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BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: Here Is Why It Is Our Time

It’s a weird kind of nervousness awaiting tomorrow’s game against Georgia because it’s a situation none of us have ever faced.  Even the old timers haven’t seen a game like this because since the SEC added a title game in 1992, Kentucky has never had a legitimate shot at winning the title.  Best I can tell, you have to switch the results of at least 2 games in any season to find a time UK could have made the title game.  This year, it is all coming down to one game.

What’s strange is I really, really, really want Kentucky to win tomorrow but still suffer from the scars of many years and wonder if now will be the time that fate will knock us back down to Earth.  Are we good enough to beat Georgia?  Of course we are.  Are we favored to beat Georgia?  Of course we’re not.  They are defending national runners-up for crying out loud.  And Kentucky has faced that kind of game many, many times over the years.  Good enough to win, not favored to do so.  And we rarely come through.  Except for this year.  3-4 times that has occurred this year: Florida, South Carolina, Mississippi State, and Missouri.  Not favored in any of these games but good enough to win them.  And we did.

Look at the number of SEC East titles since 1992:

Florida: 12 (7 wins)
Georgia: 6 (3 wins)
Tennessee: 5 (2 wins)
Missouri: 2 (0 wins)
South Carolina: 1 (0 wins)

There is a clear line between the have’s and have not’s in the SEC East.  Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee went to every SEC title game between its inception in 1992 and 2010.  Every. Single. One.  But then in 2010 South Carolina rode the Steve Spurrier train to the SEC title game and 4 years later Missouri rode the Gary Pinkel train (gross!) to the SEC title game.  And guess what?  We are now 4 years removed from that.  I say we keep going with the 4 years trend of the have nots of the SEC East getting a shot in Atlanta.  Hell, give Vanderbilt a shot in 2022 for all I care.

But this year is our year!  The stars have never aligned more than they have for us this year.  Much of it is “self-inflicted” meaning we have caused the good luck.  But some of it is just the fates working in our favor.  All of the errors Missouri made at the end of that game.  Those normally happen against us but this year, for some weird reason, they are happening FOR us.

In truth, even if we lose tomorrow, it is does not lessen this season.  This is the best UK season in my life.  Losing to a Top 10 team is no shame.  And normally I would think UK just doesn’t win these type of games.  But I think there is something different going on here.  Maybe it will just be 2018 and then back to regular UK football after that.  Missouri came back to earth.  South Carolina came back to Earth.  But for one magical season, things came together all the way to Atlanta.

This is our time!  The stars are aligned but metaphorically and literally as Benny and Josh might two of the greatest to ever play here.  Georgia has had plenty of times and now we take the reigns.

Cats 23, UGA 17



Article written by Bryan the Intern

6 Comments for BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: Here Is Why It Is Our Time

  1. UKBoo
    10:36 am November 2, 2018 Permalink

    UK is a few mistakes away from being undefeated this year! The expectations for tomorrow’s game would be completely different if UK had found a way against A&M. UK would be ranked top four most likely and UGA would be the underdog. Same teams. Same players for both teams… UK is one no call on a final play and no un-timed play away from having two losses. Tomorrow’s game would be merely just for pride as UGA would be in the SEC East Driver seat. Fans would be glad UK was headed to a warm bowl regardless of how tomorrows game turned out. A win would have been icing!!! Same teams… Same players… It’s funny how a play here or a play there can make or break a season. And it’s equally funny how expectations and perceptions change.. All because of a play or two. Me? I’m thrilled with what this team has accomplished. I have lam blasted them for stupid play or stupid play calling… Not to be picky or because I am a negative Nancy, but because this is a team where one or two plays tomorrow, or even going forward, could make or break the difference in a good season, a great season, or a historic beyond proportions season. Go Cats!!!

    • cats646
      1:11 pm November 2, 2018 Permalink

      Actually even if we lost to Mizzouri we would still be playing for the east. Georgia has one SEC loss and if we had two and then beat them then us,Georgia and Florida would all have two losses and we would own the tiebreaker on them both. That being said two 7-1 teams makes this game way bigger than one 7-1 team vs one 6-2 team. GO CATS!!!!!!!!

  2. clarks
    10:36 am November 2, 2018 Permalink

    allen two strip sacks benny for 125 wilson for 200 win turnover battle and we go to atlanta. sounds like alot but mostly normal stats except for wilson throwing for 200

  3. clarks
    10:39 am November 2, 2018 Permalink

    think he has only exceeded 200 last game only

  4. cats646
    11:02 am November 2, 2018 Permalink

    It IS our time!! Go get,em boys!!!!!!!!!

  5. Luether
    4:13 pm November 2, 2018 Permalink

    I would feel a lot better about winning had JJ not broken his hand. This guy is a game changer…