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BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: Key Unit on Offense

What’s funny when trying to evaluate what is most important for this Kentucky football team is which position units have to perform for this season to be an improvement.  On the offensive side of the ball, Kentucky has some positives and potential.  But there are also some big question marks as well.  I breakdown the pros and cons for each of the 4 units on offense and I want to know which unit you think is the most key this season:


Pros: Kentucky has 3 legitimate options it seems at this position, which usually can make or break a team.  So if you are a Kentucky fan, you might feel good about the fact that if 1 guy isn’t getting it done, you can easily go to another.  It seems that the 3 guys, as told by Neal Brown, have different styles and strengths.  So there is a little flexibility here.

Cons: Having multiple QB’s doesn’t always mean good things.  It often means none of them are great or one would be the sure fire starter.  Nonetheless, UK is very inexperienced at QB this year, with only Patrick Towles having played in a game.  And the problem is if Kentucky doesn’t get consistent play at this position, it allows opposing defenses to target the running game.


Pros: On paper, this is probably UK’s best offensive unit.  Braylon Heard and Jo Jo Kemp are legitimate SEC backs.  Kemp got tons of experience last year and Heard is a Nebraska transfer.  But even beyond them, UK has Josh Clemons there coming off injury after a successful freshman season in 2012.

Cons: You have to think early in the season defenses will attempt to stop the UK running attack above all else and test the QB’s.  So either through gameplan or talent, these backs will have a lot of pressure to perform when defenses are after them.  Also, we really don’t know what Heard is going to give just yet and Kemp hasn’t yet been given the ball 20 times in a game so there is a question on if he can handle that kind of load?


Pros: A lot of returners in this unit for Kentucky.  Javess Blue and Ryan Timmons can be big time playmakers and their could be some production from the incoming freshman too.  Drops dipped significantly last year.  A bunch of speed at this position too.  Depth shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

Cons: Can somebody get them the ball in the right place consistently?  And if not, can they still make plays because that is what great wideouts do.  Who is going to be that deep threat for the Cats this year?  Also, if Kentucky begins using multiple QB’s, will there be a different rhythm between each guy and the wideouts.


Pros: You return 4 starters off a line.  Those 4 guys started 43 of a possible 48 games last year.  Plus the 3 most important starters on the line (2 tackles and center) all return.

Cons: In the SEC, you have to have depth on the line.  Mostly because it’s very difficult to get through a season without injury.  But even more because you can’t have serious drop-offs on the line when you put the subs in.  Kentucky doesn’t have a ton of experience in the reserves so will some guys still up on the 2nd team and provide depth?

Article written by Bryan the Intern

7 Comments for BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: Key Unit on Offense

  1. Bill
    9:21 am July 22, 2014 Permalink

    The offensive line, for me, is the biggest question mark going into the season. I think they under performed last year when they were reported by some as being a strength. It may have been a couple were playing injured. We’ve gone through quarterbacks like water through a screen door the last several years as the result of injuries. Having 3 or 4 that can perform isn’t a negative given past experiences. Having a WR play quarterback worked out well once in the past. I hope we don’t have to do this again though.

  2. BluKudzu
    9:28 am July 22, 2014 Permalink

    OL. Without it we have no chance. It will not matter what talent we have at WR, QB, RB. If the line does not perform, it is over.

  3. JDH
    10:26 am July 22, 2014 Permalink

    I agree that OL is the most important. Stoops and the rest of the coaching staff know that too. That’s why we already have 6 OL commitments for next year. And we’ll probably get at least one more OL commitment.

  4. theWilkman
    11:11 am July 22, 2014 Permalink

    I agree with the first 3 posters. The OL is and always will be the most important part of an offense, particularly in college and especially in the SEC. If they stack the box against the run, it will be on the OL to open holes for our RBs, and to provide the pass protection for our inexperienced QBs. Whichever QB is chosen will need to be kept upright if we want a shot at winning any SEC games.

  5. UKani
    11:21 am July 22, 2014 Permalink

    I agree with the posters above. The OL is the most important…..

  6. Marty
    3:57 pm July 22, 2014 Permalink

    O-Line is the position for me, but let me say this unit is dramatically better than last year. Every spot is bigger and better than last year. Our 3rd QB option now is better than our best QB option last year. 5 Running backs that can really contribute. More receivers with better skills at each spot and some legitimate speed as well. Offensive line is bigger and nastier, has some experience and all of their backups will benefit from that as well. They will play better as a unit and improve as each game and year moves along. This unit should improve as much as any offense in the country, regardless of the freshman and the O-Line questions.

  7. Tom
    7:32 pm July 22, 2014 Permalink

    I agree with the offensive line.

    We’vegl got three or maybe four outstanding quarterbacks. Haven’t they gone back to simple bazi e to while away their time till fall camp?

    Since we’re going to Aid Raid every team to death do we really need to improve on our 110 NCAA ranked defense?