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Benny Snell accomplishes what no other true freshman at UK has since 2000

Photo by UK Athletics

Photo by UK Athletics

Photo by UK Athletics

Man, it’s nice to be able to reflect on a win, isn’t it? As I look back on my favorite parts of Saturday’s victory, I keep coming back to Benny Snell. The freshman running back had a game-high 16 carries for 73 yards and a touchdown vs. South Carolina. Almost all of those yards came on a touchdown drive at the start of the fourth quarter when Snell carried the ball on nine of the eleven plays and ran it in out of the Wildcat formation for the score.

Saturday’s was just the latest impressive performance for Snell, who has 33 carries for 209 yards and five touchdowns over the last two games for an average of 6.3 yards per carry. That’s the most rushing yards in back-to-back games by a true freshman since Chad Scott had 211 against Mississippi State and Vanderbilt in 2000.

Benny, who didn’t get any carries vs. Southern Miss or Florida, says he wants the offense to keep feeding him.

“I wanted them to keep feeding me. There’s no doubt at all. Every time I look for the signal, I want them to give me the ball. It don’t matter if we run it five times straight and the defense knows we’re running the ball, I’m going to get every yard I can regardless.”

My favorite thing about Benny? Look how hard it is to take him down.

As Brent Musburger said, “That rascal moves the whole pile!”.

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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14 Comments for Benny Snell accomplishes what no other true freshman at UK has since 2000

  1. Mathlete
    11:21 am September 26, 2016 Permalink

    I loved that picture of Boom and Benny celebrating after Benny’s touchdown, it’s great to see the team celebrating each other amid all of the noise about the Stoops rumors and their bad press to date.

    I’m hoping the football team starts taking on Calipari’s “brother keeping” philosophies and play for each other. “Kentucky against the world” works for them until they’re not the underdogs (undercats?) anymore.

  2. secrick
    11:22 am September 26, 2016 Permalink

    I’m already impressed and hope he does it against Alabama but not many players do. Ole Miss did a pretty good job .

  3. ky1988
    11:29 am September 26, 2016 Permalink

    Would love see stoops pull of biggest upset in UK football history Saturday. And then see what the haters say.

    • The Duder
      12:38 pm September 26, 2016 Permalink

      LOL. Dude, it’s not hating it’s realism. We beat SC the last two years and what did they do after? Rolled over and died. This SC team was the worst one since before Lou Holtz. What did they do to convince you they are going to be better?

      In 2 SEC games we have scored a total of 24 pts with 7 coming in garbage time. A whopping 12 pts per game or if you take out the garbage TD, 8.5. They couldn’t get a first down on Florida or complete a pass. They struggled to beat the worst or second worst team in the SEC and couldn’t put up any points with all of this “Vaunted offensive talent”.

      I want UK to be good in football more than I do basketball. I study and understand and love the game. I definitely don’t “hate” on UK, but I also don’t blindly cheer for things that are flat out wrong and Stoops is flat out wrong.

    • nadkin
      1:01 pm September 26, 2016 Permalink

      A upset is unlikely, but improvement isnt. I just need to see some upward trending on both sides of the ball to help moving forward. Stranger things have happened though, like that big upset a under dog pulled to upset the most powerfull force in the world. I believe its called the American Revolution. If they believe, then yes miracles can happen.

    • BluKudzu
      1:14 pm September 26, 2016 Permalink

      So if they do not upset Alabama, do we even want to know what the sushine pumpers have to say?
      Don’t you think labeing people who do not think exactly as you, “Haters” is a bit much? Football fans with a different opinion on how the program is run, is no less a fan, than those which blindly follow, and believe everything they are told.

    • The REAL Billy Hill
      3:38 pm September 26, 2016 Permalink

      If they upset Alabama, you’ll have nothing to bitch about! What would you DO with yourself?

    • BluKudzu
      10:52 pm September 26, 2016 Permalink

      Easy, just watch you make an ass out of yourself, again. BTW, how are your cramps today? Better?

  4. runningunnin.454
    12:02 pm September 26, 2016 Permalink

    Two back set! Make ’em guess.

    • secrick
      12:51 pm September 26, 2016 Permalink

      What ever happen to the Two Back set?

  5. kyle heavy
    1:29 pm September 26, 2016 Permalink

    Hardest runner we’ve had since Artose Pinner. We haven’t had someone break tackles like this since the ‘Tose was getting loose!