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CJ Conrad is efficient but “extremely frustrated”

CJ Conrad. The name alone is enough to get the BBN fired up, especially this season. The senior tightend has star potential, and it’s very likely he could find himself playing on Sundays in the coming years. But for now, No. 87 is struggling to even get his number called at Kentucky.

Against Tennessee, Conrad caught the ball just two times, both of which were huge receptions for the Wildcats. He may have only recorded two touches, but he finished with 39 yards – his catches were for 19 and 20 yards each. One resulted in Kentucky’s only touchdown of the night. But clearly, two touches weren’t enough to satisfy Conrad, and it certainly wasn’t enough to secure a Kentucky victory.

“It’s very frustrating, especially being one of the leaders on the offense,” Conrad said of the team’s performance against the Vols. “We don’t want to have the results we’ve been having… We’ve been trying extremely hard to find something that’s going to work for this offense.”

They haven’t found that yet. Although the Cats’ offense seemed to be clicking in the first half of the season, that hasn’t been the case lately.

For the third time in the past five games, Kentucky failed to reach 300 yards of offense. Last night, the Cats finished with 262 yards, which is actually impressive when you realize they had just 68 yards in the first half.

“We’re just really killing ourselves offensively right now,” Conrad said. “On offense, you need all 11 guys to be on the same page. All it takes is one guy [on a different page] and the play doesn’t work, and we’ve been having a lot of that lately.”

Last night marked the last time Kentucky’s seniors would ever compete in an regular season SEC game. The loss was a bitter way to end a season with some of the more-celebrated victories of the past decades, worsened by the fact these seniors have been through so much throughout their time as Wildcats. Conrad called the Tennessee defeat “obviously not the way [he] wanted to go out.”

“We’re going to have to have a meeting. I know some of the older guys are extremely frustrated right now, myself included, because this is our last go-around here and you don’t want to end it like it was tonight,” Conrad said after the game. “We’re going to have to pull it together, have a meeting Monday and address the team about what we need to do to not let this happen again. But you can only talk so much – we have to do it.”

They’ll have to do it, indeed. Middle Tennessee State should not be a formidable opponent, but Kentucky is in no position to overlook their competition at this point in the season. The Cats have plenty to work on in practice this week, and maybe it needs to start with figuring out how to get CJ Conrad more involved. The hopes of a 10-2 season are dead, but the idea of a special year is still very much alive. They just have to find a way to get there.


Article written by Maggie Davis

I love sports, podcasts, long walks on the beach and Twitter (@MaggieDavisKSR)

38 Comments for CJ Conrad is efficient but “extremely frustrated”

  1. JusSayin
    4:18 pm November 11, 2018 Permalink

    I’m no offensive coordinator but I feel like it might help if we called some plays for him every now and then.

  2. Catlogic15
    4:20 pm November 11, 2018 Permalink

    I’m sure he was speaking for everyone.

    • JusSayin
      4:51 pm November 11, 2018 Permalink

      Terry actually hasnt had problems connecting to CJ when those plays are called.

  3. bigblue98
    4:21 pm November 11, 2018 Permalink

    This isn’t a special year – the way this team is falling apart is depressing. Worst of all is the thought of this team next year with the leaders gone. Can definitely see 4, maybe 5 wins at best. Line can’t block, receivers can’t get open, qb can’t throw, and know defense will be down from this year. We are definitely trending down for the future of the program.

    • Cabranton
      4:34 pm November 11, 2018 Permalink

      Agree to disagree. It’s still a very good possibility this team goes 9-3. Poll logical UK fans, they take 9-3 every year regardless of how they start. I’m going, early 30’s but a 8+ regular season hasn’t happened in my lifetime. This is a special season. Next year will take care of itself, enjoy the possibility of a 9 win season and an Outback/Citrus level bowl game.

    • Middy
      5:03 pm November 11, 2018 Permalink

      Next years schedule is much easier

    • JASUN74
      7:32 pm November 11, 2018 Permalink

      Your right , the special is out the door. Really good even great compared to others, but not special. With even a touch of fight Saturday and a little heart, win or lose if they would’ve just fought it could have been considered special. Not now. And it’s hurts really bad. Waited a long time for this year and to just give up and collapse, it’s inexcusable. Don’t have to list the problems because there are too many but you can always bring the fight and we left it in Lexington.

    • N-UR-i
      7:45 pm November 11, 2018 Permalink

      No way this team goes 9-3.

  4. Matt10
    4:33 pm November 11, 2018 Permalink

    CJ has a couple bear traps at the end of his arms and he only gets 2 touches??!! If memory serves the first time he was targeted was 2 minutes left in the 3rd quarter. Touchdown. Really??!! He should be targeted at least 10 per game.

    • JASUN74
      7:33 pm November 11, 2018 Permalink

      Yes and yes sir.

  5. bd2153
    4:40 pm November 11, 2018 Permalink

    Should have meeting with the coaches. Ask them to wake up and throw down field not sideways.

  6. FunkyMonkey
    4:44 pm November 11, 2018 Permalink

    What elite recruit with other similar offers would want to come here to play Gran’s conservative, boring, ineffective Offense. How Vince Marrow will continue to be able to recuit with Gran leading it I’ll never know.

    • JASUN74
      7:39 pm November 11, 2018 Permalink

      Your right. I’m getting worried about the big tight end from Florida. He’s got the same type of game as Conrad and we all know they want the ball. I’m sure these guys watch the games. I haven’t heard any rumblings or rumors but we really need to keep all of our good recruits. Can’t afford not to honestly.

    5:00 pm November 11, 2018 Permalink

    @bigblue98…….”we are definitely tending down for the future of the program???? That may be the dumbest comment in the history of comments. That’s just idiotic.

    5:02 pm November 11, 2018 Permalink

    I’ll take 9 wins! You’ll always have those idiots that expect nothing less than a championship every year but we are headed in the right direction. Some idiot fans will never be satisfied.

    • bigbluebanana
      5:29 pm November 11, 2018 Permalink

      Well said friend. Go Cats!

    • bigblue98
      5:58 pm November 11, 2018 Permalink

      Hey moron, since you want to name call. Learn to spell check. Also, yes, we are trending down. Look up the definition of trending. We started 7-1, have now lost the last two. Offense is trending down in points and yards as opposed to first half of year, and defense also giving up more points and yards. If we were 5-3 and won last four games then would be different. You’ll already saying they have nine wins when there are still two games to play. I don’t expect a championship every year, but I expect to see a team that is competitive and doesn’t get out gained almost 2-1 to a horrible Tennessee squad. Come back in three weeks, then again mid way through next year and look me up since you’re the genius who knows all and has to be a smartass.

    • bigbluebanana
      6:05 pm November 11, 2018 Permalink

      Lol. Catf5fan done got you all types of fired up!

    • JASUN74
      7:46 pm November 11, 2018 Permalink

      I agree with most your comments but I don’t think any Ky Football fan in the history has got championship every year on their minds. Lol. I know what your saying though. And yes at the beginning of the year we would’ve loved 9 wins but if your being honest, your not happy with the las few weeks. I’m not and tickled to death we’re better than before, we just flat out didn’t show up Saturday and don’t look like the same team that was playing good football.

    • 4everUKblue
      9:27 pm November 11, 2018 Permalink

      Need any help getting that panty wad outta your ass Bigblue?

    • bigblue98
      9:43 pm November 11, 2018 Permalink

      Please read article that’s three above. Offense – seven touchdowns in the last 5 1/2 games. Per person writing production is embarrassing, incompetent, and should not be tolerated. Sorry, as a season ticket holder for 30 years who spends thousand of dollars on tickets this is a joke. Did we start out great? Yes. But we are limping to the finish line. I expect a team who plays intelligent and hard, along with a staff who coaches with intelligence. Are we better than six years ago? Yes. But Stoops has advantages such as a 45 million practice facility and 110 million expansion that previous coaches didn’t have. Big emphasis every game and shown on the board is to finish the fourth quarter. We’re in the fourth quarter of our season- it’s time to start producing in the fourth quarter.

  9. BPatte
    5:07 pm November 11, 2018 Permalink

    Middle Tennessee will beat us, we can’t keep up with their scoring but please please let us beat Louisville!

  10. UKfanman01
    5:18 pm November 11, 2018 Permalink

    #FIREGRAN should be trending right now in BBN

  11. Cmart0907
    5:19 pm November 11, 2018 Permalink

    Every year is “supposed to be our year”. We in the games we aren’t supposed to win. But lose the games we aren’t supposed to lose. Welcome to Kentucky football my friends.

  12. JPGott2
    5:23 pm November 11, 2018 Permalink

    Everyone’s on the offense is frustrated, as they should be. When playcalling is as obvious and conservative as Grans is, every defense we face crushes us no matter their defensive rankings.

    I mean, look at Snell’s recent struggles. When a team knows he is getting the rock for sure, he is pretty much dead with our O-LIne struggling.

    UK is wasting talent on offense and a defense themat is finally showing exhaustion.

    All is on the coaching, and Eddie Gran needs to go or Stoops needs to rethink his philosophy.

    I do not hate Terry, but why has UK not had a reliable passing threat since the Woodson?

    Go Cats!!!!

  13. JohnnyCheeseSticks
    5:29 pm November 11, 2018 Permalink

    Eddie Gran has screwed Conrad’s career and NFL value.

  14. JaxWildcat
    5:32 pm November 11, 2018 Permalink

    One of my biggest frustrations watching the offense is how little he is thrown to. When they do, he delivers.

  15. brassnux66
    5:36 pm November 11, 2018 Permalink

    Terry is slow on his reads, only getting through a couple before he panics and runs. He hesitates to throw when guys are open. When he does throw he rarely hits a receiver in stride. Many are high or brhind exposing the receiver to injury. To top it all he negates his running ability because he doesn’t want to get hit. Running out of bounds or sliding when you HAVE to have a first down doesn’t cut it.

  16. michaelb
    5:38 pm November 11, 2018 Permalink

    I’m tired of this shitty play … I’m almost done watching them . I had no desire to watch them struggle yet again … they have to be super tired of it if we are .

  17. michaelb
    5:40 pm November 11, 2018 Permalink

    Coaches say this , coaches say that . Players say this & that . Truth is – Terry’s not gonna do anything different despite being self aware that he needs to. We’re just gonna get the ball and run between the tackles 20 times for 1 or zero yards all game again .

  18. runningunnin.454
    6:07 pm November 11, 2018 Permalink

    Before you say MTSU should not be formidable, consider this. We gave up over 200 rushing yds to UT; Charlotte held them to 26…MTSU beat Charlotte. MTSU also beat Old Dominion who beat #13 Virginia Tech, and they hung 48 points their last game.
    The way we’re playing, any team is formidable.

  19. Truman Claytor
    7:34 pm November 11, 2018 Permalink

    Conrad’s career at UK has been a waste. He has all American ability and has never had an OC capitalize on that talent. Sad to see a guy so committed get rewarded so little.

    • JASUN74
      7:56 pm November 11, 2018 Permalink

      It is sad to see him not being utilized like he should. People would be comparing him to gronk if he was being used at all. I still think he will have a fantastic NFL career and we will look back and be made as hell we didn’t give him 10-15 catches per game. I know the gronk comparison is high praise but do u all think I’m way off?

    • Miller45
      8:25 pm November 11, 2018 Permalink

      They have disgraced him. I was there at the Mizzou game his freshman year and after seeing him catch his first career touchdown thinking he is going to have 20 touchdowns and break records by the time he leaves. I sure hope he gets to play somewhere professionally where he can grow and succeed. The sky is the limit for him, he will always be one of my favorites and he got slighted by the role given to him and we were slighted from seeing the collegiate player he should have been, but wasn’t given the opportunity he deserved

  20. JASUN74
    7:56 pm November 11, 2018 Permalink

    Made as hell. Hahahaha.

  21. BigolBlue
    8:06 pm November 11, 2018 Permalink

    Woulda transferred if I was him

    • ClutchCargo
      1:18 am November 12, 2018 Permalink

      You wouldn’t have the grades to play anywhere. Try again, dumbass.

  22. Gr8scot
    8:46 pm November 11, 2018 Permalink

    everything is snell up the middle and when that doesnt work its snell up the middle again, keep looking for 6 on the oline meaning conner getting a touch but no just snell up the middle but god forbid we throw one and its a sack or intentional grounding but either way snell no not this year, guess i should be glad we pulled one out against so illinois