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Behind the Facemask: Eli Brown


“Behind the Facemask” is a new series in which I interview Kentucky football players with the intent of showcasing their unique personality and background. By doing so, I hope to help the BBN by getting to know the person under the helmet. The first installment is linebacker Eli Brown.

In a season that linebacker play will be at a premium, Eli Brown has taken advantage of the situation by running with the first team in fall camp. He’s gained 15 pounds while maintaining elite speed. Brown was a highly sought after prospect as he starred for Warren East High School in Bowling Green. Rated a 4-star by all four major recruiting services, Brown was also ranked by ESPN as the nation’s 15th best outside linebacker. His Warren East play garnered an invite to play in the US Army All American Bowl. I spoke with Eli on Monday, and he told me why he plays the game:

“I love the game because I play the game for my brothers and sisters in Florida, and my mother who passed a couple of years ago,” Brown said. “Every time I step on the field, I thank her every time for introducing me to the game and the sport. I give it all I got just for her.”

Courtney Love will have either Eli Brown or Jordan Jones standing by his side come September 3. Both are capable of holding down the spot due to their sideline-to-sideline speed as well as their ability to cover the pass in space. Brown’s future is bright as he’s now getting the opportunity to validate his high-profile recruitment.

Article written by Freddie Maggard

Former University of Kentucky Quarterback and Andy Griffith Fan Club President

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  1. BluKudzu
    5:03 pm August 15, 2016 Permalink

    Liking this.

  2. BluKudzu
    6:26 pm August 15, 2016 Permalink

    I have nothing of significance to be said or guarded in this forum that I can I think of. I rant about my team and my teams coaches, only because I want to see them do better, of which I believe they can. What can I say, beats politics.

    Call me names, ridicule me, I am cool with that. There is no reason for the use of my posting ID to be used in process of spite for hateful and hurtful purposes to anyone.

    People don’t like what I have to say, don’t read it. Got a different opinion? Share it. Enlighten me and show me I am wrong. Personal attacks because I do not agree with the way they want people to think is a sign of the lack of intelligence and heavy insecurity. It shows everyone how small of a person they actually are.

    However, I did just find it interesting that something, such as petty and immature as these actions are, could blow up to such an incredible mess. I also find it odd that the host could be found liable. That was scary strange to me, but now according to what I read, legal precedence has been established. The story I read, mentioned the protocol which had to be established prior to getting the police and legal action rolling. It was not as much as I had originally thought. It was just show evidence, and reply with a request to stop, then on the next occurrence show both the the offending deed, and show the date of it and your request that they stop it. The attorney sends a letter, the police get the complaint via email, the ISP is located, done.

    What is even worse, I think, which I failed to mention previously, the victim also has plans to file suit for civil rights violations. I am not sure as to the context of the event which caused this, other than the mention of it being extremely petty, but somebody got a real thorn in their backside over this. Once proven in a court of law, the limits of damages are pretty much wide open.

    This also happened a couple years back when a girl’s mother was found liable for another girls suicide from on line taunting.

    You never know, someone, somewhere, has asked for legal representation and had gotten the police involved as well. It could happen here, if somebody gets mad enough to do something about it. I suppose it is inevitable though.

    The only effective way to deal with cowards, is to use the legal channels in doing so. People are getting fed up. Not too hard to get a screen shot and hand it over to the police, just a couple clicked buttons on a cell phone, they find the ISP, and the real game is on.