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Countdown to Football Season: 13 Days

Image via CSN Bay Area

Image via CSN Bay Area

Image via CSN Bay Area


Before the arrival of promising new head coach Mark Stoops and his brand new tradition of nationally ranked recruiting classes, Kentucky football fans hadn’t had much to cheer about in recent seasons. However– as distant as it may seem– it wasn’t that long ago when Rich Brooks led the ‘Cats to the first of five straight Kentucky postseason appearances, including three consecutive victories from ’06-’08 over 2013 Orange Bowl champion Clemson, 2013 undefeated national champion Florida State, and 2013 Beef ‘O’ Brady’s Bowl champion East Carolina. The Rich Brooks era paved the way for several talented Wildcats to make a splash at the NFL level, including one unforgettable Kentucky receiver who surely comes to every ‘Cats fan’s mind when the number 13 is mentioned: former Buffalo Bill and current San Francisco 49er Stevie Johnson.


Stevie Johnson began his collegiate career in his home state of California, where he attended Chabot College– a 94-acre community college that happens to be the alma mater of movie star Tom Hanks and former Metallica bassist Cliff Burton. After his sophomore season, Johnson transferred to the University of Kentucky to play under head coach Rich Brooks, who had guided his team to a dismal 3-8 record the year before. However, with the help of 12 catches, 159 yards, and 1 touchdown on the season from Stevie, the ‘Cats defeated Clemson in the 2006 Music City Bowl (wherein Johnson caught 3 passes for 67 yards) to end the year at 8-5. It was during his senior season, though, that Stevie would go down in Wildcat lore forever.


Kentucky’s 2007 football campaign was one of the most memorable seasons in school history. Stevie personally kicked things off with a freestyle rap about the Bluegrass State’s favorite program before the first game of the year versus Eastern Kentucky:



By the third game of the season, Stevie upped the ante even further. The No. 9 Louisville Cardinals were in town for the annual Battle for the Governor’s Cup, while Kentucky was on a mission to prove to the country that no visitor was safe in Commonwealth Stadium. In one of the most famous calls in Kentucky football history– Stevie got loose!Johnson caught the game-winning touchdown pass to secure the Wildcats’ first victory over a top 10 football team in 30 years. But, less than a month later, Stevie would outdo himself again. When the No. 1 LSU Tigers (who would eventually go on to win the national championship later that season) made their way to Lexington with an undefeated record, the ‘Cats accepted the daunting challenge before them once more. Johnson again caught a game-winning touchdown pass from quarterback Andre’ Woodson, this time in triple overtime to lift the Wildcats to a 43-37 victory over the Tigers. Johnson finished his senior season with 61 catches, 1,052 yards, 13 touchdowns, and a First Team All-SEC selection, while his team would go on to finish 8-5. Stevie became not only Kentucky’s fourth 1,000-yard receiver in school history, but the No. 2 all-time leader for single-season touchdowns.


Here’s to you, Stevie.


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Article written by Connor Link


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    Awesome, 2 and 10.

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      I have minimal intelligence, so I’ll just stick to copying and pasting the same line over, and over, and over, and over, and over…..

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      Yeah it’s a stupid trolling comment, but KSR comment sections are full of clowns like you who take the name of said trolls and post stupid rebuttals. Prolly happen to me.

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      Nah, I doubt it.

      I do like sex – in my butt.

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      If you use the word “prolly” anywhere in life, calling you a retard would be a huge compliment.

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      You prolly right.

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      See? Losers and grammar police. Btw, ‘prolly’ is a more efficient way of typing ‘probably.’ I suppose you have to be under the age of 70 to get it. Have a nice day.

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      Every ‘fife’ I’ve ever known has been a nerd or a pu$$y. In what category would you say you fall into? (Choosing both is okay)

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      You also, Pfife. The OP deserved a beatdown for his ignorant post. No need to defend him. Seriously, have a good day. My use of retard was an undeserved slight to you which I retract and for which I apologize. No irony or sarcasm intended.

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      It’s cool, I don’t mind.

  2. UKfan
    12:48 pm August 17, 2014 Permalink

    Don’t see the live blog for the basketball game yet, so I’ll post this here: will have Live Streaming links and the site should have a replay ready to watch a few minutes after the game ends. They also plan on doing a replay of the Leach/Pratt radio broadcast sycned to the TV broadcast.

  3. Jim
    12:59 pm August 17, 2014 Permalink

    I believe there is another juco Steve that is due for a break out year., Steven Bordon. I look for the SR TE Juco transfer to make a huge impact his final year. Go Cats!

    • His name is BLUE
      5:21 pm August 17, 2014 Permalink

      I expect the same from Javess Blue as well. Think he has a chance to be a real stud in the passing game this year. Less than two weeks! Hope to see everyone in Commonwelath in two weeks. Go Cats!

  4. uk 78
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    Hopefully all of the juco s will have a break out year

  5. 2-10 Again
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    Blowing smoke 101. Yawn, heard it ALL before.

    • Same Old Crap Again
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      Then why bother with it? At a minimum why bother commenting? In year two of a new regime did you expect the article to read, “after a disappointing 2-10 season expect more of the same. Kentucky likely to never show improvement so cash in your chips now. This is a sinking ship.” Of course you didn’t because you know that would be nearly as absurd as predicting a national championship this season. It’s more than a little likely you merely saw the opportunity for some douchebaggery and pounced on it. Congratulations. Not just anybody can do that. Oh wait…

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      What do you want from me, man? I root for Little Bro, therefore I have an inferiority complex. So, I gotta stick it to UK whenever I can. I mean, you totally own us in basketball……

  6. BlueReality
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    Ah the good old days of Rich Brooks. Freezing our butts off at the Banjo Bowl in Nashville. Those really were the glory days weren’t they? I can’t wait for Stoops to get us back to the BIG TIME in Nashville this winter!

    • Our Butts?
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      Are we really supposed to believe that you’re a part of “our”. Nah, I’m pretty sure your sour-ass never made one of those trips and the folks who did are better off for it. Now you fly away little Cardinal. Fly, fly, fly. Fly, fly, fly.

  7. Auntie Em Effer
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    Really good article on Easy Rider in SI this week. They call him Bobby Mother [email protected]$!& Petrino back at Arkansas due to his proclivity in use.

    Can’t locate the link, but if you don’t subscribe, book a doctor’s appointment – or go to the ‘brary.

    Bozo ‘synopsized’ it here:

  8. NoMentionOf Kats
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    ESPN: Louisville (12-1 last year, 12 starters back, Head Coach Bobby Petrino) – Excitement is at an all-time high in Louisville, Kentucky as the Cardinals join a major conference for college football. The ACC welcomes in a program that has been on the rise in recent years, including bowl wins over Florida and Miami. Louisville brings a lot of confidence into a league that could certainly use it. But can the coaching of Bobby Petrino back up a fan base that has let the ACC know it plans on taking them by storm? We will soon see. Petrino has an offensive mind, whereas previous coach Charlie Strong based his team around defense. There will definitely be some guys playing positions they were not exactly recruited to play, but that will make it fun to watch, right? The Cards have an intriguing schedule their first year in the ACC. They get FSU and Miami at home – but neither are on a Saturday. The ‘Canes open the year with Louisville on Monday Night, while the Seminoles come in for a Thursday showdown. Arch-rival Kentucky is also at home. Those games plus Clemson and Notre Dame on the road make for an action-packed slate! Louisville will go 9-3.

    • 502 CARD FAN IN YO FACE!
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      Ummmmm….. This was written by some dude named Top Fan from South Carolina on a website called (?).

      Nice try though….

  9. FSU22
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    Don’t worry, you guys can just hop on the Alabama/Saban bandwagon and ride their coattails like you always do. Gotta love the Kentucky basketball fans that have all of a sudden become “Alabama football fans” since Saban started kicking arse in 2008.

    • Wait, WHAT?!?!
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      Is a Florida State fan seriously trolling our site? That’s hilarious.

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    Is that a Doormat Kensucky fan giving grief to a real football power fan ??? We #1 U #104

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      Hey its the Louisville troll, posing as a FSU fan! Hahaha, pathetic.

      Please refer to post #9.

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      Go steal some crab legs you classless bastard!

  11. REALITY101
    1:01 pm August 18, 2014 Permalink

    The media that covers Southeastern Conference football is predicting another tough season for the University of Kentucky.

    The Wildcats were voted to finish last in the SEC’s Eastern Division during Media Days activities Thursday in Hoover, Ala.

    Only one team, Arkansas of the Western Division, received fewer votes than UK.

    Read more here: