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Barnhart, Capilouto Release Statement on Alcohol Sales at SEC Football Games

A day after a Sports Illustrated report named Kentucky as one of the SEC’s strongest advocates to keep the stadium-wide ban of alcohol sales, President Eli Capilouto and Athletic Director Mitch Barnhart are doing some damage control.  They released the following statement on the matter:

The statement follows backlash from fans across the Big Blue Nation.  One of the biggest detractors is KSR’s own Matt Jones.

No progress was made to abolish the ban at the SEC Meetings in Destin.  It will remain a topic of discussion over the coming months, but the rule is here to stay for the foreseeable future.


Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

41 Comments for Barnhart, Capilouto Release Statement on Alcohol Sales at SEC Football Games

    3:19 pm June 2, 2018 Permalink

    Obviously they don’t listen… The teams still wear the awful checkboards!

  2. Catscats23
    3:25 pm June 2, 2018 Permalink

    Fans can vote on it with their wallet. Spend your money at local bars or stay at home and enjoy the game drinking whatever you please. Stupid move/lack of a move by the SEC.

  3. Catfan4life-original
    3:27 pm June 2, 2018 Permalink

    Good for UK. Keep as much of a gap between us and the sewer trash that attend U6 games as possible. If you want to drink badly enough at the game, you will find a way. I don’t attend any UK games on the U6 campus just because those dirty birds get so out of control and their true character only comes out even more. And by the way, I love beer and bourbon.

    • Cmstew502
      4:10 pm June 2, 2018 Permalink

      You’re letting louisville fans give alcohol a bad name. Those people are the same sober, at 11am, on a Monday.

    • terwilliger
      6:14 pm June 2, 2018 Permalink

      Yeah but that’s because they are unemployed 🙂

  4. krautdog
    3:40 pm June 2, 2018 Permalink

    Spot on Matt! It’s always about the money!!!

    • Rembrandt
      4:56 pm June 2, 2018 Permalink

      It should be possible for a reasonable person to enjoy a football or basketball game while sober. People have to drive home after these games. Operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol is dangerous, and plenty of people have been injured or killed by intoxicated drivers. No doubt, the SEC is aware that selling alcohol at games will increase the number of intoxicated drivers afterward. There are moral and liability implications. Anyone upset enough about an SEC alcohol ban to throw a fit on the internet is placing entirely too much importance on drinking alcohol. Sadly, the class warfare touch (the irrelevant attack on the wealthy) is what I would expect from a leftist politician.

    • dismore
      5:11 pm June 2, 2018 Permalink

      So your point is no professional leagues care about people and drunk driving. No restaurants or bars care about people and drunk driving. No grocery stores, gas stations and liquor stores don’t care about people and drunk driving. Because they all sell alcohol. Yeah your point makes no sense.

    • satcheluk
      8:14 am June 3, 2018 Permalink

      Why not ban alcohol at restaurants? You should be able to enjoy and dinner without alcohol? What about movies? What about Oktoberfest at your local Catholic Church?

  5. AncientOne
    3:54 pm June 2, 2018 Permalink

    If you enjoy being surrounded by a bunch of loud, obnoxious drunken idiots, you can always go to a Reds game. On the other hand, if you actually want to SEE a sporting event, well…..

    • Rembrandt
      4:59 pm June 2, 2018 Permalink

      Being seated nest to obnoxious drunks is very unpleasant. Entirely too common at public events.

    • Blue Bill
      5:32 pm June 2, 2018 Permalink

      I’m sure it’s annoying when you’re trying to sit down the whole game and telling people to sit down so you can see, probably while you knit a blankie.

    • bigbluebanana
      9:29 pm June 2, 2018 Permalink

      Good one!

  6. UKFootballYall
    3:54 pm June 2, 2018 Permalink

    Mitch is a joke! He knows nothing about the SEC, what SEC fans want, nor does he care to ask or listen what the fans that actually show up want. They spent a crapload of money on stadium renovations, for what? People still sit in bleachers and there is nowhere to tailgate! Wish he would go back to Kansas where he’s from with Dorothy and Toto!

  7. hay22cats
    4:00 pm June 2, 2018 Permalink

    Matt don’t be stupid about this one. I sit with the (poor) people every game and I would quit showing up if they could all get hammered during the game. This is why NFL games are miserable to go to. Everyone is trashed. Also since when was it mandatory to have alcohol to have fun?!?!?!? Someone please fill me in as to why we can’t enjoy a football game without having to be drunk?!

  8. Cmstew502
    4:08 pm June 2, 2018 Permalink

    Translation: Please stop talking about it.

    • ukdave62
      8:20 pm June 2, 2018 Permalink

      I had season tickets for 22 years and never saw anyone drinking in the parking lot. Who needs it!

    • satcheluk
      8:17 am June 3, 2018 Permalink

      You are blind I’m afraid. I tailgated for more than a decade and never went to a game where people weren’t enjoying adult beverages as far as the eye could see.

  9. playmorezeppelin
    4:43 pm June 2, 2018 Permalink

    (Students ask for better student section at basketball games) “The people who actually donate money to the school deserve the privilege of having the best seats in the arena! Especially over some entitled kids.”

    **same people** “Those wealthy elitists shouldn’t have more privileges than I do just because they have more money to give to the school!!!”

    Give me a break. I’m all for having alcohol at the games but there’s a strong odor of hypocrisy here.

  10. philbo
    4:43 pm June 2, 2018 Permalink

    I don’t take grandkids to games anymore because of the loud, profane drunks. Always a few within earshot. I’m not a teetotaler but boorish behavior already has run me away.

    • playmorezeppelin
      4:49 pm June 2, 2018 Permalink

      If you’re still using words like teetotaler and boorish in 2018 you can stay at the nursing home and watch the games and let the rest of us enjoy it without having to buttchug a 12er at noon before walking into the game.

    • philbo
      6:27 pm June 2, 2018 Permalink

      Im not in a nursing home, yet. You have to make this personal ‘cause we obviously don’t agree..?

    • playmorezeppelin
      7:20 pm June 2, 2018 Permalink

      You’re right, that was a little aggressive. I take it back… Maybe we can compromise with a designated drinking section. Keep the crazies away from the general population.

  11. playmorezeppelin
    4:51 pm June 2, 2018 Permalink

    Y’all got me hot. I need a beer.

  12. CopenhagenCat
    5:43 pm June 2, 2018 Permalink

    Id for one will drink before a game. Not going to pay $7 bucks for a beer. And I can fall asleep quicker if the football team is losing as usual

  13. katfan33
    5:54 pm June 2, 2018 Permalink

    Spot on, Matt

  14. KYPIP
    6:20 pm June 2, 2018 Permalink

    So, according to Matt Jones, attendance is down because we can’t get drunk at the games. Are we all severe alcoholics?

  15. Shidler8684
    6:39 pm June 2, 2018 Permalink

    Good for UK. I hope they stay the course.

  16. hay22cats
    6:42 pm June 2, 2018 Permalink

    Apparently, and hilljacks. GIMMIE MY BEER OR I AINT COMMIN NO MORE! Haha, suuck it up!

  17. blueballs80
    6:46 pm June 2, 2018 Permalink

    We actually need alcohol to make it through a UK football game, given how we play at times.

  18. John Henry
    6:58 pm June 2, 2018 Permalink

    Will someone please invite Matt Jones to one of the suites and give the boy a six pack. He is miserable and needs a lift

  19. UKFootballYall
    7:17 pm June 2, 2018 Permalink

    Huh, does anyone see a correlation here? We always beg people to pack the stadium. Maybe if we emulated the experience at other SEC schools it wouldn’t be necessary to beg anyone to come anymore. Let’s start by not charging students for a spot to tailgate, that’s absolutely ridiculous!! And then cover some of those “NFL parking lots” with grassy areas for tailgating. It’s obvious the church setting at Commonwealth isn’t selling tickets. Hello…Mitch?! Does he know what the definition of insanity is?

  20. rlburd2
    9:02 pm June 2, 2018 Permalink

    No one plays ritchous angry liberal better than MJ, rofl.

  21. BlueDiz
    11:37 pm June 2, 2018 Permalink

    Running for office is not a good way to run a sports talk show. Mitch Barnhart is on target with his reasoning and he isn’t running for office. We need more alcohol in Kroger Stadium like we need more lawyers in Washington. I love UK football for all of my 70 years and we do not need more drunks. Providing equal access to poor folks to drink like wealthy folks does not make sense. Health and safety issues would increase risk to the fans and the university. Face the facts, some people cannot be tempted to drink and many of them are now poor because of it. This isn’t the last time Matt will be wrong. I used to listen to the show every day, but sadly, I can no longer stomach the pop format. Did I mention that I still love UK football.

  22. Twick39
    9:25 am June 3, 2018 Permalink

    The SEC is in the bible belt… Enough said.

  23. Headhurts
    10:01 am June 3, 2018 Permalink

    Don’t sell beer at all, have a concession stand that sells margarita’s for about 15$ a pop, or we can just keep sneaking in our own bottles, it’s much cheaper anyway.

  24. Headhurts
    10:02 am June 3, 2018 Permalink


  25. Cat68
    10:29 am June 3, 2018 Permalink

    Should we also have areas with slot machines and a gun range? Some people like to do these things too. After a UK football game it’s not uncommon to need alcohol to settle down or occasionally celebrate. I honestly don’t look for my local football stadium to provide for my every interest.

  26. silverado
    12:18 pm June 3, 2018 Permalink

    “Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son.”
    -Dean Wormer