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Can we just talk about Lynn Bowden real quick?

Last week, I wrote an article saying Lynn Bowden had yet to lose yards on any play in his young Kentucky career. We have seen him make plays in the backfield as a runner, on kick return, and even through the air as a passer on a double-reverse trick play.

During last Monday’s press conference, head coach Mark Stoops had some high praise for the talented freshman.

“He’s smart. We trust him,” Stoops said. “(There’s) something about him when he gets the ball. Effortless, great balance.”

Last night, not only did Bowden extend his streak of positive yards, he went viral in the bluegrass with this ridiculous catch-and-run:

Any other freshman would have fallen to the ground after that initial contact. We’ve seen veterans go down on weaker tackle attempts. Instead, Bowden methodically cut back across field and made something out of nothing. It was fascinating.

Boom Williams took the world by storm on a similar cross-field run for a big gain against Florida in his freshman season.

Similar to Williams, if you get Bowden in the open field with the ball in his hands, he’s going to make something happen.

The star freshman finished the day with three receptions for 49 yards, along with three kick returns for 79 yards, including one 35-yarder that was a shoestring tackle away from Kentucky’s first kick return touchdown in eight years.

This is the start of something special, and I only have one thing to say about it:

Stoops said last week he planned on getting more snaps to Bowden, and you better believe he’ll be getting even more reps after this performance.

Article written by Jack Pilgrim

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17 Comments for Can we just talk about Lynn Bowden real quick?

  1. Ridge Runner
    1:06 pm October 8, 2017 Permalink

    Yes, and I’ll use another example of what this young man gives us.. It’s the flash John Wall effect that he brought to our basketball team. If you see what I mean.

    He’s special.

    • Saint Gabriel's Rims
      4:14 pm October 8, 2017 Permalink

      I agree and lord knows, this teams needs a dose of the John Wall effect.

      The new rankings are out, and UK is the ONLY one-loss team from a Power 5 conference that isn’t in the Top 25.

    • Saint Gabriel's Rims
      4:21 pm October 8, 2017 Permalink

      Correction: Georgia Tech also only has 1 loss, but they only have 3 wins (vs. our 5) and they got 39 poll votes vs. 6 votes for UK.

  2. M_BOLDen
    1:27 pm October 8, 2017 Permalink

    The Stephen Johnson tackle

  3. TBW3011
    1:30 pm October 8, 2017 Permalink

    10+ touches every single game. Figure out a way to do it.

  4. USMC5150
    2:09 pm October 8, 2017 Permalink

    I can see Lynn Bowden as a Heisman candidate during his time here.

  5. BluKudzu
    2:35 pm October 8, 2017 Permalink

    Dude is a stud, and has the potential to be more Dynamic than Cobb if used correctly. Can he cover in the Nickel? If so, keep him on the field.

  6. catsby90.1
    2:35 pm October 8, 2017 Permalink

    If he had gotten the ball at least 10 times against Florida we would be undefeated right now

  7. runningunnin.454
    2:39 pm October 8, 2017 Permalink

    Bowden in the open field, you can’t coach that….what took so long?

  8. fairweather
    3:14 pm October 8, 2017 Permalink

    LB is good, and he may be really good, but honestly, I think we are getting carried away.

    • 4everUKblue
      3:40 pm October 8, 2017 Permalink

      Carried away or not I am a big fan and I don’t think “may be really good” is appropriate wording. By the way I think fairweather probably suits you.

    • PillsburyThrowboy
      9:55 am October 9, 2017 Permalink

      Are you on something fairweather? Have you watched the 10 or so times he has had the ball in his hands? The dude has agility and awareness like no other UK player in recent history. I’ve never seen someone juke people out of their shoes like he does. Did you see the opening kick off? That defender went flying past him. And this kid is a true freshman. I don’t think anyone is getting carried away when they say he is the next Randall Cobb, or maybe even better…

  9. fairweather
    4:54 pm October 8, 2017 Permalink

    Correct on both accounts. Congrats! Had the cats continued to play as they played their first two games last year, particularly with the lack of effort put forth in the Florida game or had Barnhart hired Petrino instead of Stoops I would not buy season tickets, therefore, Fairweather is appropriate.

    • 4everUKblue
      7:22 pm October 8, 2017 Permalink

      Well if not following UK football because Barnhart had hired Petrino makes you a fair-weather fan, then I too am a fairweather fan.

    • fairweather
      7:53 pm October 8, 2017 Permalink

      4everUKblue,we are on the same page then. Just want to give LB time to develop, which I think Stoops and Gran are doing very nicely. I believe some of the comments suggest that LB is ready to carry this team and I think we should temper our expectation and hopes.

  10. Jon O
    9:11 pm October 8, 2017 Permalink

    Kid deserves 3 touches a 1/2. He has instincts are beyond anything that would be considered coachable.