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CBS analyst called UK “Kentucky’s Largest Junior College”


CBS college football analyst Brian Jones did not hold back in his critique of the Kentucky football program and its horrible start to the current season. Jones called UK “Kentucky’s largest junior college”:

He’s just one of many people piling on to the Wildcats tonight. Kentucky’s an easy punchline these days.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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15 Comments for CBS analyst called UK “Kentucky’s Largest Junior College”

  1. JaxUK2012
    8:29 pm September 10, 2016 Permalink

    Bring in Art Briles!!! Proven winner and needs a second chance. Any other big time experienced coach won’t come to UK.

    • Kyblue34
      8:43 pm September 10, 2016 Permalink

      I wish, but only chance of that is boosters paying off the contract and going around Barnhart to hire him.

    • Billy Hill
      9:04 pm September 10, 2016 Permalink

      Art Briles! Tom Herman! Nick Saban! URBAN MEYER! Doesn’t matter. As long as
      Calipari is here, UK will always be a basketball first school. Football has no chance. Football can only succeed to the detriment of the basketball program. It’s a Ying/Yang thing. UK isn’t a big enough school to overcome that. Only the biggest schools can, and it’s rare.

    • Bluebros
      9:17 pm September 10, 2016 Permalink

      Ummmm, Duke, Ohio St, UNC, Fla, Okla, Louisville, (cough) just to name a few programs that have success in both football and basketball. Your logic is flawed. It is more than possible for UK to have a decent football team. We just don’t… Hell, even Kansas had a good run a few years ago.

      We have the facilities and the money to field an average SEC team. It is dumb to blame the football woes on Cal. I seem to remember having the same problems under Pitino, Tubs and Billy. This isn’t related to basketball in the least.

    • Bluebros
      9:21 pm September 10, 2016 Permalink

      Oregon, Baylor, Mich St, Wisc, West Va, Notre Dame, USC… Just to name a few more. Don’t tell me UK isn’t “big” enough to have a successful program in both football and basketball. That’s silly Billy Hilly talk

  2. bluebew
    8:55 pm September 10, 2016 Permalink

    Sadly the Cats are not junior college quality.

  3. buzzard
    9:03 pm September 10, 2016 Permalink

    why is he trying to sugarcoat our play?

  4. bluecat15
    9:58 pm September 10, 2016 Permalink

    That is hilarious!!! The laugh stock of college football on national TV. Are you kidding me? Really? Mark Stoops should have been fired on his plane ride home. Seriously!!! He is inept at holding a head coaching job on the division one level. I’m sure he’s a heck of a interior designer on football facilities and maybe should consider that as a carrier path. Our returning experienced offensive is truly explosive. Our NFL secondary is exceptional. COME ON MAN!!!!!!!!!!! The staff has got to go due to their incompetence in player development. We have gotten higher ranked recruiting classes but have gotten worse at football!!! There is one common denominator.

  5. Big Blue Shawn
    9:59 pm September 10, 2016 Permalink

    Our football team is a skid mark on the underpants of society.

  6. jaws2
    10:11 pm September 10, 2016 Permalink

    The program was embarrassed again, this time on national television. If the shoe fits!!!

  7. Luether
    11:07 pm September 10, 2016 Permalink

    An embarrassingly horrible and inept performance…

  8. BluKudzu
    4:46 am September 11, 2016 Permalink

    You should have seen it in Gainesville.

  9. BluKudzu
    5:40 am September 11, 2016 Permalink

    How soon before this $12,000,000.00 dollar deal by Barnhart makes national news, and becomes the joke of all of college sports? Talk about totally screwed, Barnhart won’t get a job selling foam fingers at any other school with a sports program.
    I can see it now…. “Mitch Barnhart……weren’t you the guy that hired a football coach, with zero head coaching experience to build a program in the SEC? Which failed miserably, and yet you did it again, but gave the second coach 12,000,000.00 dollars for signing 3 star talent? Yeah, you were that guy weren’t you? Sorry, our fry cook position here at Waffle House has been filled.”

    6:05 am September 11, 2016 Permalink


    6:08 am September 11, 2016 Permalink

    Bernhardt is the only AD in America who would offer a football coach a big money contract extension mid-season before the team even becomes bowl eligibe. We wouldn’t be having this conversation if Mitchell had waited until the end of the season.