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At The Half: Cats lead Vols, 13-3

Through one half here at Kroger Field, your University of Kentucky Wildcats lead the low down, dirty, snitchin’ Volunteers, 13-3. Lynn Bowden already has close to 100 yards rushing because he is awesome, and UK’s defense has done its job in containing Tennessee’s offense.


Article written by Drew Franklin

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41 responses to “At The Half: Cats lead Vols, 13-3”

  1. makeitstop

    We are not going to win w 15 passing yards in the second half. Huge credit for the play calling to get us here but that Bowden pass cost us 7 and if we don’t mix it up more in the second half they will adjust abd we will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Great clock management so far but they will adjust and we better have a passing option AND execute. Hate Tennessee.

    1. KYCat4EVER

      SPOT ON makeitstop!

      Additionally… we are NOT going to win with a conservative, play not to lose, OC!

      Gran should never have been brought back after last year!


    2. RAGE

      I ain’t a fan of Gran by no means of the word… But I honestly don’t feel like this is on Eddie Gran… I think he is just doing what his Head Coach is making him do

    3. KYCat4EVER

      What a STATEMENT set of downs in the closing 2:20 of this game… it tells it clearly! VERY PATHETIC COACHING… no imagination, creativity, or execution!

      GO BIG BLUE!

  2. Trueblue44

    My concern is Rose running timid between the tackles. He’s decent in open space but those tough “Benny” type yards just don’t happen with him. That said, Bowden is willing us to first downs and points

    1. damage_control

      And right after stenberg goes out with an injury. Stupid

    2. Biggie

      Easy there dc, if you really watch the game Trueblue is exactly right. Smoke and CRod run much more aggressive than Rose. Not sure why, but he is very hesitant.

    3. damage_control

      Easy there- I was agreeing captain reading comprehension


    Well, here we go….about to get beat by yet another backup QB. SMFH….

  4. makeitstop

    They adapt – we don’t.

  5. makeitstop

    Since the live blog is all the KSR crew and u can’t comment… we can at leave post on here. If u can’t pass u can’t win regularly – u may steal one but it isn’t an offense! They can make adjustment at the half and we can’t… and they hv Jeremy Pruitt as a coach! I could see this loss coming as soon as we blew the touchdown with the stupid interception.

    1. RAGE

      I agree you can’t win in college football running a High School offense

  6. damage_control

    UK won’t score another TD

    1. makeitstop

      Ever w this plan

    2. damage_control

      I hoped I was wrong but I would’ve typed the same comment with 3rd and goal from the 2 yd line.

  7. dave1964

    Good adjustments by Tennessee at half time not so much for Kentucky same writing on the wall just another game. Same tired ass run the ball staight up the middle crap.


    Even a blind man can see that you need to at least TRY to pass the ball once in a while. And if you don’t, you damn well better have more than 2 plays in your run game. What a joke.

  9. damage_control

    They had to recover that- game over

  10. dave1964

    What a JOKE

  11. Trueblue44

    Well, Rose just isn’t very good and our DBs truthfully are so technically bad that any passing attack will succeed. They turn completely the opposite direction as the ball is approaching, no shot at defending a pass

  12. makeitstop

    Playground offense is my favorite insult by the announcers. Bc it is.


    LOL, this is beyond stupid. I hope the people who thought last year wasn’t a fluke, are enjoying the shlt-show this year. Last season was all about Benny and Josh….didn’t have anything to do with the coaching staff. The coaches still don’t have a clue how to win games.

    1. ColoradoCatFan88

      Agreed. Honestly, I wish Florida St would offer Stoops & he’d take the job. Take all his assistants with him. These guys are decent recruiters, but terrible play callers.

    2. KYCat4EVER


  14. Ridge Runner

    Worst game plan I’ve seen in all my years of following Cats.


      What “plan”, LOL? Hell, with the limited plays they’ve run, there was literally no reason for any plan…or even coaches, for that matter. In fact, if we didn’t have Gran and Stoops on the sidelines, and the players were left to call their own plays, we likely win this game.

    2. KYCat4EVER

      AGREE! But it’s what we have seen out of GRAN!

  15. BBN1982

    We lost. Kentucky’s offense SUCKS! Smh

  16. michaelb

    I’ve seen bunch of crazy play calls tonight considering the down & distance and situations . Kentucky choosing not to kick fgs when they’re in range is the reason I don’t buy football tickets anymore . 4th & 3 Hail Mary huh? We gave this game away .

  17. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

    Tennessee owes Stoops a lifetime contract because they know that no matter how bad they suck he’ll find away to coach them to victory.

  18. cardssuk

    AJ rose needs to be bench. He is running straight up and w/ no heart

  19. Trueblue44

    In reality, losing Wilson put Gran in a horrible spot. Rose was supposed to be big this year but for some reason he’s running scared and timid. After losing Wilson, all things went into panic mode and justifiably so. Now, the secondary is a different story, they are just not good at football, period

    1. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

      I don’t blame Gran he would have went for it at the end of the half instead of saying I don’t have a timeout so maybe I should give Tenn a shot to score.

    2. Trueblue44

      Nor do I. Simply put, losing Wilson has set us back a ton this season. It is what it is. We still have chances yes, but these kids are giving it everything they have on the field and, Rose not withstanding, diving head first into the opposition giving every ounce of heart they have. Next year will be a dramatically different team, just have to keep recruits on board and within 2 more years we are competing for 10 wins again

  20. RAGE

    I agree with you Ridge Runner… This is by far the worst game plan…. I don’t want to hear anybody else also defend Stoops about his choice not to put our WR back at his position… Coach Stoops don’t want a QB that can pass.. if I was a high school QB there would be no way I would consider playing for Stoops!!!! Cause he don’t want a balanced offense… He is choosing to play football this way!!!! Smith done a good job in the first half vs Florida… No team can win being this one dimensional

    1. JDizzle14

      God bless u RAGE. I thought i was the only one. I get blasted on here for sayin that very same thing.

  21. Righteous1

    Anybody think FSU still wants this coach?

    1. makeitstop

      Please God take him and the whole staff

  22. makeitstop

    We are the worst coaching staff in the league – Leaving Bowden in at quarterback when it was clear we could not move the ball and it was clear we could not score is inexcusable

    1. RAGE

      Agreed!!! That was my whole last statement… This is on Stoops… He is choosing this I don’t want to hear our fans blaming this on our QB situation and saying how we are on our 5th one this season… Smith can play he is choosing to do this…

  23. makeitstop

    The best description was when the announcer said it’s playground football which it is and it’s not a playground league

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