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Cory Johnson’s poop comment is blowing up

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Following Monday’s opening day of fall camp, defensive tackle Cory Johnson told Alan Cutler he can’t maintain a steady weight because he “poops so much.” Johnson said, “I try to poop like five times a day, three times a day; it’s hard to keep weight when you have so much going out.”

The new Wildcats’ hilarious comments have been making the rounds since Cutler uploaded the video, with appearances on the New York Daily News and last night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

I spent a good part of my morning looking for video of Kimmel’s bit but couldn’t come up with anything. If any of you have a Hulu Plus account (I canceled mine recently), see if you can dig it up and send it to us.

Here is C.J.’s comment to Cutler from Monday:

Article written by Drew Franklin

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19 Comments for Cory Johnson’s poop comment is blowing up

  1. Hilarious…or weird???

  2. kyle heavy
    12:29 pm August 6, 2014 Permalink

    No pun intended with “blowing up”

  3. Ummmmm
    12:32 pm August 6, 2014 Permalink

    TMI. People like to read this site at lunch. You’ve posted this two days in a row around lunch. Think before you post.

    • John wall
      12:46 pm August 6, 2014 Permalink

      Ashley Judd could fart in my dinner tonight!

    • Moose
      1:08 pm August 6, 2014 Permalink

      If this silly post keeps you from eating lunch, that’s weak. Grow a pair. Or if you are female, don’t grow a pair, put your big girl panties on.

    • Andy
      1:26 pm August 6, 2014 Permalink

      We all poop ya know? Some more than others and its hilarious. If you cant digest this during lunch, you just weak!!

  4. Mr. Drano
    12:34 pm August 6, 2014 Permalink

    Maybe, Cory was the one “blowing up” the toilets at Coach Stoops house the other night…………………………

  5. gordonm
    12:36 pm August 6, 2014 Permalink

    Have read that most people’s weight fluctuates lbs everyday. Weigh out of bed, then, yadda yadda. Not weird but an unusual thing to say.

  6. Irony
    12:42 pm August 6, 2014 Permalink

    It is ironic and more than a little inspiring that I am reading this on my IPad while pooping.

  7. Jimbob
    12:51 pm August 6, 2014 Permalink

    I only poop at work…that way I get paid to poop. Is there anything more satisfying than getting paid to poop? Yes there is…finding out the actual amount that I get paid to poop:

    • dubowski
      1:35 pm August 6, 2014 Permalink

      You’re going places, Jimbob.

    • Jimbob
      3:57 pm August 6, 2014 Permalink

      I already went.

  8. Coach Cal wonders...
    12:53 pm August 6, 2014 Permalink

    One obvious follow up question is, “Do you poop ice cream?”

    • No
      1:00 pm August 6, 2014 Permalink

      That’s not allowed in the high performance system. It’s yogurt or nothing.

  9. SirPoopsAlot
    2:13 pm August 6, 2014 Permalink


  10. chris
    2:25 pm August 6, 2014 Permalink

    No disrespect intended but this is stupid subject to post on KSR.

  11. Tom
    9:35 am August 7, 2014 Permalink

    A new nickname!
    ‘Poop’ Johnson.
    ‘Dozer’ Elam, etc.
    That’s how traditions are made.
    Maybe if we ever get around to a quarterback, we can give him a nickname too.
    How about it?
    Please list your choice of such nickname.

  12. SECfan
    7:11 pm August 7, 2014 Permalink

    At least Poop Johnson is one UK player going to a bowl, often!

  13. Beau
    1:09 am August 8, 2014 Permalink

    Sir Poopsalot!!! Excellent nickname. I may be snorting between that and the!