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BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: We Can Not Justify Losing to Toledo

© Kim Klement | USATSI

© Kim Klement | USATSI

Maybe it is just what this program and all of its scars causes but I am hearing UK fans, on radio shows and message boards, talking about Toledo and what a “trap” game this is and the Cats could lose and blah blah blah.  We love to shout to the mountain top how this program has arrived and we should be taken seriously and yet we still elevate MAC opponents as if we are playing a quality Power 5 school.  The fact of the matter is, no matter who Toledo has or how many players they have returning, they have MAC talent and we, in theory, have SEC talent.  And if we are going to act like a big dog in the SEC, then we should go into a game against a school like Toledo with one expectation only: domination.

So what kind of team loses to a MAC opponent?  Far more often than not it doesn’t bode well for a Power 5 school to drop a game to a MAC team.  In fact, in the last 3 seasons, it has happened a total of 11 times and in only 4 of those seasons has the defeated team made a bowl.  And only twice has that team won 9 games.  Now, in 7 of those 11 instances, the defeated team has lost 8 games or more.  And the combined record of those 11 teams who lost to a MAC school is 48-90:

2018: Buffalo defeated Rutgers
-Rutgers finished 1-11

2017: Central Michigan AND Ohio defeated Kansas
-Kansas finished 1-11

2016: Ohio defeated Kansas
-Kansas finished 2-10

2016: Western Michigan defeated Illinois
-Illinois finished 3-9

2017: Eastern Michigan defeated Rutgers
-Rutgers finished 4-8

2017: Northern Illinois defeated Nebraska
-Nebraska finished 4-8

2018: Eastern Michigan defeated Purdue
-Purdue finished 6-7

2016: Western Michigan defeated Northwestern
-Northwestern finished 7-6

2018: Akron defeated Northwestern
-Northwestern finished 9-5

2016: Central Michigan defeated Oklahoma State
-Oklahoma State finished 10-3

Are we a for real football school?  Then we beat Toledo.  We know we are going to beat Toledo.  And we act like we know we are going to beat Toledo.

Article written by Bryan the Intern

12 Comments for BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: We Can Not Justify Losing to Toledo

  1. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door
    10:12 am August 26, 2019 Permalink

    This is not earth shattering. I don’t think too many people would disagree.

    • chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door
      10:17 am August 26, 2019 Permalink

      BTW, in 2003 N. Illinois beat Bama in Tuscaloosa and Bama finished 4-9.

  2. Smyrna_Cat
    10:43 am August 26, 2019 Permalink

    Did you SEE anyone on here justify tosing to Toledo? Must be a slow sports week, even for Monday morning.

  3. CatsfaninFL
    10:59 am August 26, 2019 Permalink

    Meh… first games are rarely dominant unless you’re playing an fcs team to open up. For one, you don’t open your entire playbook until you get to conference slate. Secondly we lost a lot on defense and offense. And while, yes, we are better talentwise, I think dominant is a bit much against a team expected to win their conference. Can it happen? Yes. Should it happen if further in the season? Yes. First games are tossups along with rivalry games for me though. I expect to win, but not sure if I’d say I expect us to dominate.

  4. cats646
    11:00 am August 26, 2019 Permalink

    Not only can we not justify losing to Toledo, we CANNOT lose to Toledo. That would be awful and so many people would check out of the season.

  5. magistrate1
    11:39 am August 26, 2019 Permalink

    Toledo is a quality opponent to open season . Should UK win? Yes. Should UK dominate? Not likely. Actually, the ‘trap game’ more likely is Eastern Michigan. Another quality opponent. Just ask Rutgers (2017) or Perdue(2018)..

  6. magistrate1
    11:40 am August 26, 2019 Permalink


  7. kjd
    11:49 am August 26, 2019 Permalink

    First game or not, we should handle Toledo. Period. Both sides of the ball have something to prove. Beat Toledo!

  8. bbneastnastytn
    11:53 am August 26, 2019 Permalink

    Ok. What is up with the lack of news on Xavier Peters’ eligibility. WTH!!!!

    • 4everUKblue
      12:13 pm August 26, 2019 Permalink

      We’re Kentucky. Do we really think Emmert and the NCAA are going to let him play this season?

  9. bbn606
    12:37 pm August 26, 2019 Permalink

    Well it would be an upset since many picking Toledo to win.

  10. krautdog
    3:29 pm August 26, 2019 Permalink

    Nice post Bryan! Keep up the good work!