or not? However, I believe there is also a difference between overlook and underestimate.

Did the Cats underestimate Eastern Kentucky? Completely. Eastern Kentucky sounds like a weak opponent based on name alone. That’s where the underestimation comes from.  However, with transfers from UK, Ohio State, Kansas State, Cincinnati and more the talent really starts to stack up.

“We talked all week about handling success the right way. If you want me to be completely honest with you, I think we’re a really young team, and I think our immaturity kind of popped its head up tonight.” — Shannon Dawson to Vaught’s Views.

I would have to agree with Shannon Dawson on that front. Immaturity can explain a lot. Kentucky hasn’t been a successful team in years, so obviously no one on the team knows what it is like. The players got a taste for success last week after the Cats took down a ranked team and obviously did not know how to handle it properly. It went straight to their heads and that was obvious by all the winking Towles was doing on the field. For the record, I have always been 100% team Towles, but I think a lot of us were annoyed by that.

Looking back at the first five games, it’s obvious the Cats can play. They have the physical part of the game down, but not the mental. But maybe that will come with age.

The Cats also had no seniors starting on offense for the first time since 1993, according to UK. As an adult, it’s hard to be mad and tell 20 year old kids they need to be mature. I know I wasn’t at that age.

The good news is, there is NO WAY the Cats underestimate any other team this season. That includes the match up vs. Charlotte late this season. In a way maybe the Eastern game needed to go the way it did to put the Cats back into the right mindset to focus on what is important this year. A winning season.


Article written by Courtney Hessler

Ashley Judd is my spirit animal. Follow me on twitter at: @Hessler_KSR

18 Comments for Did the Cats overlook Eastern Kentucky?

  1. Mark
    10:43 pm October 4, 2015 Permalink

    While it’s comforting that we started no seniors on offense, we started 8 or 9 on defense. And got run all over all night. That’s what concerns me for next year.

    • Dude
      10:50 pm October 4, 2015 Permalink

      So, if those seniors are 4th and 5th year players, and this is only Stoops third year, then I guess it would be safe to assume that said seniors were recruited by Joker, no?

      It’s frequently said that Joker recruited SWAC and OVC-equivalent players, correct?

    • FernCreekCat
      7:30 am October 5, 2015 Permalink

      Take a look at the starting defense and most of them are Stoop’s guys. Off the top of my head, I know a lot are Jucos and therefore are Jrs and Srs. Then throw in Hatcher, Ware, and Westry plus others and you’ll see Stoops fingerprints all over these guys.

    • Wow
      12:20 pm October 5, 2015 Permalink

      Most of those guys you mentioned, FernCreek, were out though….

  2. James
    10:49 pm October 4, 2015 Permalink

    Definition of a trap game

  3. leon singleton
    10:56 pm October 4, 2015 Permalink

    Stoops took the fight out of them by no revenge over the punk punching Barker.

  4. chardun
    11:07 pm October 4, 2015 Permalink

    I think UK took EKU lightly, all week Coach Stoops was saying the young guys was going to play this week, as if UK was going to blow EKU out early.

    • No Towles Fan
      11:56 pm October 4, 2015 Permalink

      You are spot on chardun. I echo the writer about Towles and his winking, but I also dislike his arrogant demeanor with his nose in the air worrying about his hair. To me he is more worried about keeping his hair straight than he is with keeping his head in the game. I like stoops, but he should have stuck Barker in the game in the first half, because he could not have been any worse than Towles.

  5. Jeffrey
    1:02 am October 5, 2015 Permalink

    Yes they did overlook them, if you say they didnt, the. You haven’t been paying attention.

  6. bob
    2:02 am October 5, 2015 Permalink

    Hey the frustrating part to me was if we can’t blow Eastern Kentucky off the line and run it up the middle with success then how are we going to do it against the rest of the SEC competition we have on the schedule? Eastern Kentucky’s running backs were far more powerful than ours. I am talking Horton and Kemp. Most of the time Jo Jo runs hard. Horton runs hard about 10 percent of the time. If I were Dawson, I’d flat tell them, you don’t keep the legs churning, you won’t run the ball for me. Eastern’s backs got 3 or 4 more yards on numerous occasions because they refused to go down. Are backs don’t do that, haven’t for years. It’s disappointing to see backs on nearly every team we play out work our vaunted backfield. Boom is explosive, no doubt, he can score anytime he touches the ball. Horton is supposed to be our short yardage guy but most of the time he gives a half hearted effort. I’d like to see what he could do if he ran as hard as the true freshman Eastern had, number 20. He was a badass.

    • Well...
      3:50 am October 5, 2015 Permalink

      Let’s all be thankful you aren’t Shannon Dawson……

  7. GroundControlToNumber9
    2:32 am October 5, 2015 Permalink

    I took a shit just a bit ago that had more substance than this article Courtney.

    You’ve never played football… yet want to semantically tell people who did for half their lives what the often used term in sports ‘overlook’ means.

    Maybe you can challenge Ms. Tyler on the emoticon posts from now on.

    Also… if you don’t change that picture of yourself soon I’m going to come smack those gummy bears out of your mouth.

    • Wow
      3:51 am October 5, 2015 Permalink

      So angry….. Why? Courtney doesn’t come to your job and tell you how to flip burgers……

    • Ashley
      8:13 am October 5, 2015 Permalink

      I agree. This person knows nothing except how to troll twitter. Everything about her is annoying. The pic, her spirit animal, her lack of anything substantive.

  8. Rajonrondo9
    9:23 am October 5, 2015 Permalink

    I hope Towles winks at you as he leads the team to a bowl game.

  9. James K
    9:34 am October 5, 2015 Permalink

    I disagree, but I’m not going to trash you like some of these guys haha. Geez louise. I do think Kentucky overlooked EKU, in the fact that they didn’t deem them a worthy enough opponent to come prepared to play. It’s fine — they found a way to win and move to 4-1. I think, all things being equal, if you bring the same motivation you bring the last three games, Kentucky wins by at LEAST two touchdowns. They just weren’t playing with any urgency at all.

  10. The Rest of the story
    9:40 am October 5, 2015 Permalink

    Cats are 4-1. Lets look at who we beat. ULL a really bad team with a losing record that almost came back to beat the Cats. S. Carolina, maybe the worst team Spurrier has ever had and almost came from behind to win. Missouri, another team that is way down the scale from the last two years. Then Saturday night a come from behind win in OT against EKU, a team that totally outplayed, out coached, and out smarted the Cats for 53 minutes. Only loss to what looks to be a very good Fld. team that shut the Cats out of the end zone and won what may be their biggest game of the year by just 4 pts. Cats resume is not impressive to say the least. A week from Thursday the Cats play Auburn, another team way down from previous years and we all know will be a real tough game for the Cats. With two weeks to prepare for us I cannot see the Cats win that one unless we just steal the game and Auburn turns the ball over a lot.

  11. GeorgiaKat
    10:12 am October 5, 2015 Permalink

    Unacceptable! Whatever the excuse is, it’s obvious Stoops does not have this team in the right place! You should be able to overlook Eastern Kentucky and still win by 2 touchdowns. Why even hold out hope for this team… Embarrassing!