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Behind the Facemask: You Decide


During fall camp the “Behind the Facemask” series has highlighted personalities of Kentucky Football players. As camp comes to an end, so is the series as player availability dwindles. There are a limited number of days remaining. So, I thought I’d leave it up to you to decide which Wildcat that you’d like to be featured.

Thus far we’ve spoken with NT Jacob Hyde, OG Nick Haynes, OG Logan Stenberg, OLB Josh Allen, OT Kyle Meadows, and LB Eli Brown. The idea was sparked by the popular Netflix series “Last Chance U” and that football players rarely get the opportunity to display their personal side as they are often hidden by facemasks. Players were selected due to their pending team importance and lack of prior media coverage due to experience and or position.

Please comment below with your request and the reason why you’d be interested in learning more about the player. And remember; it’s not personal, it’s personnel.


Article written by Freddie Maggard

Former University of Kentucky Quarterback and Andy Griffith Fan Club President

9 Comments for Behind the Facemask: You Decide

  1. Realme
    1:04 pm August 19, 2016 Permalink

    Jojo Kemp. Because he’s great, and I think a senior, right?

  2. bbnboy2012
    1:50 pm August 19, 2016 Permalink

    Matt Elam-constantly talked about but im not sure we’ve really gotten an in depth interview with the man himself. Alvonte Bell-talk about his long path to Kentucky, how he committed to Joker years ago

  3. Hakmer
    1:59 pm August 19, 2016 Permalink

    Charles walker. Walk on to scholarship story

  4. bigtaters6957
    2:06 pm August 19, 2016 Permalink

    Benny Snell/AJ Rose/Gunner Hoak/Stephan Johnson. Also Nick Hayes should be coach, there is no way that people don’t flock to him.

  5. J-Dub421
    2:08 pm August 19, 2016 Permalink

    Jojo Kemp, Charles Walker, CJ Conrad, and Jon Toth.

  6. chardun20
    3:13 pm August 19, 2016 Permalink

    Jon Toth, Mikel Horton, and Dorian Baker

  7. triplec418
    4:04 pm August 19, 2016 Permalink

    Will Tom Collins, as a fellow mountain kid, from Breathitt county, I think it would be a great way for people to see his story. Transferring from UPike and becoming a starter in the SEC all be it at a position that doesn’t get a lot of love.

  8. Gbaby25
    4:57 pm August 19, 2016 Permalink

    I say king or derrick baitey. King because of all the running backs this year I think he has kind of gotten a little looked over and we haven’t heard much about him. Even the freshman rose and snell have gotten their name tossed around a few times. Baitey for sort of the same reason, the secondary gets talked about a lot as a group and westry gets a lot of personal attention so it kind of seems baitey is always playing second to westry even though he is extremely talented himself. Just a couple guys I think with a lot of potiential and quite possibly big contributors that we don’t seem to hear too much about as individuals.

  9. adam4
    11:40 pm August 19, 2016 Permalink

    I agree with Gbaby25 on Derrick Baity. Westry gets a lot of media attention and I would really like to hear from our other corner who is just as capable of making plays. Another member of the secondary I would like to hear from is Blake McClain. I feel like McClain has been really undervalued the past few seasons based on what he has consistently brought to the table. Lastly, I would like to suggest Garrett Johnson. Juice is my favorite receiver and I am really interested in seeing his background and what kind of person he is. These are three players I’m really high on who probably don’t get as much individual media exposure as they deserve. I also wanted to say thanks, Freddie, for all the work you put in to posting to the site. It’s nice to get a former player’s perspective and insight on nearly every aspect of the team.